Sunday, December 7, 2014

Free and Fair Press

Today's post is in answer to a one-sided, factually inaccurate story by a government controlled scribe who works for the shoddiest paper in town (Selim Algar's November 25th New York Post article "Mafia Hoodlum Takes the Fall, Files $10M Suit Over Jailhouse Slip). The Daily News is the biggest rag in New York but the NY Post stinks to far greater depths if that's even possible. I once knew a homeless man who refused to wipe his dirty ass with the pages of the NY Post. That is why these two tabloids resort to naked pictures of women on every fifth page to increase their circulation. One of the main reasons for their inferior rankings in the literary world are their third rate, lazy reporters.

In Selim Algar's recent story about my lawsuit he got not one of the easily verifiable facts correct. First, Mr. Selim Dung, I will tell you that I was never convicted of any so-called "murder raps." So I was never sentenced for something that never occurred, no matter what bullshit you wish to feed your readers (if there are any). Next I was sentenced to 224 months which equals to 18 years 8 months, not the flat 18 years you stated in the article.

The next inaccuracy solidifies exactly how lazy and incompetent you are. I have never been physically hurt at the Butner Low Correctional Facility. Although there is an abundance of leaky pipes that have never been repaired, I have not fallen because of any of them. I have been at only two federal prisons in my lifetime, so just how hard can it be to find out where my accident occurred? I mean you had a 50/50 shot with a guess and you still got it wrong! Radio host Frank Morano discussed my injury and on his show on AM970 The Answer. Even the world's grandest imbecile Curtis (Sleazy) Sliwa talked about my shattered knee on air of his radio show also on AM970 The Answer. It was common knowledge. So how did you get it wrong?

If you are content to be inadequate at your job so be it. What I do take particular issue with is the bold faced government propaganda that you have been cramming into my fellow New Yorkers for years. When one of your clan executes an act of terrorism and a frightened society comes down hard on innocent Middle Easterners with targeted laws, massive surveillance, and sham indictments they balk and fight for fairness and their constitutional rights. They are not whining or braying. They are crusading! So why is it when an Italian American complains about an injustice by his captors or government it is whining?? Are we to always bear our persecutions in silence? Are we to be scolded whenever we speak up for justice?

You know I met a confidential informant who has been deemed by our government and other confidential informants to be true and accurate. He told me that you, in secret, support of ISIS in your beliefs and that you financially supported Al Qaeda. How do you like seeing that in print? How would you feel about seeing that in an indictment? Then seeing the CI terrorist go home after bombing and killing many innocent people? Well, that is what Italians go through each time our government screams organized crime. So until you change your work ethics, your attitude towards Italian Americans and do your reporting with fairness and dignity, I wipe the bottom of my shoes with your tongue.

Because I do believe in fairness and truth I offer this disclaimer: I know of no connection between Selim Algar and ISIS, Al Qaeda, or any other terrorist group. I have never had a conversation with a confidential informant or anyone else about Selim Algar. I do know Selim (Camel Dung) Algar to be a lazy, inaccurate and deceitful reporter. I look forward to free and fair press.

Stronger today than yesterday.


Saturday, December 6, 2014

Scapular Part 3: As the Tyrants Roll

On the day before I am to receive the sanction for my dustier dust, I receive legal mail via regular mail call. It had already been opened (not in my presence which is against BOP rules regarding legal mail) and more importantly the contents except for a cover letter were missing. That's right... at this very critical time when my appeal was being submitted were people stealing my sensitive legal documents and strategies? So I go to the correction officer in charge and ask for help in locating, or at least logging-in the incident book that my legal mail is missing. He spins me to the case manager who spins me to nowhere with no results and no record of my missing legal mail. The case manager does this by saying she will be right back and just disappears to never return that night.

So the next morning I go to a counselor. Not my counselor because she is not in (she is never in except for a few days a week when she feels the urge to abuse a few select inmates). But I was probably better off without her. The counselor I go to knows the job and does not shirk his responsibilities. I give him the empty envelope and cover letter and explain that the rest of the contents were missing when I received the sliced open but reclosed with staples legal mail. He calls the mail room for answers. He states that he envelope is clearly marked Legal Mail in three spots. Then when the mail room disputes that fact I move him past that argument and on to the more important missing contents. He tells me that they said the envelope arrived empty and hangs up the phone. At that point I show him the paid postmark for $5.84 and explain that it does not cost that amount to send an empty envelope with a cover letter. With that he shrugs his shoulders in bewilderment and bids me to see the assistant warden. So I pursue my quest for my legal documents.

Upon my approach to the assistant warden I run into my unit manager who until that point I had known to be a fair man with a fair amount of power. In appearance I can only describe him as such: if the United States had given Idi Amin amnesty and refuge for his crimes against humanity (as they did so many Nazis) this unit manager could have been one of his sons. Now I don't mean to imply that he was in any way a ruthless dictator as Idi Amin had been. He just happens to look like him and he just happens to have a mean streak. So anyway back to the story... I again explain my entire story of missing legal mail to Idi. After examining the envelope and declaring it legal mail he then says that he can give my lawyers permission to fax over the documents. I respectfully decline his offer and continued to look for the assistant warden.

