Saturday, November 28, 2015

Chris Cuomo

Maybe because of his privileged childhood cocoon, Chris Cuomo says that he (and he inferred his family and friends) laugh at all of the anti-Italian slander that all too often affects Italian Americans. These "harmless" (according to Chris) slurs: Mafia, WOP, dago, etc., have had such a chilling effect on our heritage as to replace Leonardo DaVinci with Al Capone, Michaelangelo with Lucky Luciano and Enrico Caruso with Tony Soprano. Harmless and laughable! I ask you Chris--was it harmless when they lynched and beat to death Italian Americans in New Orleans? And the media and the politicians of the day justified it by saying that because the victims were Italian they were the lowest form of people who must have committed many crimes and so deserved to die a violent death. (Read the book WOP for the accurate account of which major newspapers and politicians said what). Harmless!

Was it harmless when our Government was so influenced by Hollywood's stereotypical, negative portrayal of our culture that they named a criminal law (RICO Law) after an imaginary gangster, Rico Bandello? So now every time the law is used it reinforces the perceived criminality of Italian Americans. That's right, even when the defendants happen to be from another ethic group (the Israeli Mafia, the Chinese Mafia, the Cuban Mafia) the Government's law and the media's slurs paint the picture that Italians = Crime. So anytime any ethnic group in the country commits a crime and is charged with the prejudicially named Government RICO law, the case is immediately married to the alleged dark side of Italian American culture. Every time the Government charges a RICO enterprise, it sears into the minds of the defendants, the jurors and our fellow citizens that all organized crime leads back to its "origin:" Italian Americans.

Is it harmless to all of the innocent Italian Americans that have died in, and are going to die in jail for crimes that they did not commit all because of this bias law, the Hollywood hype and the media circus that surrounds "Italian Mob" trials? Anyone that thinks that our Government and Hollywood are not aware of the detrimental effect that this constant bombardment of propaganda has on our ethnic group is truly naive. Again I ask, harmless?

Who but Italian Americans pull serious prison time for gambling, collusion and conspiracy all wrapped inside the bigoted law named RICO? Wasn't it your neighbor Geraldine Ferraro's promising political career that was torpedoed by a few well-placed, timed-chants of Mafia? Didn't your own father's dream of a run at the White House get stymied because of the rumors that your saintly mother had ties to the Mafia? Harmless! I think not. Mario Cuomo would have made an excellent president.

It was just a few months ago that I was repulsed by a picture that maligned Bill DeBlasio and your brother Andrew Cuomo. They were on the cover of the NY Daily News. That rag paper had them dressed as old time Mafia hoods holding tommy guns and scowling with the word "Vendetta" emblazoned across the headline. Now there is no connection between these two great New Yorkers and organized crime except for their Italian heritage and the Government-induced bias of the Daily News and the rest of the not so free press… but there was the link for the whole world to see: Italian roots = Crime. This headline was an act of pure bias and hate; not only aimed at these two powerful Italian politicians but at all Italian Americans. This is a Government orchestrated conspiracy to keep us down and always in a scapegoat position. Well, I have news for them. We are not a nationality of criminals but we are, in one way, a nationality of fools… for in our yearning to belong we allowed this discrimination to taint our leaders, our heritage and the reputation of our whole community. After many decades of unopposed stereotyping by our government, Hollywood and the rest of the media and society, we have come to accept this repulsive face of Italian Americans as fact and therefore are not offended by this blatant bigotry.

I would like to let Chris Cuomo know that I am offended. I am offended for all of the hardworking, honest, legitimate Italian Americans that are the victims of this bias. I am offended for all of the union workers that were expelled from the unions because they were alleged to know, or were related to a Government Mafioso (even when this was proven to be untrue). I am offended for all of the hardworking garbage men who had their companies stolen from them and given to friends and relatives of the Government bearcats who stole them. I am offended for the Italian American criminals who are doing extremely long sentences for the crimes that they committed (had they not been of Italian descent they certainly wouldn't receive such harsh sentences). I am offended for the innocent Italian Americans who are serving prison sentences because of who they are related to, or who they are friendly with, or because they would not tell the Government's lies. In the US only children of Italian Americans are punished for the sins of their fathers (prison, no union jobs, no government contracts, no garbage business, etc.). I am even offended for your father who had one hell of a shot at being president before the admiring cheers of, "Mario, Mario, Mario!" turned into shouts of, "Mafia, Mafia Mafia!" at the Democratic Convention.

