Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Frankie Blue Eyes

Today I am again inspired to write my post based on an online article written by Jerry Capeci. Although his column is filled with amusing stories (most placed by the FBI) the one that I will focus on is the lead-in story from January 10, 2013.

As most of you know Frankie "Blue Eyes" Sparaco is a homicidal maniac who has been cooperating with the FBI since the 1980s all the while killing and causing mayhem throughout the streets of New York City. Sometime in 2009 Frankie Blue Eyes plunged deeper into into the devil's hole (he officially joined team America). That's right, he stopped being a dry snitch, whispering his version of events to FBI Agent Scott "The Seducer" Curtis and AUSA Elizabeth "The Liar" Geddes, or in his eighties heyday FBI Agent Lin "The Clown" DelVecchio or AUSA Valerie "Vile" Caproni.

Anyways, this time out Frankie would take the witness stand, be sworn-in, face the defendants and their attorneys; much harder than spouting an uncontested version of events. FBI Agent Scott the Seducer and AUSA Liz the Liar, with the promise of no more jail time and monetary rewards, had Blue Eyes sign a cooperation agreement and be whisked away from the Bureau of Prisons to an FBI safe house where he was squirreled away in preparation for my trial. So the diabolical duo Geddes and Curtis were well pleased with themselves. They thought that had they finally cooked my innocent goose.

But then, the truth displayed its persuasive head and they realized that Sparaco's story did not and never will match that of their star witness Dino "Hemorrhoids" Calabro. They had to think fast so they made the decision to leave Frankie Blue Eyes out of team America's line-up. Now when Blue Eyes learns that he's been scratched he makes many repeated attempts to contact me in an effort to testify for my defense. Lizzy the Liar and Scotty the Seducer thwart Frankie's overtures at every turn. Myself and my team had no idea that the Liar and the Seducer had total control over Frank Sparaco and his attorney.

After AUSA Elizabeth "the Liar" Geddes and FBI Agent Scott "the Seducer" Curtis lose the biggest case in the history of the Eastern District of New York (mine), they turn their vengeful black hearts on their very own personal scapegoat, the person whose life they completely manipulate: Frank "Blue Eyes" Sparaco. They take him by his ass and put him back into prison. Not to some rat's nest that they have conveniently placed throughout the whole country; they send him to La Tuna prison (in general population) where his high profile squealing is likely to put him in serious trouble. Was this move by Lizzy and Scotty to put the life of Blue Eyes in danger strictly a vendetta? No! It was two-fold part revenge and part warning to all the other rats who might come forward to tell the truth.

I've heard that Joe "Joe Caves" Competiello has made several attempts to tell the truth for the record only to be frightened into silence by the government. This La Tuna incident seems to be the last warning from AUSA Geddes and Agent Curtis to all of their rats who are starting to develop a conscious.

What I really can't comprehend is why Colombo squad FBI supervisor Seamus "the Shit" McElearney won't regin-in FBI Agent Scott "the Seducer" Curtis. Or for that matter why US Attorney Loretta Lynch doesn't end the dishonesty and corrupt conduct of AUSA Elizabeth "the Liar" Geddes. These two bosses are stoking the flames of these lunatics and they will surely themselves be consumed by the fire.

When the public understands that this regime of FBI agents and prosecutors are seizing all power, rights and justice from its citizens, careers will be ruined; it's just a matter of whose and how many. We will not have another cover-up. We will not have another Lin "the Clown" DelVecchio or Valerie Caproni run rampant through our justice system!

Stronger today than yesterday,



Friday, January 18, 2013

The Law

When white men enslaved, tortured and murdered black men it was the law. (Racist Law)

When rich men payed poor men to fight for them in the war it was the law. (Opulent Law)

When Judge Roy Bean hung men for the money in their pockets and the gold in their saddle bags it was the law. (American West Law)

When a mob of New Orleans men lynched and murdered Italians it was the law. (Vigilante Law)

When Adolf Hitler tortured and slaughtered countless Jews it was the law. (German Law)

When Rosa Parks protested being forced to sit in the back of the bus it was the law. (Jim Crow Law)

When a judge imprisons a man for crimes that he was found not guilty of it IS the law. (Vindictive American Law)

The law does not give the government the right to practice evil now or ever.

Stronger today than yesterday,



Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Save America

With todays fighting by both political parties about the size and responsibilities of the federal government, I would like to bring to your attention the attack by our government on the most sacred of our individual rights, the guarantee of justice, the very cornerstone of American law: a trial by a jury of our peers. This right, which is granted to every American citizen, wait, I'll take this one step further... This right is afforded to every person that is a defendant in our courts. It is our main protection against the oppressive power of a tyrannical government. This verdict by a jury is under siege by my persecutor AUSA Elizabeth (Liz the Liar) Geddes and her superiors. I will talk about my own case but I hear that this obscene prosecutorial power grab is happening all over the country.

