Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Liar Liar

The first part of this post is written to Frank Morano. Frank, it's obvious that your passion for and defense of justice is genuine. I commend you for this and I thank you for coming to my defense when possible. I am disappointed that you did not dedicate any portion of your hour to justice. I do understand your limitations in working for Fox. They acquiesce to law enforcement at every opportunity. Like Sleazy Sliwa, Fox and the FBI understand the value of a one-sided argument. They can't lose. When Fox boasts that it's "fair and balanced" it's like the dope-fiend swearing on his mother's life. They're full of shit. Thanks for trying. Maybe in the future you'll have enough juice to be allowed to present the truth.

Next up is Sleazy. Your callous lack of respect at my Dad's passing has caused me to resume my accurate verbal attacks upon you. You are a self-hating, psychopathic liar. Your whole career is made up of well documented lies; from false police reports, to your many wives, it's all one big charade. I'll deal with the falsehoods you tell about me first. When my father died and I requested to go to the funeral home or gravesite, I was denied by the judge. They wanted me to go to the courthouse in Central Islip and view him in the garage. I refused that very day. I have enough joyful memories of my father and I will not tarnish them with the government's barbaric ritual of saying my last goodbye in a filthy garage. You claim that you stopped this viewing from happening. You stopped nothing. You are a nothing with no power. Next, when I was busy a couple of weeks ago, you rushed to your microphone to announce that you, with all you power, had my blogging stopped. The only thing that will stop is your unanswered attacks on people. I will answer all of your attacks with the truth, and you will never shut down my blog. Third, you say I'm in protective custody, a lie. I'm on a regular floor in regular population which is something that you are well aware of. Stop lying!! I started to go easy on you because I noticed how fragile you became over your sexuality. You made Jeffrey Lichtman come in early one Saturday to verify your manhood. Really, to bring a heterosexual man to vouch that you are heterosexual is almost obscene. Then I understood. It's your livelihood that you are worried about. Your whole empire is based on you being a man's man, a tough guy, a vigilante. Another charade. But don't worry, when you come out the gay community will accept you. You can be the next Rosie O'Donnell, or the next Richard Simmons with your own workout tape, perfect for you.

I've been told by a confidential informant, whose information has been deemed true and accurate by another confidential informant, who was involved in the attempted murder of your private parts. So I'll tell you what I'll do with you. If you admit, on the air, to all of the lies you told about me... and if you come out of the closet, I'll tell you exactly who was in the car when you got your ass shot. I'll give you a hint so you know that I'm serious... R.G., B.K., and in the getaway car was J.P.

Just one last thought, your advance deal with the mayor of Paterson, New Jersey enabled him to lay off 125 cops. If you did not assure the mayor that your thugs would take up the slack for the officers, he would have never been in a position to lay the cops off. You always had it in for the men and women in blue.

Stronger Today Than Yesterday,

Where's Bin Laden?????

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Equal justice for ALL

The greatest threat facing the American black man today is not violence in their neighborhoods, it is not hypertension (high blood pressure), and it is certainly not drug addiction. The greatest threat on the lives of American black men is the United States Justice Department. With their racist crack laws and their barbaric enhancements for uncharged crimes and acquitted conduct. Their insistence on splitting one indictment into multiple indictments creates a defendant that is treated as a predicate felon for one action. All of these tactics have been used successfully to wipe out whole generations of African Americans and poor people all over the country. Sales of less than 50 grams of crack and simple gun possession have brought life sentences. Just as black Americans were starting to achieve an equal position in American society: sports heroes, entertainment icons, business and professional leaders, yes, even our first black president...the government uses these cruel laws to put the African Americans back at a disadvantage. Let's take the uncharged crimes that they use to enhance a sentence. If they do not, for whatever reason, have enough evidence to charge and prove a crime then there should be no penalty for said crime because you cannot defend yourself against simple allegations. Next is acquitted conduct: If a jury of your peers says that you are not guilty, that's it! How can a judge disregard this verdict and add time to an unrelated crime because of a crime you are not guilty of? Do juries mean nothing?? To take one series of criminal behavior: selling drugs, carrying a gun, cleaning up the gun money, and running with your neighborhood boys... to take this behavior, accept a guilty plea for the drug dealing and come back 2 years later with an indictment for the gun and money, and in another 2 years conspiracy RICO and charge you with your homeboy's crimes is crazy! You plea 120 months, and the FEDS with all of their anti-black policies turn it into life. They take your youth, they take your children, they take your wife, but most importantly they take your hope and the hope of your people. When will this injustice end?

Stronger than Yesterday,

Where's Bin Laden?????

Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Truth About Vinny Basciano's Trial

This week starts the death penalty trial of Vinny Basciano. It will also be the debut appearance of Joe "Sausage" Massino as a government witness. This human puddle of fat will belch and fart his way through the government's fantasy script of events. In the government's insane quest to kill a man in jail, who is already sentenced to die in jail, they seemed to have pulled out all stops. At this time in history when we are in the worst financial crisis of all time, why do we choose to spend countless millions on a trial to achieve the same outcome as already exists now? Even the judge thinks it's a mistake and a big waste of taxpayer money. Why do we make a deal with an admitted mob boss to slay his underling? Why did Joe "Sausage" get any deal at all? The government certainly did not need him with all of the Bonnano hoods that already won their freedom by lying for Team America: Sal Vitale (underboss), Frank Coppa (captain), Louie Patalione (captain), Richie Cantinella... This list is so long I can't possibly list them all. So the government certainly did not need a deal with Joe "Sausage" Massino; and they certainly did not need another trial for Vinny Basciano. So WHY?

They need a deal with Joe "Sausage" to shut him up and force him not to talk. You see the FBI Agent Joe Pistone a.k.a. Donnie Brasco was killing people on Joe "Sausage" Massino's orders. He wasn't cleaning up crime scenes and getting rid of bodies like it shows in the movies. This active duty FBI Agent was killing people, blowing their brains out of their ears, and the bureau will do anything to keep it quiet. He's not like Greg "Grim Reaper" Scarpa who was a gangster and became an agent of the government, and continued to kill with the help of the FBI. He wasn't like Whitey Bollinger, who was also a gangster, and killed people with the help and protection of the feds. He was an FBI Agent who became a gangster and began killing. He loved being a gangster and he loved killing. The feds will hold a mock trial to have a phony reason to reward Joe "Sausage" Massino for keeping the secret of the FBI Agent that kills. By the way Joe, keep all of the millions that you robbed and killed for. Oh, I forgot you already get to keep it because when you join Team America all forfeitures, fines, and restitution stops. Good job Team America!!!!!!!

Stronger Today Than Yesterday,

Where's Bin Laden??????

Monday, April 11, 2011

Surprise, Surprise

As most of you already know, my father died on Friday morning. On Friday afternoon I was denied in partaking in his funeral mass, or sharing in the expression of grief with my mother, my brothers, my wife, my children, and the rest of my immediate family. Even though my family said they would pay for the marshall service to escort me there and back, even though 6 New York City police officers volunteered to provide security, even though all of these safeguards would be put into place, the government said no. I was a danger to the community. The number one rat in my case Dino "Hemorrhoids" Calabro is all over facebook without a care in the world. Pictures, at home or in the comfort of a hotel room, in plain clothes visiting with his kids. His children are constantly in my hometown hanging out with their friends. They are also unafraid and unbothered. His wife has her holidays at her Brooklyn relatives' house with a clear head. Why do you ask are they not afraid of the big bad man like me?? Why do they announce their new address on facebook? Because they know that this big, scary, mean face that the government paints me with is all a charade designed by our government. Why did AUSA Elizabeth Geddes not consider it a mistake to seal the courtroom for the plea deal with Sebastian Saracino where he committed to rat on his own brother? Because she knew that no danger to Sebastian or Dino or any other government criminal witness exists. The last time a criminal witness died a violent death was in episode 14 of the Sopranos on HBO. Mikey "Scars" DeLeonardo (Rat) shops on 18th Avenue in Brooklyn. Joe Campanella (Rat) still lives in the same home where he has lived before he became a criminal witness. Over a thousand of these criminal witnesses go about their lives unmolested in any way. The government knows the truth that I am a danger to no one, unlike their star witnesses who are psychotic killers. Even though I am an innocent American man, not convicted of anything, I cannot bury my father. But the government's dirty little rat who admitted to killing 8 people (including an NYPD Officer), and then tells lies can go home to scratch his dirty little wife's ass. Our government in the hands of these petty, unprofessional, inexperienced junior prosecutors is out of control. Judges, US Attorneys, and all other off chutes of the Justice Department must remember that the foundation of justice is equality for all. So American citizens, always remember that the government can do what they want for you, or to you. You can kill a cop and they will let you go... or you can be innocent of killing a cop and they can convict you.

Stronger than Yesterday,

Where's Bin Laden?????????????