So in closing I would like to ask you Chris Cuomo, to not make light of this discrimination that has cost so many so much. Also do not assume that because of your national forum that you may speak for us who are truly offended by this and all forms of government sponsored prejudice. Discrimination needs to be stopped. Individuals as well as all groups of people should be treated consistently by our Government no matter the color, religion, bloodline, or where they fall on the social and economic scale. That is the American way and that is the American dream.




Sunday, November 8, 2015

Latest Interview 11-8-15

Please listen to my latest interview with Frank Morano from AM970 The Answer by clicking the title of this post. We discuss my appeal and its denial by the second circuit. I haven't been blogging in the last few months because I live in a dorm setting at FCI Butner and have trouble finding a quiet place to focus and write. I hope to start writing again soon. Thanks for your continued support.



Tuesday, March 17, 2015


In today's post I would like to explain the reasons for my sign-off, SAVALOOO. First of all, SAVALOOO is an acronym for Save America Vote A Lawyer Out Of Office. That being said, everyone assumes that I dislike lawyers. Not true!!! I just don't like the abundance of lawyers that saturate all branches of government: local, state and federal.

Here are a few reasons why: Attorneys love to litigate; so when they hold political office, all they like to do is argue their own position and nothing gets done. They oppose each other's political ideologies so the people's business remains stagnant. Next, there are just too many laws in our Government. As long as government is crawling with attorneys they will continue to make replica laws that deal with the same exact thing over and over again. I don't know how many stars are in the night sky, but I bet the amount of local, county and state laws combined comes really close to that number.

The final point is when you have lawyers creating the law, they have the awareness and facts to make loop holes for themselves, their family and friends to benefit from. Just take a look at NY State and the federal government. The extortion, embezzling, misappropriation of taxpayer funds and the absolute abuse of power are front page news everyday. And when they get caught in an unlawful act they even made a law where their criminal lawyers are paid with taxpayer money. They are the true organized crime in America and they use their expertise of the law to put it all in place.

Do you know when they wrote the anti-Italian American RICO Law to gut Italian Americans' constitutional rights they were shrewd enough to write themselves out?? That's right! The RICO Law could and should apply perfectly to the government structure of their criminal enterprise but it can't be used against them because they made this inescapable law and then gave themselves immunity from it. Hot Shit huh? They use their government positions and intimate knowledge of the laws they create to pilfer and pillage and unless they are very brazen they are virtually untouchable. Yes, they are too important to be bit by the sharp teeth of RICO--this so-called law, but we the citizens are not.

So in closing I would just say that the justice department is filled with lawyers, so why stuff Congress and the White House with these criminals too? Let's vote a few businessmen, doctors, plumbers and soccer Moms into office. Let's send our neighbors to Washington for their unbiased representation. We are supposed to have three separate and distinct checks on government power. All we have now is one big pig trough of tax dollars with all these lawyers taking their fill. The worst part of it all, is it is all in accordance with the law! The laws they have created! So I say again, loud and clear: SAVE AMERICA VOTE A LAWYER OUT OF OFFICE!!!

Stronger today than yesterday.


Unequal Justice Under the Law

I am again appalled by the Justice Department's unjustifiable leniency in the criminal charges against General (Betrayus) Petraeus: Petraeus the betray us. Again the Justice Department dispenses unequal justice that benefits the rich and powerful. In just the last few years we have seen bankers fined for amounts that equal only a small fraction of the money they have embezzled from the American people. In this criminal activity there have been no arrests! No indictments! They didn't even have to forfeit their bonuses. The Government in effect gave them a license to steal from the people with a fine being the cost of doing business. Let's call it a tax: the federal robbery tax the bankers are all too happy to pay. The reason that the Feds give for not shutting them down or sending anyone to jail is they are too big to fail and it would destroy the economy, but the real fact is they give a share of this dirty money to some very powerful people who protect them.

Then we have Prince Andrew (Randy Andy) fifth in line for the throne of England who while raping child prostitutes was diligently continuing his charge as a benevolent royal. He was never arrested. He was never even questioned about this sordid affair. So, our children's safety is not as important as insulting the crown and having them expose the dirt on Americans that have become America's own version of royalty.

Next up is the pimp to the kings, Jeffrey (Pimp King) Epstein. This pimp raped more children than most serial rapists combined. He got the Government special deal reserved for upper echelon rats. The only difference being that he must remain mum and not give up any of the dirty truths of his co-conspirators. For his silence he received less time for raping babies than the Italian Jersey housewife did for fibbing on a loan application.

