Saturday, June 15, 2013

Trial By Jury

Today's post is about the systematic pillaging of our constitional rights by the very Government that is sworn to uphold them. Most of our citizens are concerned about the National Security Agency's grab for much of our personal information (on our smart phones and computers), the President's zealous attack on our right to bear arms, the Internal Revenue Service's selective persecutions of conservative political groups and their members, and the overreaching assault on the sanctity of the press by obtaining secret warrants from a secret judge in a secret court to have the reporters telephones and the phones of their loved ones tapped.

While all of this outrageous conduct is so serious that myself and my fellow Americans should be afraid, there is another tyrannical scheme that the Government has ordered and it is already in affect. It has the potential to push us over the edge from democracy to dictatorship. They ordered their minions in the Justice Department to abolish the very foundation of American Justice (a Jury of our Peers)... Can't be, right? Well it is all too true.

When a defendant is acquitted by a jury of his neighbors, it is not enough. The prosecutors have the right to implore and coerce to retry the defendant at a lower standard using the same evidence that has already been rejected by the jury. If need be they may present new evidence that was not admissable at the first trial. No more "not guilty by a reasonable doubt." They get a second try that completely eliminates the jury and bastardizes the burden of proof to a preponderance of the evidence. This means that the judge alone gets to decide a man's life at the same equivalent of proof as Judge Judy: a slip and fall, or a landlord tenant dispute.

The Government can try a case a second time at this lowly burden of proof. If they are still disappointed in the verdict can they send the defendant to Guantanamo Bay and water-board said defendant until he says what they want? Can they keep having trials of some form or another until they get the "guilty" outcome that they want? It's kind of like the days of the Salem witch-hunts. You know, burn her... if she dies she's innocent but she's dead and if she survives she is guilty so hang her.

We the citizens believe that we have the most honorable justice system in history. At one time maybe we did, but not now that the juries have been disregarded in their constitutional function. Our courts have become a tool of our tyrannical Government. They choose their victims and then destroy. Innocence does not matter once the target has been chosen while leaving the big bankers and the powerful one percent alone, uncharged for any crime.

Mid-level civil-servants like AUSA Lizzy (THE LIAR) Geddes and Scott (THE SEDUCER) Curtis use the power of their office to make the innocent guilty, and to punish the weak and the helpless. They imprison those who profess their innocence while they reward the perjurer with freedom and immunity from prosecution when they spew the prosecutor's lies. They make their superiors proud and smug in their position of arrogance. They have all become intoxicated with power. They are evil; pure and simple evil.

When our forefathers governed they made individual rights their priority. They designed our entire constitution around our personal protections from a future of brutal, tyrannical Government. Well, the future is now! Today's bloated regime surreptitiously peel away one freedom at a time until we are left with Nazism and all of its horrors.

Stronger today than yesterday,