Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Liar Liar

The first part of this post is written to Frank Morano. Frank, it's obvious that your passion for and defense of justice is genuine. I commend you for this and I thank you for coming to my defense when possible. I am disappointed that you did not dedicate any portion of your hour to justice. I do understand your limitations in working for Fox. They acquiesce to law enforcement at every opportunity. Like Sleazy Sliwa, Fox and the FBI understand the value of a one-sided argument. They can't lose. When Fox boasts that it's "fair and balanced" it's like the dope-fiend swearing on his mother's life. They're full of shit. Thanks for trying. Maybe in the future you'll have enough juice to be allowed to present the truth.

Next up is Sleazy. Your callous lack of respect at my Dad's passing has caused me to resume my accurate verbal attacks upon you. You are a self-hating, psychopathic liar. Your whole career is made up of well documented lies; from false police reports, to your many wives, it's all one big charade. I'll deal with the falsehoods you tell about me first. When my father died and I requested to go to the funeral home or gravesite, I was denied by the judge. They wanted me to go to the courthouse in Central Islip and view him in the garage. I refused that very day. I have enough joyful memories of my father and I will not tarnish them with the government's barbaric ritual of saying my last goodbye in a filthy garage. You claim that you stopped this viewing from happening. You stopped nothing. You are a nothing with no power. Next, when I was busy a couple of weeks ago, you rushed to your microphone to announce that you, with all you power, had my blogging stopped. The only thing that will stop is your unanswered attacks on people. I will answer all of your attacks with the truth, and you will never shut down my blog. Third, you say I'm in protective custody, a lie. I'm on a regular floor in regular population which is something that you are well aware of. Stop lying!! I started to go easy on you because I noticed how fragile you became over your sexuality. You made Jeffrey Lichtman come in early one Saturday to verify your manhood. Really, to bring a heterosexual man to vouch that you are heterosexual is almost obscene. Then I understood. It's your livelihood that you are worried about. Your whole empire is based on you being a man's man, a tough guy, a vigilante. Another charade. But don't worry, when you come out the gay community will accept you. You can be the next Rosie O'Donnell, or the next Richard Simmons with your own workout tape, perfect for you.

I've been told by a confidential informant, whose information has been deemed true and accurate by another confidential informant, who was involved in the attempted murder of your private parts. So I'll tell you what I'll do with you. If you admit, on the air, to all of the lies you told about me... and if you come out of the closet, I'll tell you exactly who was in the car when you got your ass shot. I'll give you a hint so you know that I'm serious... R.G., B.K., and in the getaway car was J.P.

Just one last thought, your advance deal with the mayor of Paterson, New Jersey enabled him to lay off 125 cops. If you did not assure the mayor that your thugs would take up the slack for the officers, he would have never been in a position to lay the cops off. You always had it in for the men and women in blue.

Stronger Today Than Yesterday,

Where's Bin Laden?????

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JGurrieri said...

I have to say Tommy, I feel for you. Between sleazy Silwa and marzzuli your being attacked by all sides. Once you are labeled as a criminal there is no escape. The attacks on your fathers death, your treatment in jail, and the theft of your personal items. It makes me sick! Your being held without bail and without conviction! Never free in the United Fakes of America! I have gone threw your pain personally, I did the whole jail house wake, two Marshalls by myside as I said those last words.. That's a memory you didn't need and was a mistake for myself. Right now I have family in fed lock up, I know how it feels to have nothing. No need to be treated as a human being! More like an animal because of a so called past! The way Marzzuli makes a living makes me sick! To benefit from other peoples misfortune is a sad existence. I hope our government stops allowing our media to demonize men/women who are innocent till proven guilty! It does tante a potential jury or juror. This writer must have a personal vendetta against the so called "Mafia" to be attacking you so personally. Be strong T. G ! You'll get threw this! Keep your head held high and your feet on the ground. You do have people who support you! 
Your friend,