So now let's get to the meat of this new Government outrage: General (David Betrayus) Petraeus. This weak, morally depleted man has disgraced the CIA, his uniform and his country. For a man of such power and trust to turn over secret information that jeopardizes the lives of some truly brave Americans in the field is outrageous. Those eight black books that held not only American, but world secrets, might have been used to launch an attack on our very country. He exposed this information all because he had an irresistible urge in his loins. You sad sack! Our sons and daughters are supposed to charge in the face of death on your orders? Never! So anyway, Betrayus gives his main squeeze, ho and biographer all kinds of secret documents. He then lies to the FBI about doing so, signs a security document for the CIA, lying again about how he handled all of the super-sensitive, earth-shattering records and now comes the killer… for all this he pleads guilty to a misdemeanor! No jail time, just probation and a $40,000 fine. That's it! What an outrage!

Now, don't get me wrong. Not every rich and powerful person gets these special cheese-eater deals. Let's take Martha Stewart. She did serious jail time for lying the the FBI; one of the many serious crimes that General Betrayus got away with! So, it's not just money, or power, or ratting that gives you this fantastic, "let's make a curtain number three deal." There is more to it than that. You see when J. Edgar Hoover built the FBI, it's foundation was information, blackmail, intimidation and corruption. They are still in play as the FBI's main tools today.

Let's look back to Prince (Randy) Andy. He is British royalty and no one can f--k with him. Not even Bond, James Bond. And not only because of his bloodline but because the Brits would let fly with all the mud that they have on our power brokers. So move on to Jeffrey (Pimp King) Epstein. His power is not just money. He has the real dirt and pictures on half of our country's leaders. So he can demand any deal that he wants and the Justice Department, after receiving frantic phone calls from the politicians in Washington who are trying to hide their own ass from the scandal, gives him whatever he wants. Compiled, he spent less time in jail than the duration of a billionaire's vacation and the children that he vanquished will be emotionally scarred forever. I ask, is that justice?

Last, for this post anyway, is Betrayus. He is a financial pauper when compared to the princes, ex-presidents and the Epsteins of the world; but he is by far the most powerful. We know by now that many people have seen the contents of the eight classified black books that our nation had entrusted to Betrayus. But what about books nine and ten? What about the set of a dozen red books? What secrets do they carry? What keys does he sleep with under his pillow and what stories can he recall from his mind? Can he embarrass world leaders, or can he get half of the industrial military complex indicted? Whatever he knows, he has played his cards well because his punishment is sitting-out recess for putting the whole world at risk. And many powerful Americans still fervently defend him (those are the ones he can expose).

So again I ask whoever at the Justice Department has the balls to answer me: WHAT HAPPENED TO EQUAL JUSTICE UNDER THE LAW? WHY DO WE HAVE TWO SETS OF LAWS? One for the men that we entrust our freedom and power to, and the other for the country's ordinary citizens. Maybe there was a place for blackmail, intimidation and corruption when Hoover was building the FBI, but now it's 2015. We must have one set of laws and punishments for all. We must have accountability from all federal agents, prosecutors and yes, even judges. We must do this with civilians in the open, not some closed door session with more government employees calling the shots. The power belongs with WE the people but we must remain strong and wise enough to retain it. The men that I have just talked about are despicable people but none of them sink to the level of evil as the men and women in the Justice Department that allow our laws and our rights to be altered so that they can preserve the power of the few.

I know that our new Madam United States Attorney General Loretta Lynch is more than qualified for such a task. Her intelligence and integrity are intact. It is just a matter of if she has the courage and independence to do it. I and all of the citizens of this great country beseech her to do so.

Stronger today than yesterday.


Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Government Guerrillas

Today's post is again about a story that I heard at Catholic service, but this time I heard it inside the big chapel as part of the sermon delivered by a local priest at our sacred monthly mass.

The priest had just finished his reading of the Gospel when he relayed to us a story that he had heard in his younger days when he led a group of homecoming service men at Bethesda Naval Hospital. The men were all suffering from PTSD and his group encouraged them to talk about anything and most of the time they did. They talked about any and all things that were of interest to them except they all seemed reluctant to recount the horrific events that they were all struggling with.

Then one day they just started talking about killing. The stories were dreadful. Then an African American (this soldier was born in Africa) described an incident in his life that he still cannot fully move beyond. When he was a child growing up in Africa, a group of local rebels attacked his village. They massacred all of the men and women and kidnapped all of the boys and girls. We can only imagine the fate of the poor girls; but the boys were told that if they did not join their captors they would be killed. They accepted life over death but the heartless guerrillas outsmarted the children who thought that they could just say that they joined and wait for a chance to run off. The captors separated the boys into pairs of two. They gave one boy in each pair a gun and told them in order to prove their new loyalty they must kill the other member of the pair. They all did. Each boy with the gun shot the unarmed boy. The soldier who was telling the story did too. At just eleven years old he killed the other pair member: his fellow countryman, his fellow villager, his childhood friend. He has never gotten the memory from his mind.

