Monday, June 13, 2016

Brock Bias

Brock Turner is a Stanford University student who savagely dragged an unconscious girl behind a dumpster where he brutally assaulted her. He was discovered by two men that stopped him from continuing this degenerate act. After being caught Brock fled, was pursued and held until police arrived and arrested him. Knowing that he was 100% guilty and caught in the act, he could have sought a plea deal to spare the victim the trauma of her testimony of reliving the horror that he inflicted upon her. He did not allow her the option of hiding the shame of being used like some unfeeling sex toy left bruised and bleeding. He did not take responsibility for his actions and save the courts, jurors and the state a lot of time and money. No, his daddy Dan Turner hired some crackerjack lawyer Michael Armstrong to bring the case to trial with some hope of a complete acquittal for Brock. So with Daddy's big bucks paying the tab and the moral-less mouthpiece maligning the victim, Brock tried to blame the rape entirely on the victim. What repugnant behavior. It disgusts me that Brock, his father, his lawyer and all others involved would try such a revolting strategy.

Instead of trying to shield his son from the consequences of his actions, maybe Daddy Dan should have taught his son to respect girls and others. Maybe he should have punched the shit out of Brock when his disgusting behavior was discovered and made a better man out of both himself and Brock. Anyway, their strategy failed. The citizen jury found the deviant Brock guilty of three sex crimes and he was facing severe prison time. Bravo, you say. The system worked. Well, not so fast. Now it was the judge's turn to assault the victim. That's right, after Brock molested her physical body, Judge Aaron Persky raped her of her right to justice. Where the jurors were her champions, the judge was her nemesis. On sentencing day this brave young lady made a sincere plea for justice. Not out of hate or venom towards her rapist, but because she was viciously attacked, her life turned upside down all because of this brat's twisted needs and violent lust. I can imagine that justice would help her to rebuild her life, to rebuild her faith in mankind. She got nothing even close. She had all that American justice stands for collapse on her. This whole story is just so so sad. Why did this all too powerful judge dole out this warped justice from the smugness of his magic black robe? Most people think this is because of his being Stanford alumni. Perhaps he was being nostalgic for his own days at Stanford or maybe he is remembering the days when he himself used to rape unconscious girls at some frat party. Back then, no rich college kid was ever charged with the crime of molesting a drunk girl. I guess we came a long way. The only thing is today it seems college rapists are charged with the crime they are just not punished for the crime.

Well as I see it what Judge Aaron Persky did was certainly sexist. Anyone can see that he was only concerned for he welfare of the boy and had no concern for the victim. It was very clear that what the judge did was also racist. There is no doubt that if the boy had been Mexican, black or any non white poor kid he would have been sentenced to far greater prison time. I know that we have come a long way in our quest for equality. I also know that we have a long way to go. The last thing I know on this subject is that it is very ironic that the place where we have made the least advances is the very place where equality should be paramount. The courts are saturated with personal bias, government targets and a class system matched by no other government branch. The difference between having an appointed lawyer and paid council is obvious to all who are witness to it. The poor always get screwed and the rich always go home. The color of your skin makes such a big mark, not only on the perception of your guilt or innocence, but on how much time you will spend in jail. It seems that our judges feel that people of color can withstand the negative effects of jail better than blue eyed white people so according to judges, prosecutors and the justice system people of color should serve a lot more prison time. It took the first black president to negate the crack laws and to adjust it to be more in line with the sentences that rich whites receive for cocaine possession.

Even your heritage plays a big role in your guilt or innocence. We all know that if it's a crime and it is organized an Italian must have done it. It is so bad that Italian Americans do more time for gambling, book making and lending money than any other ethic groups do for rape and crimes of violence against children. Italian cells are even more surveilled than terrorist cells. Is it going to take our first Italian American president to end anti-Italian bias and to amend the RICO law and restore the constitutional rights that the RICO law conveniently skirts around? I hope not. It would be nice if any politician or political appointee like an attorney general would truly believe in justice and equality. Until now they have all fallen short. Today they are even persecuting and torturing the old with lengthy sentencing and inferior medical treatment. It is appalling to see so many old men suffer before they die here surrounded by strangers. There are so many other beneficial ways that they could pay their debt to society.

