Sunday, July 24, 2011

Mafia Takedown Day

Today I would like to address a new catch phrase; catch words that the FBI or Jerry Capeci invented to romanticize, justify, or to plain old hide the fact that they've squandered many millions of taxpayers dollars on a publicity stunt. The new catch phrase to describe the roundup of over a hundred Italian men in January is now called "Mafia Takedown Day." The vision that these four words conjure up comes straight from the Godfather movie: horse's head, dead fish, and dead men... not the bullshit bookmaking, stolen TVs, and old fashion mopery of this real life multi-million dollar bust.

Even the story that Jerry Capeci posted on his website (July 16, 2011) is of a crime of TVs and videogames purchased by the FBI who went undercover and sold it to an predicate felon at a discount price. The felon was led to believe that the merchandise was stolen. Even then it was a still a job for the local precinct to handle... but the FBI, ever resourceful at inventing crimes, had the unlucky felon pick up the TV in Jersey. Presto chango!! Now it's a federal offense. They turn a minor pinch into Mafia Takedown Day. Ha ha ha!!!

Hey Jerry, is the Mafia Takedown Day the equivalent to Iraqi-Freedom Day? So getting back to the story, the FBI and a swat team used bombs to blow this poor bastard out of his house for a stolen TV charge that they made up, when all they had to do was ring the doorbell. This is the behavior of a berserk agency. Every time we squander millions and billions of dollars are we going to have a catch phrase? You know "The war on drugs," "The war on poverty," "No child left behind," "Mission Accomplished" and so forth. Americans are all pretty familiar with the bullshit by now. Every time an Italian American gets a 5 finger discount on merchandise does the FBI have the right to bomb us? Seems a little Nazi-ish to me.

Stronger Today Than Yesterday,


Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Does the FBI need any more power?

Today's post is about the already enhanced power of the FBI and their quest to obtain more power and control over US citizens:

The FBI wishes to engage in the search of databases, rummage through household trash and use surveillance teams to scrutinize the lives of American citizens. The agents already do all of these things but under today's rules they are required to create a record as to why they want to initiate said inquiry. If their wish is granted they will no longer have to make a record of, or state why they are compiling the data on your life. You don't know if the agent who wants to steal your privacy has a thing for your daughter or wife, if his father-in-law is in a competing business with yours, does he just hate you because you are black or Hispanic, Italian or Jewish. You will never know because he doesn't have to keep a record of, or tell anyone why he is targeting you. For us to give these governmental police or the officials that control them increased power over American citizens is foolish at best and most likely dangerous. Here are a couple of scenarios of how the agents can abuse this power:

If a Democratic FBI Agent has an interest in getting a Republican politician out of office he can build a dossier of embarrassing facts about his foe; not criminal facts, just embarrassing facts… embarrassing enough for him to blow the election. No one will ever know where the dirt came from because there is no record of where it came from, how the info would be used, or why it was collected.

Let's say a Republican agent wants to remove a New York State Supreme Court Judge from office and starts an inquiry of the judges' clerk. He finds the clerk is cheating on his wife and uses this legally obtained information to blackmail the clerk into remembering that he saw the judge take an envelope full of hundreds from a local businessman. No charges are filed because the story is untrue. His career is over, and nobody knows why the clerk would tell a lie, so his story is accepted as gospel. The blackmail remains a secret because the agent did not have to document it. So the clerk’s motive is a secret and the judge’s life is ruined.

A fascist prostitician (a prosecutor who becomes a politician) such as Rudy Giuliani or Governor Chris Christy decides that all of America's problems are because of the Arabs, or because of the Jews, or because of the Arabs and Jews… so he instructs his government police (the FBI) to compile files on all of these groups' leaders. He also instructs them to not make a paper trail because it may hurt his party in an upcoming election. So, no one knows what's going on, or why, or who ordered it and it's all legal under the new revised guidelines.

