Friday, October 29, 2010


Todays blog is about that Class A piece of shit, Sleazy Curtis Sliwa.

I heard that he has offered to buy two cases of Frosted Flakes and send them to M.D.C. for my consumption and inevitable diabetic coma, resulting in death. While this diabolical conspiracy has little chance of success, I would like to take this opportunity to familiarize my readers with this bullshitter.

I became aware of this publicity seeking, pathological liar about 30 years ago when he received extensive media coverage for his staged robberies. He would give his "Guardian Angels" a play with victims and villains. They would act out armed robberies. A "robber" Angel would stick a gun at a "victim" Angel and a "hero" Angel would pop out and disarm the "robber" Angel who would promptly escape. Then the victim and hero angels would give their story to the police and press. They would then dutifully step out of the camera's range while Sleazy Sliwa gave interviews and had his mug plastered all over the daily papers. Then when the cops started to unravel the facts behind this miraculous fake crime fighting group, Sleazy admitted that they were a sham meant to enhance his status as a real-life superhero. When the police threatened to charge him with a list of crimes, he cried, lied, and snitched his way out of trouble.

So when he was shot in the ass by his homosexual lover he again wove a fantastic fantasy. He said that it was an attempted rubout by the mob. He also tried to sell his fairytale to numerous juries.

In the end you must give this egotistical maniac his due. He has strung a series of falsehoods with a barrage of third-grade insults into a prestigious career on the radio. His limited audience has also gained the superhero that these types so desperately crave. Bravo Punk!

Frankly, never in the history of radio has a surname been more appropriate than yours.

Stronger than Yesterday,
Tommy Gioeli