Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Lying Loretta and Bill the Predator

I will start this post by thanking United State's Attorney Loretta Lynch for vindicating me when I label the justice department unjust by exposing her dirty undergarments for American citizens and the whole world to see. From her actions last week it is plain to see what her opinion of justice is. The fact that she and her bosses are so brazenly corrupt shows the utter contempt that they have for the law. I will explain some limited facts that I have learned in my cocoon like surroundings that is prison.

Let's start with the happenstance meeting that Loretta had with former President Bill "the Predator" Clinton on her government plane. Now with all of the security details involving an ex-president and the current US Attorney General, knowing all of the forethought and planning that go into either of their schedules, we are still asked to believe that this clandestine rendezvous was by chance. Well bullshit! This secret meeting was a well-planned tactical mission filled with all kinds of subterfuge and multiple lies that have been used before in previous meetings to hide criminal activity. So every time that "Lying Loretta" Lynch says "happenstance" she perjures herself and disgraces her office. That's right, the highest ranking official at the United States Justice Department perjures herself for her bosses. It is shameful.

If not for a brave, tenacious local reporter, the meeting between "Lying Loretta" and Bill "the Predator" would have remained mum. It was the spotlight from the journalist that forced the devious duo to acknowledge the sit-down. As a matter of fact I am sure that meetings like this clandestine one have happened before. Although they were 100% more effective in keeping both the meeting and the discussions of the Clintons' legal woes a secret.

Now "Lying Loretta" states that this meeting was a mistake and if she had to do it over again she would not meet with him. I am truly amazed that this alpha lawyer gets a do-over. "Lying Loretta" the most powerful legal mind in the world, invokes the children's game rule of do-over to exonerate herself from blame. How pathetic for us as a country. Then she states that neither herself or Bill "the Predator" Clinton did anything illegal. They only discussed their grandchildren and issues not relevant to the Clintons' legal troubles. Again I scream BULLSHIT! The United States Attorney General has a cryptic sit-down with the ex-president--the one that put her on the map by appointing her US Attorney for the Eastern District of New York, the one whose wife is currently the Democratic candidate for president and under investigation by the same Justice Department that "Lying Loretta" heads, the same ex-president whose Clinton Foundation is also being investigated for criminal acts by the very same Justice Department, but we are to believe that none of this was discussed? Now "Lying Loretta" wants to claim that she did not realize that this secret meeting was unethical, if not downright illegal? How many times can I scream bullshit in this post?

I remember when a friend of mine went to prison for making a recommendation to a store owner. He asked him to buy a product that the store was selling from a different vendor at a lower price than he was already paying. Well, according to Loretta Lynch's justice department that is extortion. My friend's defense was that the whole world runs on recommendations: lawyers, doctors, plumbers, etc. They all rely on recommendations and they are not illegal. The prosecutors countered with... the defendant was an alleged member of organized crime and so the recommendation carried with it the power of the crime family. Even though the store owner was happy with the cheaper price, the prosecutor insisted that this was extortion. Well the judge saw it the prosecutor's way and my friend was swiftly sent to prison.

So then why did not Bill "the Predator" Clinton's words to "Lying Loretta" Lynch carry with them the power of the past and future oval office? Why didn't his words carry with them the authority of the future reappointment of Loretta as the US Attorney General? Why should we not believe that this meeting of sinister cronies wasn't a successful attempt at bribery and a cover-up? How come when ex-president Clinton or ex-seceratary of State "Hysterical Hillary" Clinton demand money from foreign governments, worldwide corporations, Wall Street and other international titans does not the authority of the White House and the Clinton/Obama Administrations come into play? Why didn't the Justice Department use RICO statutes to dismantle the corruption in the Clinton Foundation and destroy Washington's political racketeers? Oh, I forgot, the RICO Law is only to be used against Italian Americans and housing-project blacks--certainly not against alpha-politicians.

Now today FBI Director James Comey, after taking more bows than an Oscar recipient, explains how "Hysterical Hillary" violated the law on her email account and then in the same breath absolves her of all criminal behavior. Truly amazing! It seems that only the national politicians, international money men, the bureaucrats and the henchmen that serve them are safe from the grasp of "Lying Loretta" Lynch's Justice Department. We the people (the middle class and poor) are at the point where we only know the feel of the government's boot on our neck. We are so, so tired.

This blatant abuse of power by "Lying Loretta" Lynch and the rest of the government's powers explains why Assistant United States Attorney Elizabeth "Lizzy the Liar" Geddes and most federal prosecutors have such contempt for the truth, justice, and the American people.