Monday, July 19, 2010

Calling All "Reporters"

I don't really understand how the media or why the media continues to try and sway the public's opinion regarding my father. I mean when you think about it, how is it fair that they report on unconvicted individuals as if they are convicted? How is it just that they are allowed to continue to slander and lie about someone whose very life may depend upon the members of the public who read the news and may one day sit on his jury? I feel that something has to be done. Most imporantly we as a people really need to make ourselves aware of the media's motives. Please filter what you read. I never realized how vindictive the media is until now. Whatever happened to real reporters who investigate and report the real story?

Here are some thoughts from my Dad:

Why am I not surprised to find NY Daily News reporter John Marzulli kissing the ass of the FBI? Because if he didn't he might have to actually find a real story to report I do understand why such a lazy man would not want to offend his source of income by actually telling the truth and not the government's lies. What I can't understand is his glee at reporting about people's illnesses. I don't know why he thinks that just because I am charged with a crime that I should have to suffer without medication or doctor's care. What makes that so funny to him, why? After I've been held over 2 years without bail, or trial, or justice in any way should I be deprived of health care?? So if this ingnoramus ever loses his job as the government's flunky in the court we will no doubt find him at the AIDS clinics, cancer wards, or the diabetic centers looking for someone to make fun of in the Daily "News"...New York's hometown rag...

Stronger than Yesterday,
Thomas Gioeli