When I approach the assistant warden and yet again relay the story of my missing legal mail he beckons the captain to join in on the problem. The captain declines so the assistant warden then calls for Idi to join in after Idi states that it is clearly labeled as legal mail. I explain that my main priority is the missing legal papers and whether it is legal mail or not is secondary. The assistant warden states that maybe the papers were never sent by my lawyer and I again refer to the postal amount that was on the envelope $5.84.

At that point the assistant warden states that they should involve of all people Alpha Bitch (Remember her? The one who demanded I remove my scapular?) who I then learn was in the not too distant past in charge of the mail room! Aw shit! Now look at how the world revolved at Butner! I had to ask help of the Alpha Bitch? I couldn't bring myself to look at her let alone again put myself at her mercy so I retreated a step or two into the background and listened from a distance all the while my wheels were spinning: What would they do? What would she say? Would they ever find my missing legal work? Could Alpha bitch be behind all of my trouble with the mail room? The late return of my personal property, my mail at other units, and my missing legal mail? Was she still mad that I would not cave in to her illegal order to remove my scapular? I just didn't know. So after a few minutes of discussion with the Alpha Bitch stating that the envelope was in fact marked legal mail, Idi came over to where I was standing and asked if he could hold the envelope while he further checked into my missing legal mail. I said yes and left. Then I walked up the hill to my unit as it was almost time to receive my sentence for the dust and I saw the crowd of my administrators joined by the Warden.

I washed up and got ready to argue my dust case one more time. As I took my place in line I noticed that myself and the four other Italians, the white guy, and the mixed guy were all there but the two Latinos were gone. Now I for one felt that no one should have gotten a shot for such nonsense so when the two Latinos turned up missing from our line I was happy that they would not get an unjust punishment. I mean I'm sure the decision to excuse them was fair and impartial based on some strong facts like Italian olive oil vs Spanish olive oil, or blood oranges vs mangoes. It certainly can't be based on our ancestral origins. Right? I know that our counselor would be equal and fair and not bias in any way. Well I would hope so. Yeah right!

So the time has come and I enter the inner office and I am greeted by my case manger and Idi my unit manager. Before I sit down Idi asks if I am the same person that just gave him the empty legal mail. I state that I am and think to myself: this guy is my unit manager for six months, we have had a fair amount of interaction, not a half hour ago I spent twenty minutes with him going over a serious problem and he still wasn't sure if it was me. So I further think to myself that it must be true like my counselor told me on many occasions, "All Eyetalians (Italians) look alike." But then I decide that I do not look like Bobby DeNiro (his loss) and I was correct to consider her comment a slur.

So I explain my story about the dust and I am excused for a brief moment. When I am brought back into the room I am told that I was not going to like the punishment and that because the warden had been riding the counselor about the unit's cleanliness he was going to make an example of me and the rest. She screwed up and we are going to be the example. Nice, real nice. So he gave me and all of us six months of no telephone privileges. That's right. During Thanksgiving, Christmas and the New Year we would not be able to talk to our families. More religious bias? Never in almost seven years of being in prison have I seen such severe punishment for such a weak offense.

Inmates who make phone threats or are caught using other inmates' phone accounts to get more minutes rarely got their phone privileges suspended for more than three months. Here we got an entire six months for unidentifiable dust. Crazy, right? Well naturally I appealed the phone punishment. At my last team meeting with my counselor and my case manager they baited me by stating that they wanted me to stay in touch with my family. I bit my lip and left. Now everyone of us has an important reason to reach their loved ones: young children, old parents, sickness, lonely sweethearts. In my case it is all one of the above coupled with the fact that my elderly mother is nearly blind so she can't read or write a letter, or read an email if she was computer savvy and when I hear she wonders why I haven't called it's troubling to say the least.

In the meantime a friend of mine from New York comes to visit and they do not let him in because he can't make it through the metal detector. He made it through the metal detectors in two airports but not the one at Butner. Please! Just more petty bullshit from the Alpha Bitch and her cronies here at BOP Butner.

Now back to the missing legal mail. After the long weekend with my legal envelope Idi puts me in touch with the new boss at the R&D (The Mail Room) who after another few days gives me no answers and has none. I ask if I can have their version of what happened in writing and I am told absolutely not.

So stay tuned for the updates. There are so many questions: Will I find my legal mail or will the Post Master General get involved in finding my United States Legal Mail? Should the American Civil Liberties Union sue the BOP for Religious persecution of its inmates? Will I win my dust appeal and be able to talk to my family for what is left of the holidays? Are these independent acts or is Alpha Bitch joined with the mail room, Wicked and Idi to make my life hell? Will the Alpha Bitch continue to retaliate against me for what I don't know? Will Wicked and Idi continue to harass me? Will the BOP retaliate for me blowing up their spot by sending me further from my home region, or by sending me for diesel therapy on a bus that no one can find for a few months so that I have no contact with the outside world, no family, no friends, press or lawyers?