As most of my followers already know I was brought to trial (in March of 2012) for six murders and a host of other crimes that were all neatly packaged into a RICO case. It was a culmination of six superseding indictments and a 21 year intensive investigation. One would surmise that six murders were the reason for six superseding indictments but that is not the case. The US Attorney's Office gave me a new indictment every time they dropped one of my co-defendants, or added a new cooperating informant.

You see, as I have stated many times before, there was never any evidence linking me to any crime in or out of the indictment. The AUSAs and the FBI had to change the charges and my role every time they bribed somebody to tell their lies. They bribed informants with hard cash, their freedom, or scared some poor bastards with the threat of facing the death penalty. It is very hard to resist saying exactly what the FBI and the government want you to say when you know that they can, and will, give you a hot shot to end your life if you don't comply.

So anyway, I go on trial in front of a jury and I am found INNOCENT of all six murders and all but three barest of crimes inside one of the RICO statues of this mega indictment. Confusing right? I still don't get it.

Enter AUSA Elizabeth (Liz the Liar) Geddes crying all over the steps of the courthouse. She doesn't know how she lost the case and now she is going to get us (my co-defendant and I) at sentencing. How she hates my blog and my freedom of speech should not be allowed. The next thing I know is the Liar files a report to the judge that she wants to give us life and wants to prove to the judge, at a much lower standard of proof, the same murders and all of the other charges that we were found NOT GUILTY of before a jury of our peers.

At a criminal trial, as all Americans know, the proof is beyond a reasonable doubt. Now if you are suing McDonalds because their coffee is too hot and you burned yourself, the level of proof is preponderance of the evidence. That is what the US Attorney's Office and the FBI want to use at a Fatico hearing to re-try us. So the fact that my jury took what the judge said ("This is your civic duty") seriously, and put their lives on hold, illnesses and all, to examine all of the evidence, to listen intently to every one of the many, many witnesses, to inspect the entire case that Elizabeth (the Liar) Geddes presented to them and now find that their NOT GUILTY verdict will be completely disregarded is disheartening at best. Why did they and their families give up three months of their lives? For that matter, why did we go to trial if the NOT GUILTY verdicts are deemed unacceptable?

Now that Little Lizzy the Liar doesn't like that I AM INNOCENT, all bets are off. If after the hearing in front of the judge we are again found NOT GUILTY do we go to Atlantic City game rules where everything equals 21 years? Do we finally go to Little Lizzy's Mommy's Playground rules where Lizzy always wins no matter what? Do we kick the jury and their NOT GUILTY verdict to the curb and try to frame me again??? Not in America! Or, so I thought.

Did anyone know that a jury verdict is not final? The seizing of power from the people must be stopped. We must retain all of the protections that our forefathers bequeathed to us. I need help in stopping this assault on our Justice system and our personal rights by the very people that we have entrusted to guard them. Please call your senators, congressmen, radio stations, neighbors, and friends and let them know of the danger. We must unite and speak out to ensure that the politicians and their minions do NOT destroy our America from the inside out.

Stronger today than Yesterday,


SAVALOOO! Save America Vote A Lawyer Out Of Office!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

The Abyss

Now that we have taken the plunge into the financial abyss that is right over the edge of the fiscal cliff, I will expose how the FBI and the US Attorney's Office burn through the tax dollars that we (the taxpayers) entrust to them.

My limited knowledge is confined mainly to my case but will never-the-less shock you. I will start with the amount of money received (as rewards for telling the government's lies) by a few of the rats used in my RICO case. Our own government had the audacity to name these lunatics, "Team America."

Team America Team A:

1. Dino (Hemorrhoids) Calabro received $103,725
2. Joseph (Caves) Competiello $238,151
3. David (Deliverance) Gordon $178,569
4. Thomas (Hiccups) McLaughlin $204,528
5. Salvatore (Queen) Vitale $322,572
6. James (Big Loser) Tartaglione $158,006
7. Reynold (Moped) Maragni $8,585
8. Marguerite (Greedy) Cutolo $106,754

Totaling $1,320,890

Before you come to the conclusion that the total ($1,320,890) is the grand total of payouts made to the assortment of pedophiles, crack dealers, and psychopathic murderers who participated in my frame-up, allow me to bring your attention to a few more financial figures and names that never actually testified against me at my trial. Why didn't they testify against me? Because their lies did not match the script that FBI Agent Scott (the Seducer) Curtis and his superiors were selling. Their statements even contest the lies that star "witnesses" Calabro, Competiello, and the rest of Team A spouted. In some cases there was public knowledge of the truth (my innocence) such as audio tapes, surveillance, and/or legitimate citizens to discredit them. Even though their statements were not used in court against me, the government still handed them fistfuls of blood money for their attempted frame-up of me.