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Rest In Peace Dad

Today April 8, 2011 my heart is broken. I awoke at 5:08AM with an urgent need to call home. So soon after they cracked my lock and I acted on my urge and called my house. I never call home in the morning. I never get up in the morning. It just makes the day longer. So I try to sleep for as long as possible. Today was different. My forehead and hands were sweating, my belly was flipping. Even before I heard my wife's cracking voice, I knew that bad news awaited me. I was so right. One of my worst fears had come true. My father died. This saint of a man, this icon of middle class had drawn his last breath around 5:03AM. He must have shook me awake on his way to heaven. My father is not famous, my father is not rich, but my father is loved by more people than any other man that I know. There are whole generations of kids (men now) who still call him Uncle Sal. His genuine love for people is like the warmth of a hug from a loved one. People wanted to be his friend. People needed to be his friend. His legendary quick temper and stinky cigars were always followed by an apology, a hug, and a whiff of cigar breath. When soccer was still a foreign word, he started a league for the neighborhood kids. Our family used to joke that we should move his room to Allen park and visit him there. Right now writing of him and thinking of him I can smell his cigars, a Maduro Torpedo. Cigars were his passion and his pleasure. I love you Dad, and I'm hugging and kissing you in my mind right now. You are my heart and I will miss you every second of every day for as long as I live.

I have no strength today, my father is gone.

R.I.P Salvatore Gioeli 3/5/1930 - 4/8/2011

Sunday, April 3, 2011

How the FBI creates a Rat (click here to read NY Post story)

Today's post is about Mitchel Maddux's recent story in the NY Post. His childlike adjectives, and disregard for detail coupled with the writings of John Marzulli, Jerry Capeci, etc., has convinced me that the laziest, untalented, IQ deprived "reporters" go into the field of organized crime reporting. They just spout uncorroborated facts. Even in this age of cell phones they rarely leave their desk on assignment. Every time they collect a paycheck it's like extortion. They know that no one will dispute theirs and the government's stories. So they just rant on, slander on, and taint juries with impunity. Let's take Mitchel the Moron's article from 3.28.11. He states that the dual approach led to the biggest single mob sweep in US history, more than a hundred wiseguys arrested. Ha! With the exception of very few people, that was a roundup of neighborhood kids, sports betters, family and victims of Dino "Hemorrhoids" Calabro. Like I've said before "a publicity stunt." My views are vindicated by the fact that the very squads that the moron cites as producing hugely successful results have been eliminated by the Bureau of the FBI. Then... Thomas Gioeli arrested last year, TG brought down by his nephew, Joe Competiello's arrest in Miami... all lies that would take no more than five minutes to verify as faults on his ipad. He just doesn't give a shit about the people he writes about. He doesn't give a shit about the people that read him. He doesn't give a shit about the people he works for. And finally he doesn't give a shit about the quality of the work he produces. No self pride. Shame on you. Your father will be ashamed. In this era of budget deficits I shudder at what the price tag for such a "mob bust" fiasco might cost. Now there's a story, Mitchel.

Mitchel the Moron says that the new FBI gets wives involved. Well, maybe in the case of Dino "Hemorrhoids" Calabro. For Dino, the FBI can make the same arrangements they made for Carmine Sessa. Like Carmine, Dino can bring his girlfriend into the "witness protection" program so the taxpayers can support them all. Dino, Andrea, Michelle, their four kids, his two illegitimate kids and all of his in-laws, at the expense of taxpayers. What a disgrace this program has become.

The Moron says that the rats make easier targets for Team America if they're broke. Every criminal witness I am aware of is a multimillionaire; Sammy (the Bull) Gravano, Joe (the Sausage) Massina, Salvatore Vitali, Dino (Hemorrhoids) Calabro, and countless others. All multimillionaires, and all receiving tax dollars.

Mitchel the Moron says that the FBI uses psychological profiles in targeting who will lie for them. I wonder if the FBI sent a psychologist to help the family that Guy Fatato (their criminal informant) tortured with an electric cattle prong. Did they give some psychological help to the 15-year-old girl that their rat Jude Buoneto raped and prostituted for years while the FBI knew? I know it's too late for the other 12-year-old girl that he raped because she took her own life by jumping from a rooftop. The FBI still used him as a "STAR WITNESS" and gave him a sweet plea deal. I wonder if they provided help to the parents of the 17-year-old that the father and son rats (the Libitores) killed in a bagel store. Again, this list is much too long.

The FBI pretends it's a BIG SECRET how to make a rat. It's no secret. Take the most vicious, violent, child-abusing, greedy psychopath... give them their freedom for their crimes, give them a free pass to commit more crimes, add a suitcase full of money, a new life, and a rat is born. No talking to wives, no psychological evaluation, no magic, no nothing.

Stronger than Yesterday,

Where's Bin Laden????