They took my religious freedom, my legal safeguards, and now will they try to take my right to free speech? Will the BOP fix their own problems and protect the constitutional and religious rights of their inmates or will they wait for an outside agency to set things straight? All of these questions remain unanswered for now but will be resolved soon. So stay tuned to As the Tyrants Roll and you'll know the answers when I do. As the Tyrants Roll is Sponsored by the American Constitution.

Stronger today than Yesterday.


Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Scapular Part II

After wearing my scapular exposed for the next two or so weeks, I attended a Catholic service where the inmate Priest who wrote to the Carmelite nuns about my scapular informed me that the Sisters prefer that I wear my scapular tucked inside of my shirt. I thanked the priest for his follow through and promptly complied with the Carmelite Sisters preference. As far as I was concerned the Sisters had just resolved the impasse.

So life at America's Sodom and Gomorrah, Butner returned to as normal a pace as insanity can have. The bumps frolicked in the showers and the walking dead inmates shuffled about endlessly in search of the rare medical staff in hopes that one could prolong their lives long enough to make it home and die in the arms of loved ones.

In the midst of this monotony I noticed that I was not receiving my magazines. Next I was told that I had mail at another housing unit in another building. Then, in a couple of more days I was called upstairs to retrieve yet more of my mail that had been delivered to a housing unit not my own. I just figured no big deal a new CO is working the mail room.

Meanwhile in the days and then weeks that my mail was being delivered in all the wrong places I started taking more unwarranted heat from (of all places) my counselor who can only be described as the living clone as the Wicked Witch of the West. She is just a little bit shorter and much much dumber. I once heard a story that the military bounced her because she couldn't spell I.Q. And yet she is now a trusted employee of the new Federal Bureaucracy that has become the lifeline of so many rejects and political flunkies.

Anyways after my return from the SHU, Wicked goes into a near breakdown rant screaming threats and obscenities at the top of her lungs. This behavior is nothing new to lunatics, reality TV stars, or my counselor. She has screamed, raged and foamed at the mouth at least bi-weekly for the last six months that I have been here. So the next day she comes into work and writes thirty shots. Most for petty things like dust, too many books and food products stored illegally in the cube. My shot was for dust on items stored below my bed. I sleep on the bottom bed of a set of bunk beds. Myself and my bunky share the floor space beneath my bed so with neither of the two of us present how could she identify my belongings from his? So how was it that she only gave me the shot? My other cubie (there are three of us in the cube) also received a shot for dust-related nonsense. We are both Italian while the third shot-less inmate is not. In the cube next to mine, the one Italian inmate received a shot for a dirty common floor while the two Latinos that live with him did not. Five cubes down one Italian: shot, two non-Italians: no shot. The pattern is just too obvious.

Later my counselor decides she is going to throw out most of the shots and leave only the worst. I guess my dust and the dust of the three other Italians was dustier than anyone else's dust and more severe than all of the other infractions that she found. So, at the next step which is a formal interview with a lieutenant we were left with nine men: five Italians, one white guy, one guy of mixed lineage and two Latinos. We were told that in a few days a panel would meet with us and decide our punishment, if any. No one was worried because of the minor offenses that we were charged with and there were postings on the community bulletin board that clearly stated, "Failure to maintain a tidy room will result in a zero on our living skills classification."

Pretty boring bullshit but watch you'll see it all come together and the hate filled antics of our BOP employees here at Butner Low. Stayed tuned to see how these tyrants at Butner roll.

Stronger today than yesterday.


Monday, November 10, 2014

Joe Caves The Hero

Joe (Joe Caves) Competiello saves the world! (Referring to John Marzulli's October 27th article in the Daily News) at least according to AUSA Elizabeth (Lizzy the Liar) Geddes. While Lizzy the Liar touts Joe Competiello as a hero who saved the day by coming forward to clear up unsolved crimes; the truth of the matter is he was dragged from his home at 5am, arrested, put in prison and hit with the death penalty. That's what made him sell his soul to the government. In his first few interviews with the FBI he denied being at the Dols homicide and only admitted to being a part of the killing after he was assured a pass for the murder, and if he couldn't lie to fit me into the crime scene he would have been on death row by now.

At my trial, Lizzy the Liar moaned to her colleagues that she was terrified of questioning Competiello. She was actually afraid that he would kill her. Yet now she plants a story via John Marzulli in the Daily News to get him free. She wants to place this maniac on the street with some unsuspecting citizens as his neighbors. If you want to know what the Government thinks of Joe (Joe Caves) Competiello read Lizzy the Liar's objection to his bail and other pre-rat paperwork. That will tell you what the Government really thinks of this psychopathic killer.