Is there an answer to this bias, will there ever ben an answer? I don't know. But I do know that we can start by taking some of the power away from the judges and prosecutors and giving it to the twelve citizen jurors. They share the responsibility of the conviction and they should share in the burden of sentencing. We should stop lifetime appointments for judges and end immunity for the prosecution. If their system is so fair then why would they be so afraid to answer to it for their own crimes? With many other checks and balances along the way we can get so much closer to real justice in our courts. We must clean up our judicial system if we want to avoid the final solution of inequality which is usually revolution by they powerless, unequal masses and an end to society as we know it for better or worse.


Wednesday, February 17, 2016


I am not a rock I am a son who is crushed to dust by the death of my beloved Mother. I so wish that I could have held you in the end, but then I rejoice in the knowledge that you are rejoined to Daddy & that one day, as a complete Family, we will share eternity in Paradise. Until then my heart will ache for your love.


Saturday, January 23, 2016

Indicted, Arrested & Held on what Assistant US Attorney Now Calls False Testimony

I just read Gangland's year-end review of how the murderers, rapists, drug dealers and child molesters from the FBI's rat squad (better known as Team America) fared as they faced the judges to answer to their multiple crimes and lives of greed and power. They all received government love taps with some getting time-served, even though they remained out on bail for the entire time they were ratting. Imagine that, time-served by doing NO TIME.

Well anyway, the story that really caught my attention was that of Anthony (Toothpicks) Basile. You see, "Toothpicks" was the first cooperator that the FBI used against me. He is the reason why I was arrested. They used his outright lies to arrest me and my codefendants, and to hold us without bail. So I was really amazed to read that the lead prosecutor in my case Elizabeth (Lizzy the Liar) Geddes shows up at Basile's sentencing and demands that he receive a life sentence for a murder that he was found guilty of. Rather than begging for leniency for her star rat (like she did for other rats), she states that he lied to the feds--he gave them useless information, helped to convict no one, smuggled illegal drugs into prison, had two cooperation agreements torn up and much, much more. So she demands that he receive life.

So what I wanted to know is why "Lizzy the Liar" went into the grand jury and convinced them to indict me and my codefendants from the testimony of Anthony Basile. After she indicted us for a slew of serious crimes she then petitions Washington and succeeds in getting us hit with the death penalty, all on perjured testimony!! Let me just shout this part so everyone can hear me-- AUSA ELIZABETH GEDDES WAS NOW TRYING TO EXECUTE US FOR CRIMES THAT AT SOME POINT EARLY ON IN THIS PROCESS SHE KNEW TO BE UNTRUE. How twisted on power is that?

Now when it was clear and she was certain that we were being held on death penalty charges that were bogus (and before she goes to the grand jury to get a new indictment obtained from evidence that she believes to be at least partly true) why didn't she have said charges (from Basile's untrue testimony) dismissed? Why didn't she at least withdraw her opposition for bail until she could put together a real case? Why did she not remove the DEATH PENALTY part? No this ugly bitch with the secrets of the grand jury and the power of a corrupt justice system toyed with our lives like a cat with a mouse.

Now will this corrupt Assistant United States Attorney or any of her coconspirators ever be punished for their crimes against their citizens? No. They have been and will continue to be rewarded for their crimes because this is the way they do business in the US Attorney's Office. Much like Valerie Caproni who completely aborted justice. She hid evidence, told lies of guilt against men she knew were innocent and allowed the guilty to remain free to keep killing. For all of this treachery she was rewarded by being made the Chief Counsel to the FBI! And today she has the dubious distinction of being the most dishonorable judge on the federal bench. You see her greatest reward up until now was to be appointed to a Federal District Court Judge for the Southern District of New York. All of these crimes were committed in the interest of putting a few innocent Italian Americans in prison for life.