If there were any men in the chapel that were not appalled by this story I would be surprised. Personally I was shocked, horrified and saddened by the retelling of this soldier's account of how he took a life as a little boy--that men could use one's own life to force one into doing something that is unnatural: like betraying a friend or in fact killing him. I also came to the realization that the majority of people would do the same thing if they were placed in a similar situation. It is man's uncontrollable instinct to survive at any cost. Cheat, lie or murder a friend. So when I replayed this horror story in my head it came as no surprise to me that the Justice Department of the United States of America employs tactics that parallel the tactics of those African terrorists. The reason why I know this is because they did the same thing to me and my co-defendant.

You see at around four or five in the morning of June 4, 2008, heavily armed FBI agents abducted myself, Dino (Hemorrhoids) Calabro and Joseph (Caves) Competiello from our homes. They also seized other men on that pre-dawn morning, but few were known to us three and we definitely had no criminal relation to them. The government charges me, Hemorrhoids Calabro and Caves Competiello with an impressive array of damning charges; but to me that's all that they were, just charges. I was not guilty of anything on the indictment so while I was concerned, I was not frightened. They granted no bail for us three.

In the first indictment Hemorrhoids Calabro and Caves Competiello were both facing the death penalty. At the time, I was not. This was the first step in FBI Agent Scott (the Seducer) Curtis' and AUSA Attorney Elizabeth (Lizzy the Liar) Geddes' plan to have all crimes charged lead back to me. Calabro and Competiello, the two spineless, selfish, mentally unstable cowards, were terrified into joining the government's conspiracy of treachery. The government told them that they would die a pain-riddled death by lethal injection unless they put their crimes on me. It would be easy. Before a pro-government judge they would admit to the murders that they were guilty of and then just add this one crucial lie: that I (Tommy Gioeli) ordered it. That's it! In exchange for their perjury they would receive the two most important things to a man: their freedom and their lives. Talk about coercion and duress. You can't have any more pressure than when your life hangs in the balance.

So I challenge Loretta Lynch, or anyone from the US Attorney's Office, to tell me the difference between their life-threatening tactics used on Calabro and Competiello to get me and the tactics that the terrorists used on the young African boy. I know that if they handed a gun to either of their co-conspirators (Calabro and Competiello) I would be a dead man right now. So tell me, what is the difference? Because the US Attorney's Office does it in a more "lawful" manner?

Due to my innocence, there is absolutely no evidence to collaborate the testimony of the government's perjurers (Calabro and Competiello). It is an affront to justice for the United States to label such corrupt testimony as "evidence." Team America, that is made up continually of re-offeding killers, baby rapers and psychopaths must be disbanded. Testimony must not be bartered for, especially when the payment is the life of the witness. This practice has become far more dangerous to justice than the targeted individuals themselves. There are many innocent men in prison (some serving life sentences) convicted solely on the lies of purchased testimony. This un-collaborated testimony is not allowed in New York state and most other states. The states know that the rewarded co-defendants' sole testimony that the federal government allows in its courts is unfair and unjust. This is why we must, as Americans, speak out against such corrupt practices. We must demand that the federal government stand up for equal, unmolested justice for all.

Joe (Caves) Competiello received a 12 year prison sentence for multiple, brutal, senseless murders and will soon be released upon an unsuspecting neighborhood.

Dino (Hemorrhoids) Calabro has not yet been sentenced and is believed to be out on unsecured bail and living in a multimillion dollar home in Naples, Florida at taxpayers' expense.

Stronger today than yesterday.


The Counselor

Today's post is about the continued bias: religious, ethnic and racial that my counselor (the Wicked Witch of the West) embraces in her professional duties. Whatever her beliefs are in her private life they are her affair, but when she uses her position as a federal government employee and employs her bias in dealing with her charges then she must be corrected. Everyone here at Butner Low, including the administration, is aware of her anti-white, anti-Italian and anti-religious behavior. So let me recount what happened a few days ago to a Jewish white man who asked to be moved from his present bed assignment in the unit.