Joe Caves took a shot at life and freedom by adding the Government's only target (me) as an accomplice in his and Dino (Hemorrhoids) Calabro's string of sickening murders. He faced a hot shot that the Government took off the table as soon as he joined Team America. They would get him his freedom too. They just needed time. He had seen it happen before with worse guys than him. He saw Sammy (the Bullshit) Gravano go free in five years after committing 19 vicious murders. And Sally (the Shitter) Vitale slither his way to freedom in six years after pleading guilty to 11 homicides. The list goes on and on. Murderers go free, diaper snipers free, pimps and drug king-pins go free so we are now going to add cop-killers to the list? So Joe Caves learned his path to freedom well as do countless other heartless animals who know that if they do the Government's bidding they will never answer for their crimes. Let's not forget that up until now there have never been deals for cop killers.

The Government talks of how Joe Caves started a chain of events that brought down the alleged Colombo crime family. When in reality, Mafia Takedown Day was a headline grabbing publicity stunt to justify the enormous amounts of tax dollars being spent by the organized crime divisions of the FBI and the US Attorney's Office. They are constantly chasing shadows and old time legends that haven't been relevant for a long time. It is all a big sham. Out of some 100 people who were arrested that day only four or five received a sentence of two years or more: a mere pittance for so-called organized crime defendants.

That's because there really was no crime. Guys were taking the convictions and the minor jail sentences just to save lawyer fees and not bother with chance of a crap shoot at trial. Mafia Takedown Day indeed and the government loved it: massive headlines and they actually tricked the public into thinking they were doing something important. So they all complimented one another, patted each other on the back and put in for a bigger budget next year so that they could continue with the nice, safe job of chasing old Italians.

Back to the Star… As a trial witness Joe Caves was a total failure. His lies couldn't get passed the juries in two separate trials. First mine and Dino Saracino's trial. Then Joel Cacace's trail. Joe Caves had been a cooperator for years before FBI Agent Scott (The Seducer) Curtis and AUSA (Lizzy the Liar Geddes) taught him what lies to tell to implicate Dino Saracino, Joel Cacace and myself. Our lawyers led by Adam (The Lion) Perlmutter proved that there was no mention of us through a timeline of Joe Caves' early confessions displaying when we were first mentioned and when all of the rats' stories finally matched. Hence the acquittal on the Officer Dols homicide for Dino Saracino and I at our trial, and for Joel Cacace at his separate, later trial. John (the Dolt) Marzulli says that it is sad that we were all acquitted of the murder but is is never sad when the truth rises to the top of all the Government's lies and bullshit. It is never sad when innocent men are exonerated.

AUSA Elizabeth (Lizzy the Liar) Geddes also learned that lying and hiding evidence, orchestrating her rats to sing on key, putting innocent men in jail and doing the Government's bidding (no matter how grimy) brings many unjust rewards. You see AUSA (Lizzy the Liar) Geddes is now the head of the Organized Crime Unit of the US Attorney's Office. She blew the biggest case of her life, the biggest case that the New York's Eastern District ever had and still received a spectacular promotion as a reward. What a joke on the tax payers!

This very scenario played out before and Lizzy the Liar was an astute student of this history. In the early nineties AUSA Valerie (The Villain) Caproni was rewarded when she hid evidence that sent innocent men to jail for life. In a case that mirrored mine, with many of the same crimes as mine, the Government chose to protect its reputation over the lives of innocent men and the public at large by hiding the fact that Greg (The Grim Reaper) Scarpa and Frank (Blue Eyes) Sparaco were both top echelon government informants of the FBI. And that while they were working for the FBI, they were both out murdering people and blaming it on other men that were totally innocent. Some of whom are serving life sentences still, until this very day.

That is when AUSA Valerie (The Villain) Caproni came in; if the truth came out that government informants were doing most, if not all, of the killings during the alleged Colombo War (The FBI-Scarpa War) all of the cases that the government were making against innocent men would end in acquittal or outright dismissals. So Valerie (the Villain) Caproni hid the fact that Greg Scarpa Sr was an informant and if the other cooperators said as much she would refuse to debrief them to keep the government's dirty little secret.

Years later it was also revealed that Frank (Blue Eyes) Sparaco was also killing and blaming others while working as an FBI informant. Valerie the Villain was handsomely rewarded with first being made the Chief Council of the FBI and was recently made a Federal District Court Judge. Again, the black robe of honor has become the black robe of shame. Again, the citizens of the United States of America are disgraced by a political appointment.

Americans must stop the tyranny in the Justice Department. We must abolish the trading of testimony for freedom; the incentive to lie for the government that controls said freedom is simply too great. We must relegate (Lizzy the Liar) Geddes to chasing ambulances which is the proper line for her job skills and character. We must also rip Valerie (the Villain) Caproni from the bench, throw her into prison and let her innocent victims go home. Finally, we must send John (the Dolt) Marzulli, who cannot supply one original thought or word to a story, to China where he can go worship the government and write fortune cookies for the rest of his days.