The actions of the Justice Department (judges, prosecutors, FBI) are dwarfed only by the sheer volume of the crimes committed during the Holocaust, the Inquisition and the Salem Witch Hunt. The prosecutors intent is certainly just as vile as those in power during those horrendous times in history: to destroy a targeted group of people, guilty or not.

Our government has succeeded in destroying my life and the lives of many other innocent men and women. They have done this by breaking all of their own rules and by stripping us of most of our constitutional protections that were designed to protect us from such government tactics. One day the truth will end their careers and if not it will tarnish their legacy.

AUSA Ellen Corcella, FBI Agents Chris Favo and Jeff Tomlinson, FBI cooperators Frank (Blue Eyes) Sparaco and Greg Scarpa Jr. and many other government employees know the truth of the Justice Department's Second Circuit in the Eastern District of New York and their clandestine attack on Italian Americans and one day they will speak. The people must know the true nature of the officers of this court. May God and honorable men protect our nation.



Today I would like to offer my commentary on a few topics. Some issues are political and some are personal. I find all extremely interesting and hope that you do too.

The entire GOP is trying to devise a plot to remove (Curley) Donald Trump from the Republican primaries, or at least to retire him from his current pole position status. So what they must do to pluck him from the winner's circle is to show that he is a big loser: a fake, a phony, a fraud. They must show that he can lose some of his vast wealth, be defeated in the business of making money. That is his forte where he is king. That's a hard task, right? Not really. All they have to do is talk Curley into opening an all you can eat buffet in pudgy prosecutor Chris (Lead Belly) Christie's neighborhood and watch "Lead Belly" eat his fortune. "Curley" Trump will be flat broke by April Fool's Day and will probably wind up as one of New York's homeless. Bravo! Problem solved. Then they can advance on destroying that predator enabling Hillary (The Eraser) Clinton.

The GOP says "NO" to gun control, Muslims, Mexicans and Clean Air/Water--so if not for War and Greed just what is it the Republicans stand for?

I read a few weeks ago that Supreme Court Judge Antonin Scalia revealed his personal prejudiced opinion on why African Americans should not be the recipients of affirmative action to compensate them for past wrongs. He tried to explain away his negative statements by asserting that the bias was in the argument that he was presenting and not his own sentiment, but he was not just presenting the argument he was championing it as it was his own. All of the people (mostly lawyers) who believe that when an individual slips on a black robe they spontaneously receive the wisdom of Solomon and become void of all preconceived convictions both positive and negative are morons. These experiences are part of their life. It is who they are.

The judge on my case Brian (Buster Brown) Cogan allowed his anti-Italian bias to ooze forth as a regular occurrence. I remember once in particular when (because of the length of trial and it being the time that we would eat our main meal) we asked if we might be allowed to substitute food from the Court House Coffee Shop for the four slices of bread and one slice of each bologna and cheese that the court marshals provided once daily. "Buster Brown" Cogan (in a full courtroom) ranted about how he was not going to allow us to dine at the River Cafe. Huh? No doubt he got a flashback of a mental scene that was drawn from a past experience, book or movie that made him feel that all Italian American "alleged Mafioso" eat only at the River Cafe or some other high-priced restaurant and it angered him. So anyway he had many such outbursts where he let his anti-Italian hatred show. He even said to the other attorneys at sidebar while arguing a legal point: "Come on you know they were there." (at the crime scene)

So I think that Justice Scalia and my own Judge Cogan unwittingly exposed their bloomers to us and we saw dirt on them. But by no means is this a rare occurrance. It is rather commonplace in most courtrooms in our country. The people that think these humans can leave their essence in chambers when they take the bench are fools because these judges love, hate, laugh, cry and err just as we do; except they answer to no one and they own their judgeships for life.