Team America Team B:

1. John (Prince) Franzese Jr. $894,805
2. Guy (Curles) Fatado $701,469
3. Paul (Porky Pig) Bevacqua $214,311
4. Anthony (Toothpicks) Basile $122,147
5. Joseph (Campy) Campanella $1,000,000+
6. William (Cry Baby) Cutolo $645,517
7. Mickey (Mouse) Souza $112,741
8. John (Shit-the-pants) Caruso $61,103

Totaling $3,524,473

Now these last few names I do not have a dollar amount for, but I want to give you an idea of the amount by the shear number of names.

Team America Team C:
1. Frank (Blue Eyes) Sparaco
2. Greg (the Grim-reaper) Scarpa
3. Sally (Shitty Sally) Miciotta
4. Robert Ventriglia
5. Tommy Franzese
6. Kerwin (The Roofer) Inu
7. Andrea (Hedda Nussbaum) Calabro
8. Mike (The Arab) Njeidi

These are only the cooperators (rats), who I am aware of, played an active role in the investigation of me. I am sure that there are many more (because the FBI began persecuting me in 1987) some whom the government chose not to reveal and more that I have simply forgotten.

The FBI would have us believe that most of the money distributed from this "informant lottery" is for their safety and security but that is a farce. If a witness is worried about their safety would they keep the same last name? Or, return to their old neighborhood to hang out? Or, keep in-touch with family or friends from the same old hood? Would they display their new "witness protection" address publicly on twitter like the Calabros do? Would they live in the same residence as they did before they became a rat like Joseph Campanella and other rats do? Would they deliver paid speeches and sell videos on Staten Island like Mike Franzese and other snitches do? Of course they wouldn't. Would the FBI allow this behavior if their lives were really in danger? The only time that these informants are afraid is when they are acting in front of the judge or picking up more government cash (tax-free) for cooperating.

In addition to this tax-payer shake-down money, these favorite children of the FBI have all of their legal bills paid for them by American tax-payers. All of the members of this diabolical "Team America" were also allowed to keep most of the illegal proceeds from their criminal careers. Most of them are very wealthy men. One big, fat rat was allowed to keep solid gold bars worth many millions of dollars. When another member of Team America was caught hiding three million, the FBI helped him to hide the loot; a federal judge made the concealment of the three million a National Security issue and had said issue forever sealed!

Some of Team America's gangsters were even allowed to continue their thriving criminal careers. Greg Scarpa, Frank Sparaco, and others were killing innocent people well after they joined Team America (with the knowledge of the FBI)! Andrea (Hedda) Calbaro collected her husband's loan-shark money for years after he signed up with Team America. In the case of Mikey (Scars) DiLeonardo, FBI agents actually picked up his loan-shark payments and delivered them to him.

All of the money and rewards are not the jewels in the informant's crown. The real prize (that all of the rats seek: the Rat's Royal Jewels) is their Freedom. You see, no matter how much crack they sold to children, no matter how many daughters they raped, no matter how many young sons they slaughtered, the FBI and the US Attorney's Office let them go free to do it all over again. Most cooperators "cooperate" multiple times.

Just a quick thought about money. You, the tax-payer, paid for mine and most of my co-defendant's attorneys also. You also paid for the FBI to follow me for 20+ years and to continue to sit in front of my home while I am in prison. I still find it hard to stomach that they spent tens of millions of dollars without one shard of evidence against me. Shame on them.

Because the government does such a good job safe-guarding our money, why don't we give them our children to safe-guard too? Oh, that's right. I forgot! We did that and they sent them to die in an un-winnable war for an imaginary cause. Their actions lead me to believe that they are the criminal enterprise, not I.



Here are four image excerpts from transcripts of my trial:

This first image is of one of my attorneys, Carl Herman, cross-examining cooperating witness Sal Vitale. Vitale admits to pleading guilty to 11 murders among many other crimes. He is a free man and has only served seven years, eight months in jail.

This second image is again of defense attorney Carl Herman cross-examining Sal Vitale. Vitale (career-criminal, mass-murderer) describes how he supports himself on government funds.

The third image is again of Carl Herman cross-examining Sal Vitale. Vitale describes how much of his illegal gains (from his life as a career criminal) the government allowed him to keep.

And the fourth image is of my defense attorney Adam Perlmutter cross-examining "star-witness" Dino Calabro. Calabro admits that he is aware of Sal Vitale's seven year sentence for 11 murders + government pay deal and what he hopes for himself in exchange for cooperating.