My Scapular Part I

I do not now and never will use the names of any BOP employees in any of my posts. Although I am well into my seventh year in prison I have never received any disciplinary action for any reason. That is until today. I sit here in the Special Housing Unit (SHU) at Butner Federal Correctional Institution facing the penalty for two prohibited acts (307 & 312): refusing to obey a direct order and insolence. Fairly serious charges; but now let me explain to you the vindictive, petty behavior of the federal bureaucrats that made these charges come about.

I wear a brown cloth scapular that shows my devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary. I was given my scapular by a BOP priest at MDC Brooklyn. We were at Christmas Mass and all of the other Catholic inmates in attendance received a scapular as a gift, along with a pamphlet of the sacred prayer and the directions on the proper way to wear the scapular. I followed these rules of devotion from that day forward. Every once in a while a BOP employee would inquire about the scapular and my explanation would mute their interest.

Then one day as I was exiting the chow hall at Butner Low Correctional Institution (my new home) I was stopped and searched by a CO who found nothing an promptly bid me to move on. That is when a demon-possessed alpha bitch struck. She and her pack of mean girls clawed at me from all sides. They grabbed a water bottle cover and an ID holder both knitted in the colors of the Italian flag. Both were thrown in the trash. All the while the pack of hyenas kept spinning me from all sides with questions about my scapular and religion. It was very confusing. Next the alpha bitch zeroed in and demanded that I put my scapular beneath my shirt. When I explained that because of my religious beliefs I could not tuck it inside of my shirt, she blew up and hissed a summons for a chaplain to join the confrontation. So this chaplain in a light suit dress shirt much in the style of Elmer Fudd scurries into the mist of chaos. At that point he clearly states that currently there is no policy against wearing a scapular exposed but in the new compound rules, that were not yet signed or in affect, it will be prohibited. So I was within my rights at the time.

Then the dwarfish alpha bitch decided that she wanted it concealed anyway. So the chaplain, in an effort to placate her, ordered me to hide my scapular. At first I refused, then rather than being forced to wear it incorrectly I removed it altogether. I later reread the prayers and instructions and I reaffirmed my devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary and put the scapular back on as my outermost garment. I looked for the alpha bitch and not finding her I located the same chaplain of unknown religious denomination to let him know that I reviewed the religious instructions and would henceforth be wearing my scapular exposed. He asked if I was sure and I assured him that I was.

Afterwards we exchanged a few emails and he said that he spoke with some religious administrator who said it should be worn inside. At the same time another chaplain emailed and asked to meet with me. He read the directions that I had and explained the compound rules and said that when the new rules were enacted that I would have to tuck my scapular under my clothes but for now I could leave it outside of my shirt. He was really very fair and very helpful. I again referred to the religious instructions that I received with the scapular and again I refused to hide my devotion new rules or not. I went on to check with a priest that I know and respect. He said that at one time it was only worn as the outermost garment but during WWII they changed it for men who were doing dangerous jobs where the scapular might get caught somewhere and cause harm. Not worn inside for some willy nilly reason, or for someone's religious bias. Well I was not doing any dangerous work. Then I asked an inmate priest and he said that he wears his inside but he was in touch with the Carmelite Nuns and he would ask them. I then decided that whatever the Carmelites said was what I would follow. After all that is where the scapular comes from.

Now it gets crazy. About a week after my encounter with the alpha bitch she pounced again. I was leaving chow and she rushes up to me screaming, "Take it off! You were told to take it off!" I calmly told her that I was not taking my scapular off and that the new rules were not in effect and that I was within my rights. She again screamed, "Take it off or tuck it in the chaplain said so!" I refused and she made me follow her to the lieutenant's office.

At that point a lieutenant came out and demanded that I hide my scapular. I again refused. He told me that he would write me a shot if I did not comply. I refused and explained what the chaplain had said and that because of my religious beliefs I would not tuck the scapular inside. He explained to me that only Jews and Muslims were allowed to publicly display their religion. The scary part was that he really believed that bullshit. He also stated that even the Odinist had to wear Thors Hammer around their neck tucked in. Now I don't in anyway disparage another man's religion, and I don't care how they practice their faith but damn was I starting to think that I might be in the twilight zone or on candid camera. All the while out of the corner of my eye I see this red-headed alpha bitch glaring at me. I held my ground and refused to hide my scapular. The lieutenant told me that I would receive a shot and would see my team the next day to determine my punishment. I was finally excused by the alpha bitch telling me to, "Roll on." When I asked her to repeat herself because I didn't understand she screeched, "Roll on!!!!" like she was talking on a CB radio to a convoy of big rigs. Then I understood that she was telling me to leave and because I use a walker with wheels she was saying "roll on." What an ass.

That night while I was in the recreation yard I heard a version of my name called, then spelled, over the PA. THe announcement said for me to report to the lieutenant's office. I immediately went. This time I saw two lieutenants. They told me that if I did not put my scapular inside my shirt I would be shipped to the SHU that very night for a for a very long, long time. I refused and I continued to refuse.