Every person in the country knows that every state court and the federal courts have a separate and privileged way for dealing with their wealthy criminals. It is almost always done though secret negotiations that always seem to result in a sensational deal for the opulent scumbags. The key is confidential, classified and hidden negotiations. You see all the courts in the land must give the appearance of equality (equal justice for all) or risk rebellion from the people. So this is why everyone was so outraged when Texas infuriated its citizens and the whole country by accepting the defense of "affluenza" as a reason to let a rich, upper-crust, under-achieving, society-leech of a kid off with probation. That's right, no jail time for killing four innocent victims while drunk driving. I would like to know if the power brokers and judges of Texas were related to Marie Antoinette and if they want the poor in their state to eat cake.


Saturday, November 28, 2015

Chris Cuomo

Maybe because of his privileged childhood cocoon, Chris Cuomo says that he (and he inferred his family and friends) laugh at all of the anti-Italian slander that all too often affects Italian Americans. These "harmless" (according to Chris) slurs: Mafia, WOP, dago, etc., have had such a chilling effect on our heritage as to replace Leonardo DaVinci with Al Capone, Michaelangelo with Lucky Luciano and Enrico Caruso with Tony Soprano. Harmless and laughable! I ask you Chris--was it harmless when they lynched and beat to death Italian Americans in New Orleans? And the media and the politicians of the day justified it by saying that because the victims were Italian they were the lowest form of people who must have committed many crimes and so deserved to die a violent death. (Read the book WOP for the accurate account of which major newspapers and politicians said what). Harmless!

Was it harmless when our Government was so influenced by Hollywood's stereotypical, negative portrayal of our culture that they named a criminal law (RICO Law) after an imaginary gangster, Rico Bandello? So now every time the law is used it reinforces the perceived criminality of Italian Americans. That's right, even when the defendants happen to be from another ethic group (the Israeli Mafia, the Chinese Mafia, the Cuban Mafia) the Government's law and the media's slurs paint the picture that Italians = Crime. So anytime any ethnic group in the country commits a crime and is charged with the prejudicially named Government RICO law, the case is immediately married to the alleged dark side of Italian American culture. Every time the Government charges a RICO enterprise, it sears into the minds of the defendants, the jurors and our fellow citizens that all organized crime leads back to its "origin:" Italian Americans.

Is it harmless to all of the innocent Italian Americans that have died in, and are going to die in jail for crimes that they did not commit all because of this bias law, the Hollywood hype and the media circus that surrounds "Italian Mob" trials? Anyone that thinks that our Government and Hollywood are not aware of the detrimental effect that this constant bombardment of propaganda has on our ethnic group is truly naive. Again I ask, harmless?

Who but Italian Americans pull serious prison time for gambling, collusion and conspiracy all wrapped inside the bigoted law named RICO? Wasn't it your neighbor Geraldine Ferraro's promising political career that was torpedoed by a few well-placed, timed-chants of Mafia? Didn't your own father's dream of a run at the White House get stymied because of the rumors that your saintly mother had ties to the Mafia? Harmless! I think not. Mario Cuomo would have made an excellent president.

It was just a few months ago that I was repulsed by a picture that maligned Bill DeBlasio and your brother Andrew Cuomo. They were on the cover of the NY Daily News. That rag paper had them dressed as old time Mafia hoods holding tommy guns and scowling with the word "Vendetta" emblazoned across the headline. Now there is no connection between these two great New Yorkers and organized crime except for their Italian heritage and the Government-induced bias of the Daily News and the rest of the not so free press… but there was the link for the whole world to see: Italian roots = Crime. This headline was an act of pure bias and hate; not only aimed at these two powerful Italian politicians but at all Italian Americans. This is a Government orchestrated conspiracy to keep us down and always in a scapegoat position. Well, I have news for them. We are not a nationality of criminals but we are, in one way, a nationality of fools… for in our yearning to belong we allowed this discrimination to taint our leaders, our heritage and the reputation of our whole community. After many decades of unopposed stereotyping by our government, Hollywood and the rest of the media and society, we have come to accept this repulsive face of Italian Americans as fact and therefore are not offended by this blatant bigotry.

