Friday, December 28, 2012

The Lion

After reading the year-end post by that mental midget, Jerry Capeci, I was pleasantly surprised to see that myself and my attorney were conspicuously absent from the praise-giving article.

While I personally consider this slight a surprise holiday gift to me, I can't help but be offended that he neglected to mention the most extraordinary lawyer in the courthouse today: the legal lion that chewed through the government's witnesses like the rats that they are, Adam Perlmutter.

Adam started the collapse of the government's so-called mafia cases by exposing the informants and the FBI for lying under oath, manufacturing evidence, and the frame job that they conspired to entrap me with.

While I commend Gerald McMahon, Sarita Kedia, and Matthew Mari for all of their hard work and almost magical victories in the courthouse arena, the many other defense attorneys who have won courageous battles against formidable odds, the legions of counselors who fight every day to benefit their clients, I feel that they are all dwarfed by the stunning conquest of the lion of the courts, Adam Perlmutter.

Adam won my acquittal of six murders. Count them. One, two, three, four, fix, six. Say it fast and it doesn't sound like much (six); but it's truly f---ing astonishing. This massive victory was also peppered with numerous wins over a slew of racketeering charges.

I was completely vindicated by this year's champion, Adam (the Lion) Perlmutter and the hard work of the entire legal team that represented me. The few meager statues that I was convicted of were just a mercy gift to the government from a sympathetic jury and should be of no consequence.

So, in conclusion, I would suggest that Jerry Capeci change the name of his website from Gang-land to Jerry-Built because his flimsy, shoddy site is filled with unchecked, inaccurate "facts," outright lies, and self-serving journalism. Jerry, nobody reads you anymore and the few who do don't believe you.