Well, let me first tell you that after coming back to our unit from SHU for a violation of religious law (not eating Kosher food) he was placed in a three man cube and couldn't get along with one of the other occupants. So, he was placed by the counselor on "the beach." The beach is the front of the lobby of the unit and has two sets of bunk beds on each side. There are no walls in the front, or on the sides and its residents have absolutely no privacy. They change, sleep, fart and scratch their ass in front of everyone. The overhead glaring lights are left on all day and night. Because of the lights, noise and lack of privacy the men who live on the beach are semi-psychotic. It must be illegal to have inmates live on the beach but this is the feds and we all know that the feds can do what they want. So anyway the beach is sandwiched between the two community bathrooms that every inmate (180 when full) must use. This fact makes matters worse because even at three in the morning there is plenty of activity at the beach so the poor men that live there get little to no sleep which adds to their insanity. Although these eight spots are usually reserved as a punishment by the counselor for infractions that are too minor for a formal shot, this poor Jew wound up there through no fault of his own. This was just a matter of the counselor's bigotry.

The story is that when the counselor heard that two of the three bunkies could not get along, she then (without getting any of the facts) moves the Jew to the beach. Then after a couple of days of living in the grand central station of Butner Low he mustered up the courage to confront the counselor about making a bed change so he could get off the beach. He asks if he can be moved. Then almost as an after though he adds that it was very disrespectful for him to pray while facing the toilets. Her screaming response to him was that (and I quote), "There is a bathroom, and there is a bathroom, and there is a wall so pray to the wall. You people pray to walls anyway so what does it matter?!" Unbelievable! She went on to state that she would not then, nor would she ever, move him. A few days later after some calls to a Rabbi, and with the help of the assistant warden, she was forced to move him into a different three man cube.

This lunatic of a woman is so mentally unstable that she should be evaluated by a mental health professional immediately. Every time she comes to work she screams and hollers, rants and raves, and spits and stutters. Her disrespect for the inmates in her care is unacceptable. The incompetence with which she performs her job is legendary here on the compound and she has become the laughing stock of her peers.

This situation must be corrected before she causes a real tragedy. She has entered into the realm of dangerous. It is beyond the point that one could or should ignore. I would hope that she reads this post and gets the mental help that she so desperately needs before she is allowed to continue such a sensitive position for the BOP.

Stronger today than yesterday.


Religious Bias at Butner

This post is going to bring its readers up to date with the next example of religious bias here at the United States correctional facility known as Butner Low.

So one Sunday when I had just finished with my prayers I had a few minutes before Catholic services were to start so I sat on my walker in the hallway while the healthier prisoners set up the chairs in the small chapel. We were not going to celebrate Mass because we do not have a priest here at Butner Low so a priest from one of the local parishes comes only one day a month (usually on the second Tuesday of the month) so for the rest of the weeks we have a service with a local volunteer presiding over the said services. This is perfectly understandable due to the current shortage of priests. Maybe one day God our Father will smile on us and give Catholics here at Butner a complex of full time priests.

So anyway as I am sitting in the lobby I overhear a conversation between an inmate and a volunteer. They are talking about the religious services here at Butner. I overhear them and the inmate is telling the volunteer about programs that other religions have. The convict says that in one program in particular they invite other religious followers into their services and that we the Catholics should do the same. We should invite other members of different religions to our Catholic service so that they can more understand what we are about. I guess he doesn't understand that the doors to the Catholic church are always open to all. So he then states that he has been to other faith groups services and that there is at least one Christian group here at Butner who preaches state in their sermon, as well as literature that says that the Catholic church is the anti-Christ. I almost fell off my walker at such a repulsive statement. He says that he has spoken with the administration and that the only response has been that he was warned not to repeat this and to stop making a fuss or he would go to the SHU. He did name the religion but rather than add another brick to the wall of hate that already exists between most major religions, I choose to omit it as well as individuals names and all names of other religions that were mentioned in this bias-laced conversation. So as sick as it is to say such a filthy thing that Catholics are the anti-Christ just think of how sick it is that some of the members of the administration here at Butner (an arm of the United States Government) will allow this to go on and even endorse it by their silence. Imagine they are preaching this hate right from the podium. So at this point the volunteer leans in towards the inmate and I think she is going to chastise him for repeating such a thing. Instead she whispers that it is not the Catholics but the ------ that are the real anti-Christ. I shake my head in disbelief. He then quickly counters that this is not true and if the other major religions understood their holy books that they would surely all be Catholics. With that said I hurry inside the chapel, maybe prayer will erase the conversation of these two good but misguided hate-saturated people from my mind.

I know that many of my readers are organizing a phone call/letter writing campaign to the BOP to see if they can bring about some change in some of the policies but I feel that they can be much more effective if they contact members of congress and the media instead. In these times of religious persecution in my parts of the world we must ensure that it does not take hold here in America at a United States BOP facility. We must pull back the drapes, raise the shades, and open the windows to let the sun shine and fresh air on all the government black-bias and anti-Catholic hate. It is un-American.

Stronger today than yesterday.