At that point I was handcuffed (and even though I now use a walker) my two feet were shackled on orders from the lieutenant. I was escorted by two COs for a pretty long distance and put into a waiting van. I was then driven to the SHU at the deuce (The medium security facility in Butner). The COs at the deuce were hysterical! They kept commenting, "What's with the low? They sent you here for that? How petty are they? Who wrote that shot?" There were many other mocking comments directed at the low facility (where I am usually housed). Most of them also assured me that I would be back at the low by the next day.

Then an officer from the low came to interview me. He also said he couldn't believe why I was there. He then asked who wrote the shot. Not knowing the alpha bitch's name I handed him the ticket so he could see for himself who she was. The name he saw shocked him. He told me that she could do whatever she wanted to me. He could not or would not help me. Now I know that I am a prisoner but this is till America. One person cannot do to another person what they want. There are rules for everyone. Aren't there? First, I was brought to the SHU because of religious bias and now I would be subject to the whims of a crazy lady.

The next day a SHU lieutenant came to get me out. It seems that the SHU was much too crowded for me to be there for such a minor offense. I was happy. A person with common sense and a little bit of power had arrived. When I told him alpha bitch's name he said he would call her. Then he bid a hasty retreat leaving me in SHU and I never saw him again. Every day brought a new inquiry. Even a captain wanted to know why I was in there for so long for such bullshit. He said there must be more. I must have cursed one of his officers. I told him that's so not true. It seems he was on vacation and dint' know the story and was just trying to trap me out there. One bright point was that alpha bitch was hated by almost everybody. Everyone but the captain had a derogatory adjective for her: "Full of herself, nasty, vindictive, evil, nuts and bitch." She is a real lovely person.

So because of alpha bitch's religious persecution and a weak-kneed chaplain I was locked up in solitary for eight days. My whole time in the SHU I wore my scapular exposed. Then when I returned to the low all of my personal belongings did not return with me. As a matter of fact, they were not given to me for a few weeks. I was told that the brass had a hold on it to further teach me a lesson. When I went to a hearing with my scapular still exposed the second chaplain stated the facts via the telephone to two BOP employees who promptly dismissed the ticket with no sanctions at all.

Don't smile yet the alpha bitch and her friends in the administration were far from finished with me. If you stay tuned for the next few weeks you can catch the updates of how the tyrants roll.

Stronger Today Than Yesterday.


Thursday, October 30, 2014


As you all know we are devastated by the loss of our nephew Vincent. When I left he was a happy-go-lucky, bright-eyed little boy with sports and dogs on his mind. He became a handsome, confident and courageous young man with a witty sense of humor that made himself and others laugh at the saddest of times. I know that you all know how special he is by the tremendous support that you have shown to him, and for him, on his sickest days and even now. But he is so, so much more than any of us knew and the hole in our hearts will never heal until we join him again.

I believe in God our Heavenly Father and I am always humbled by his love and his mercy. But I must say for those of us that love God whatever reason he has, whatever special mission that he chose for Vincent; it is not a good enough reason to take Vincent from his loving parents, his brother, his grandparents and the rest of our family and community.

We have all heard the sympathetic people say, "God needed another angel" or, "He has suffered long enough." Well, he was not suffering before he got cancer and God could have made his own angel. He did not have to take ours.

So even if God sent an envoy from Heaven to explain the reason why he took our Vincent he would fall short. There could be no reason that would justify taking Vincent at 15; or other children at one, two, five, ten, or all of the ages that we still consider children.

I am heartbroken, confused and mad at our loss of Vincent. Why couldn't we get our miracle? Then I remember God our Heavenly Father sent his only son our savior Jesus Christ to be crucified on the cross so that in dying we are born in Eternal Life.

So Vincent, while your spirit plays soccer and hockey in paradise and you quad through the cosmos, we all count the days until we will join you again. You are our hero. You are a warrior. We will miss you and love you forever.

All My Love,
Uncle Tommy

Thursday, August 14, 2014

The Threat on My Life and Solitary Confinement

On September 17, 2009 I was sitting at the table in front of my cell savoring the unusual silence as I was doing some legal work in preparation for my upcoming RICO trial. My work, thoughts, and the silence were broken by the harsh voice of an officer confirming my name and then ordering me out into the hallway where we were joined by other officers. I was searched then handcuffed. I was led away through a tunnel into the old building (MDC Brooklyn has two buildings: one old and one ancient. Years ago multiple judges said that the older building should be condemned). Once there, I was strip searched, put in an orange jumpsuit, and placed in an observation cell in the segregated housing unit (SHU) of the dilapidated building. The entire 45 minute process was punctuated by my protest, questions of why I was being placed in the SHU, and where and when I could get my medicine, legal work, and possessions. My protest and questions were met with silence from my BOP escorts. They, like myself, had no idea why I was being segregated.

When I again asked for my medicine, legal work, cane, and property I was told that they would be brought to me in the SHU as soon as possible. That never happened. I was brought my medicine that very day, and in a few days some of my belongings were given to me but the bulk of my things (my cane, radio, watch, the majority of my groceries, and of the greatest significance most of my strategically important legal work) was never returned to me.