I would like to let Chris Cuomo know that I am offended. I am offended for all of the hardworking, honest, legitimate Italian Americans that are the victims of this bias. I am offended for all of the union workers that were expelled from the unions because they were alleged to know, or were related to a Government Mafioso (even when this was proven to be untrue). I am offended for all of the hardworking garbage men who had their companies stolen from them and given to friends and relatives of the Government bearcats who stole them. I am offended for the Italian American criminals who are doing extremely long sentences for the crimes that they committed (had they not been of Italian descent they certainly wouldn't receive such harsh sentences). I am offended for the innocent Italian Americans who are serving prison sentences because of who they are related to, or who they are friendly with, or because they would not tell the Government's lies. In the US only children of Italian Americans are punished for the sins of their fathers (prison, no union jobs, no government contracts, no garbage business, etc.). I am even offended for your father who had one hell of a shot at being president before the admiring cheers of, "Mario, Mario, Mario!" turned into shouts of, "Mafia, Mafia Mafia!" at the Democratic Convention.

So in closing I would like to ask you Chris Cuomo, to not make light of this discrimination that has cost so many so much. Also do not assume that because of your national forum that you may speak for us who are truly offended by this and all forms of government sponsored prejudice. Discrimination needs to be stopped. Individuals as well as all groups of people should be treated consistently by our Government no matter the color, religion, bloodline, or where they fall on the social and economic scale. That is the American way and that is the American dream.




Sunday, November 8, 2015

Latest Interview 11-8-15

Please listen to my latest interview with Frank Morano from AM970 The Answer by clicking the title of this post. We discuss my appeal and its denial by the second circuit. I haven't been blogging in the last few months because I live in a dorm setting at FCI Butner and have trouble finding a quiet place to focus and write. I hope to start writing again soon. Thanks for your continued support.



Tuesday, March 17, 2015


In today's post I would like to explain the reasons for my sign-off, SAVALOOO. First of all, SAVALOOO is an acronym for Save America Vote A Lawyer Out Of Office. That being said, everyone assumes that I dislike lawyers. Not true!!! I just don't like the abundance of lawyers that saturate all branches of government: local, state and federal.

Here are a few reasons why: Attorneys love to litigate; so when they hold political office, all they like to do is argue their own position and nothing gets done. They oppose each other's political ideologies so the people's business remains stagnant. Next, there are just too many laws in our Government. As long as government is crawling with attorneys they will continue to make replica laws that deal with the same exact thing over and over again. I don't know how many stars are in the night sky, but I bet the amount of local, county and state laws combined comes really close to that number.

The final point is when you have lawyers creating the law, they have the awareness and facts to make loop holes for themselves, their family and friends to benefit from. Just take a look at NY State and the federal government. The extortion, embezzling, misappropriation of taxpayer funds and the absolute abuse of power are front page news everyday. And when they get caught in an unlawful act they even made a law where their criminal lawyers are paid with taxpayer money. They are the true organized crime in America and they use their expertise of the law to put it all in place.

Do you know when they wrote the anti-Italian American RICO Law to gut Italian Americans' constitutional rights they were shrewd enough to write themselves out?? That's right! The RICO Law could and should apply perfectly to the government structure of their criminal enterprise but it can't be used against them because they made this inescapable law and then gave themselves immunity from it. Hot Shit huh? They use their government positions and intimate knowledge of the laws they create to pilfer and pillage and unless they are very brazen they are virtually untouchable. Yes, they are too important to be bit by the sharp teeth of RICO--this so-called law, but we the citizens are not.

So in closing I would just say that the justice department is filled with lawyers, so why stuff Congress and the White House with these criminals too? Let's vote a few businessmen, doctors, plumbers and soccer Moms into office. Let's send our neighbors to Washington for their unbiased representation. We are supposed to have three separate and distinct checks on government power. All we have now is one big pig trough of tax dollars with all these lawyers taking their fill. The worst part of it all, is it is all in accordance with the law! The laws they have created! So I say again, loud and clear: SAVE AMERICA VOTE A LAWYER OUT OF OFFICE!!!

Stronger today than yesterday.