Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A Justice Department of Criminals

As I write this post I am a little sad and extremely angry because as I view this mountain of myths that the prosecutors call evidence it is totally apparent that I should have never been arrested, let alone charged and held without bail for over three years. There is nothing but innuendo and the rantings of liars and maniacs who have everything to gain and nothing to lose by pointing their dirty, snot-caked fingers at me. As treacherous as that is, I expect it from those lowlifes. It is self-preservation for them. They behave like the abominations that they are named for; the things that feast on the underbellies of their victims. They are rats: water rats, subway rats, sewer rats; and they will do anything to survive. For them, to lie and sacrifice me, or their own mothers, means nothing. I understand their behavior, however vile it may be.

What I do not and cannot understand is how AUSA Elizabeth Geddes and AUSA Cristina Posa can allow this charade to continue. Do they allow this because the power and total control intoxicates them? Are they acting out of a blind sense of duty like the prosecutors in the Salem witch-hunts who thought they were doing God’s work when they burned innocent people to death? I wonder, if they were criminally liable for their actions would they have such a cavalier attitude about framing American citizens; or are they just born dirty like maggots?

The next group of ruthless criminals that work in collusion with the prosecutors are just as ruthless and a bit more vicious. They are the so-called “Colombo Squad” of the FBI whose outrageous criminal conduct dates back to the early sixties when Greg (the Grim Reaper) Scarpa, and his FBI handlers, kidnapped and tortured an American citizen so that the FBI could question him without affording him his constitutional protections. The Grim Reaper then moved on to murder and mayhem of the more conventional kind with the help of FBI Agent Lindley DeVecchio.

With Agent DeVecchio’s help, Scarpa slaughtered and killed to protect his criminal activities. Finally, just before his death, Scarpa used this unholy alliance to solidify his valued position as top echelon criminal information for the FBI. During the FBI-Scarpa War, Scarpa used this position as an FBI criminal informant to secure guns, to obtain addresses of the safe houses used by his targets, and even had FBI surveillance removed from his victims so he could swoop in for the kill. All the while, FBI Agent DeVecchio was supervising these killings. Meanwhile AUSA Valerie Caproni was prosecuting innocent men for Scarpa’s crimes. Both Special Agent DeVecchio and AUSA Caproni were handsomely rewarded for their crimes and the cover up that followed. DeVecchio was made FBI Chief of the Detroit Office and AUSA Caproni is now the Chief Counsel for the FBI. Ancient history right? Old news, could never happen again! Wrong! Dead wrong!!

Today’s “Colombo Squad” of the FBI is saturated with its own corrupt agents; headed by Seamus (The KaKa) McElearney--who is quick to ignore any illegal talks or impropriety. This in action has put bad FBI Agents such as Scott Curtis, Robert Shelhorn, and the rest of the crew of rogue agents in a position to break the law freely. They turned a book-making arrest into “Mafia Takedown Day” with a taxpayer expense of many, many millions.

The lead agent in my case, Scott Curtis, has had a perverse interest in my case from the very beginning (I now know the reason of this interest but I cannot divulge it until my trial). This interest has caused him to fabricate evidence, commit perjury (both in affidavits and on the stand), threaten witnesses, accept stolen property and bring utterly untrue charges against me.

The rest of this gallery of rogue agents are guilty of the same criminal behavior. Some more, some less, and very few none at all. Up until this point what kept my faith in this premiere law enforcement agency was my belief that an honest and unimpeachable FBI Agent such as Agent Christopher Favo, or Agent Jeffrey Tomlinson, who helped to expose the DeVecchio scandal was still around and would end this madness.

So, you can imagine my complete shock and disillusionment when I first read the news that Frank Sparaco was a rat and then read a “Gangland News” article from 10-13-11 and discovered that FBI Agent Favo is the agent who signed a deal with this demon, Frank Sparaco. He signed this agreement with the sacrificial blood of the innocent men that Frank Sparaco blamed his homicides on. What anonymous tips, phone calls, and letters did Sparaco or his handlers circulate with innocent names in place of the real killer’s name, Frank Sparaco. How much evidence from crime scenes did Sparaco plant, or give to Favo and other FBI agents to plant, with a phony story attached about an innocent man committing the crime so that they could protect their “witness” Sparaco? Or any of a million different scenarios. Who was his handling agent? DeVecchio? When did he start proffering? How much was he paid? Where is he now? Maybe I can call him as my witness.

When Agent Scott Curtis questioned Sparaco about my involvement with the murders, did he answer truthfully and say that I had no involvement? It’s like when the FBI gave the alleged participant in the Minerva murders immunity for the murders if he told the truth, he did tell the truth that I was not involved with the murders in any way. They couldn’t arrest him for the murders because of his immunity, so they arrested him on “Mafia Takedown Day” for lying to the FBI. Anyone who verifies my innocence becomes a victim of the FBI’s wrath. Now they want to keep these facts from the jury. Why?

So beware believers in true justice. Give the answers that the inquisitors want; you will be safe and they will be a little more powerful. Don’t tell the truth; you will be safe and they will be a little more corrupt. Watch your innocent brothers die in jail; you will be safe and they will be tyrants!