The list of indiscretions and criminal behavior that the FBI can now practice without detection is endless. The right to life agent against the abortion doctor, the republican agent against the democratic cause, the democratic agent against the republican cause, black against white, rich against poor, the incumbents against the candidates, the tyrannical government against its citizens. I really could write a list all day, but I think that by now you can understand the ripeness for abuse should the guidelines be changed. We will inadvertently bring back J. Edgar Hoover's favorite tools: blackmail, intimidation, and deceit. The FBI will have a file on every prominent person, friend and foe alike. No one will know or be able to find out because there will be no record of why these inquiries were launched.

The FBI General Counsel Valerie E. Caproni said that, “it's too cumbersome to require agents to open a formal inquiry before running quick checks.” Is it too cumbersome to protect the civil rights of your citizens?? Are you kidding us? We the people want to know! We the people demand to know when you investigate us and why! We also want a record kept. Ms. Caproni said, “the agent could not put the information into an FBI file unless they open an assessment.” Who cares? We care about the info that they don't enter anywhere and don't keep a record of… the stuff they use for leverage to make criminal witnesses and blackmail. Does John Q. Public want the FBI to know that he's a drunk or a pothead? Does he want the FBI to know how many times a week he makes love to his wife or when his daughter started her menstrual cycle, or her bra size because he's been picking in your garbage and peeping through your windows? Does he want the government to know that he has a fetish for women's clothes or if he pays his bills on time and never know the reason why they are compiling this info?

Ms. Caproni also states that this information would help in determining who might pose a threat to the agents. I agree, but how does keeping the inquiry a secret help? In our "open" society that we call the United States of America we have no need for our citizens to be subject to secret police actions. We need accountability and openness from all forms of government. Hitler and McCarthy are not so far back in history that we should allow the FBI to take these liberties with the civil rights of our people. If you look not too far back into the past of Valerie E. Caproni you will find her right in the middle of the scandal of the FBI letting and helping Greg Scarpa Sr. kill innocent victims while he was a top echelon criminal informant for the FBI. This is the Ms. Caproni who refused to debrief informants because they were stating that Greg Scarpa Sr. had an FBI contact that was helping him to kill and then frame other people for the killings. This is the Ms. Caproni that refused to turn over this evidence of FBI wrong-doing to defense attorneys because she was afraid that she would lose at trial. God forbid she should lose and innocent men should go free.

General Counsel for the FBI, Valerie E. Caproni, is the exact kind of person that we need protection against. Her endorsement of these new guidelines should be warning enough that they will be no good for our country. She will take the power and the loopholes that she endorses to create as close to a police state as is possible in a democracy. She will use this secrecy to engorge her she-go on the civil rights of the American people.

Much more of Ms. Caproni's shady exploits will be revealed at my trial but I need the public’s assistance and interest in my case to ensure that the abuse of my civil rights stops and that I am unencumbered to mount a proper defense. Ms. Caproni is a very powerful bureaucrat who will do anything to keep her past behavior, the behavior of rogue FBI agents, and criminal informants unexposed. We must protect our constitutional rights above all else. The inconvenience of documenting a procedure must not bar us from our freedom. Since 9-11 the federal government has been routinely stripping our liberties in the name of safety and security. But now to do it in the name of convenience is preposterous.

I think that we all agree, conservative and liberal, democrat and republican, that the government is too big and it is having too much of a say in our daily lives. How many federal laws, rules, regulations and policies do we, as free Americans, have to put up with? Our Federal government is all over the world squandering American lives and tax dollars for the freedoms of people who don't want to be free, all the while stealing our freedoms and protections from an overzealous government. We must speak up, we must holler, and we must scream for the preservation of the rights of every American citizen. I know in my head, in my heart, and in every cell of my being that we the American people can and will overcome these and all changes put before us. As a people we cherish freedom more than anything. We are the greatest people of any time, anywhere in the world. WE WILL BE FREE!!

Stronger Today Than Yesterday,