My new cell was charming. It had light-colored, two-toned walls accented by the maroon of dried blood and highlighted with smears of dried shit, but the nastiest color of all was the black clouds of mold that seemed to obliterate the entire ceiling. The cell had a steel observation bed centered in the middle so the observers had a clear view of their victims through a rectangular piece of safety glass cut into the door. A stainless steel commode and sink were mounted to the wall. The outside hallway was dark and dingy with concrete floors covered with grooves of old glue like when a tile floor is removed and never replaced. But the absolute worst feature of my new environment was the ice-cold temperature. Now I'm a life-long New Yorker and as everyone knows it can get pretty damn cold in the winter. So while I don't love the cold like some people do I am used to it and can go for long winter walks and sleigh riding with no problem at all. But this cold was serious. It was bone-chilling cold. It could make your mind foggy and suck the strength and will right from your body. It was so cold that both of my knees were black and blue from knocking together and all of the COs were wearing their winter coats.

So here I am in the MDC's penthouse with no pencil, paper, book, phone, or person to distract me from my miserable existence. I had one thin blanket that I crawled under but it just wasn't enough. The time dragged minutes, hours, days and became one constant battle of fighting the cold and the clock. I repeatedly asked for a different cell. A cell with no mold, hopefully a bit warmer, and a place to sit so I could eat my meals instead of standing or laying on the bed. The observation bed had high metal sides for the restraining straps (if they were needed to subdue an inmate that had to be force-fed, who was extremely violent, or was to be taught a vicious lesson). So, if you sat on the bed the metal would dig into the underside of your thighs adding to the paralyzing numbness that the cold already produced. It seemed no one had the authority to move me; not the COs in charge, or the lieutenant assigned to the SHU.

One night the acting captain came through when I asked to be moved. He checked with the CO as to if there were any empty cells available. The CO said yes. I was sure that I would be moved. The captain said that he just had to make a call. When he came back he stated that he couldn't moved me. Did he not have the power to move me? He was an acting captain, who could stop him? That's when it became crystal clear to me. The BOP was not behind placing me in this deplorable cell in SHU. This was the FBI and the prosecutors trying to break me. You know, make me admit to crimes that I did not commit and say things about other alleged mobsters that were not true.

For those of you that don't know, our government has become experts at torture. They use freezing cold, isolation, sleep deprivation (my lights were often turned on at 2am and turned off throughout the entire day so that I was in a constant daze), amongst many other forms of torture to get what they want. It is another Nazi trick that the FBI has learned all too well. Even some of the COs now understood what was going on and were disgusted by these tactics. One even gave me some extra blankets and another exclaimed in disgust that the government is so very dirty. You see COs are the working Joes of federal law enforcement. They are professional and compassionate unlike the elitist FBI and DEA whose arrogance and abuse of power has caused many tragedies like Waco and Ruby Ridge.

During this time my body can only be described as frail and sickly but God gave me the true power of mankind: a formidable mind. So now with our Heavenly Father's help I would defeat them and break them, not let them break me. In God's protection the freezing cell became just another battle front, and the cold a distraction in my war with corrupt government forces. Again, I asked for my legal work and property. I also demanded a pen and a phone call. Again, I was denied. The COs were sympathetic to me, but when their superiors receive a call from the prosecutors to give someone a tough time they had better pay heed or they were be severely punished.

My lawyer Adam (The Lion) Perlmutter somehow heard of my plight and came to visit me in the SHU. Adam told me that the prosecutors told him a story of why I was placed in these horrible conditions in SHU. According the AUSA Elizabeth (Lizzy the Liar) Geddes, MDC Brooklyn received a telephone call from an outside source threatening my life. A fictional cover story, no doubt made up by FBI Agent in-charge Scott (The Seducer) Curtis. It was all too clear just how sadistic they are. Imagine! I was put in the SHU in this filthy, dirty, contaminated cell, freezing to death for my own safety! You must admit they are hilarious. They are America's Justice Department. The most devious allies: prosecutors and the FBI. Now I have had the unpleasantness of knowing some vile, foul, horrible people in my life and I must tell you that in the ranks of the justice department you will find the very worst. They have not a shred of decency or honor.

Now the reason that the government was trying to get a confession from me was simple. They assumed that I could give them a lot of intelligence about alleged members of organized crime (not true). The other and more important reason was that they had absolutely NO EVIDENCE that I ever committed a crime. There were no wiretaps, no body recordings, no eyewitnesses: NO EVIDENCE. That is not to say that they did not have many folders of documents and pictures all created, not found, by the FBI and most by the lead agent in my case Scott (The Seducer) Curtis. They had hundreds of thousands of hours of recordings and I am not on one. They had numerous surveillance videos and pictures of me: Tommy Gioeli at his daughter's sweet sixteen (that one was a six hour video), Tommy Gioeli pushing his father's wheel chair, Tommy Gioeli petting a dog, Tommy Gioeli watching a soccer game, carrying lumber, and even watching his nephews at peewee football practice.

They had my entire life in pictures and on video but again they had No Evidence of a crime. So they needed me to admit guilt! They knew that the few rats they were going to use against me at my trial couldn't get their scripted stories straight. Even with the constant coaching by the FBI and the prosecutors they just couldn't get their lies to match. So to hell with my innocence that was just a minor formality. They needed my guilty plea. The FBI had invested over twenty years, countless man hours, and millions upon millions of dollars to prove NO CRIME AT ALL. They were so deep they needed a conviction to justify these huge expenditures and senseless waste of time. They probably would have even let me walk out the door a free man. You know, just like Sammy (The Bullshit) Gravano, Joe (The Sausage) Massina, and so many other lunatics and mass murderers who have become part of Team America. Some team, what a disgrace! I wanted no part of their lies and treachery.

So my next step was to have a hearing in court about more than a few issues. There was my physical health that was deteriorating rapidly, the reason why I was in SHU, and the constitutional violation of my missing legal work. Judge (Buster Brown) Cogan was much too busy. He is far too important to be bothered by such trivial matters so he allocated these hearings to a magistrate judge, an amateur comic from New York's Eastern District that makes his rulings for the benefit of the press, Judge Ramon E. (Desi Arnaz) Reyes Jr. On the day of the first hearing my spirits were buoyed by the sharp ultimatum that he gave to the prosecutors: if they could not get me healthy he had no choice but to grant me bail so that I could seek doctors that could improve my health. Adam asked for the status of the investigation into the alleged threat on my life. Lizzy the Liar stuttered and stammered some nonsense about not knowing and that she would know more at the next hearing. Bullshit! The jig was up. Everyone in the courtroom knew that the threat originated with the government. The hearing was a partial success; it got me a few quick results. They moved my cell to a warmer, cleaner one upon my return from court. They also returned my cane. But that was the first and last time Judge Reyes gave me something to be positive about.

At the next hearing the prosecutors brought out the big guns. They even had a lawyer from the BOP to refute my claims of missing legal work and property. They stated that it was impossible for my things to be missing because it was BOP policy to pack the contents of an inmates cell in their presence before they are placed in the SHU. That is a blatant lie! BOP policy is to SHU the inmate first and then pack their belongings at a later time (sometimes even days later). Next, they said they have no record of me, Tommy Gioeli, ever having purchased a radio while at MDC. The last ludicrous statement that they made in open court was that they did not know who made the threat on my life, or who was handling the investigation and that we may never find out. When I expressed concern about my family's safety as someone threatening my life would surely have an easier time getting to my family as I am in prison and they are at home, AUSA Lizzy the Liar laughed. Apparently the safety of civilians is comical.

We asked the judge for some direction. We stated that we thought the threats originated with the government. The judge said that if he took the prosecutors into his chambers and they admitted that it was them who called the MDC and made the threat on my life, or were involved in any way, there was nothing he could do about it anyway. I was amazed at this blatant lie. He just told the prosecutors and FBI agents, who are always present at my court dates, that they could do anything that they wanted in regards to my case and to my person and there was nothing that he could or would do about it. This was crazy. Could they plant evidence? Could they throw me down a flight of stairs? Could they go to my house and threaten and scare my family? Could they continue to torture and maybe even kill me? All of these possibilities and this judge is telling me, them, and the world that there is nothing he could do about it.

Then the judge went on to make a few wisecracks about my diet and my need for a toe-nail clipper. So he received many kudos from the prosecutors, the FBI, and the pro-government press. I hope that this imbecile moved on to a career as a stand-up because no one could ever receive justice at his hands. Still not a complete loss. Upon this return from court I was moved to the SHU in the newer building with a shower in my cell and real heat. I cannot give you a timeline because it has been five years and like I said before the days were just blurred together. I can tell you I was placed in the SHU on September 17, 2009 and I was released on October 23, 2009. Although the SHU inmates are allowed to make one phone call per week I was not allowed a call until October 14, 2009.

At my next hearing date it was us who brought out the big guns. I dug out the old receipts for my radio, watch, and most of the other items that went missing. When we presented the receipts at the hearing, Lizzy (The Liar) Geddes, after stating some unbelievable lie that she meant something different than I never bought a radio, finally conceded and said that she would replace the missing radio. She said nothing of the legal work and other valuables that went missing. The judge never pressed the prosecutors for anything further and at later dates when we broached the subject of my missing legal work with Buster Brown Cogan we were completely ignored.

It has been five years since my legal work has gone missing. I have fought at trial, I have been sentenced, and I have gone to prison in North Carolina; I never received my radio, watch, groceries, or any of my legal work. Legal work that if I had at trial I would have probably been completely exonerated. I have tried many times through the Freedom of Information Act and all of the different agencies: BOP, FBI, and the Justice Dept. to find out exactly who made the alleged threat on my life and/or if the alleged threat was real. All of my requests have come back with the phony reason of why they cannot divulge that information. Just another example of how a tyrannical government makes a Police State.

Stronger today than Yesterday.