Monday, December 30, 2013

The Sleazy Serpents

I'll start this post by explaining why I am so tardy in commenting on the NY POST story from 12/11/2013. As all of you know I am housed at the MDC federal lockup in the borough of Brooklyn, New York City. It seems the Bureau of Prisons has this inept policy that does not allow any of the local papers to be delivered to the prisoners at MDC, even though the newspapers get delivered to the jail for the BOP staff everyday. For us, the papers must be mailed in so we receive the newspapers about two weeks late. That is why it was just this weekend when I came across a story about that cartoon character in a can, that Disney Land reject, that vigilante in pantyhose: Curtis (Sleazy) Sliwa.

It seems that his world has turned a little upside down and it is now him that the finger of accusation points to; and what a sick, twisted, demented trigger finger it is. First, he has protected sex with a human (Melinda Katz) and then he has unprotected sex with a test tube. Next, the contents of the test tube affair wind up in the body of the human that he had protected sex with (Melinda Katz). How weird is that? Put on your war paint Rudy (Skullhead) Giuliani you have competition for the heart of Sleazy Sliwa. I'm just not sure if it's Katz or the test tube. So back to the story...

It looks like Sleazy Sliwa and his new partner-in-crime Melinda Katz are trying to embezzle money from Sleazy's first son and his mother then give it to Katz and her two sons. I'm not sure if the test tube is a co-conspirator or not. Anyway the first mother puts up a fight that forces Sleazy and Katz to testify in court. So as Sleazy and Katz testify under oath they both tell two different stories about the amount of money that Melinda Katz is receiving from Curtis (Sleazy) Sliwa. He says that he pays her $10,000.00 a month. She says that he pays her $5,000.00 a month. A big, big difference. Could it be that the test tube gets the other $5,000.00? Don't think so.

Melinda Katz also answered incriminating questions with (I don't remember) more times than Donald Manes did during the investigation of the parking meter scandal. Why is she not charged with perjury? If it was an alleged mobster's wife, or Matilda Como, or any other woman of Italian descent Sleazy would be screaming for them to be prosecuted, beaten, even scourged until they told the truth. But this is Melinda Katz: his own personal politician, his ticket to NYC power, his subway to Gracie Mansion. So, all he could do was sit in the courtroom, hide his face in his hands, and watch as the dreams of his fascist regime slip away.

For the first time in the history of my blog I give the same alias to a husband and wife duo. Hence forth, Sleazy and Melinda shall be known as the Serpents because they both speak with a forked tongue: Curtis (the Serpent) Sliwa & Melinda (the Serpent) Katz.



Sunday, December 15, 2013


In today's post I would like to congratulate my friend and onetime codefendant Joel Cacace on his justified victory over a petty, deceitful, and corrupt prosecution team led by my old nemesis, the new head of the Organized Crime Dept. for the Eastern District of New York, Elizabeth "Lizzy the Liar" Geddes.

While her main flunky AUSA James "Tommy Pickles" Gatta tried to deceive the jury into believing that Joel was guilty as charged, Lizzy the Liar was orchestrating and recycling Dino "Hemorrhoids" Calabro's perjured testimony. She was trying to somehow make it more credible the second time around. Maybe she thought that the second jury was stupider than the first; but neither jury was stupid. Both juries were too sophisticated for Lizzy and her collection of lies. All the while these children of Satan know that myself, Dino Saracino, and Joel Cacace are innocent. Every piece of their evedience screamed for our acquittal. Joel's expert defense team of lead counsel Susan "Kosher" Kellman and learned counsel David "the Scholar" Stern swiftly and thoroughly devastated the prosecution's flimsy case.

Not since Johnnie Cochran and Barry Scheck has there been such a dominant duo in the courtroom. Susan "Kosher" Kellman is so savvy in the atmosphere of the courthouse that she let those fools beat themselves with their own evidence. That's right, the defense team knew enough not to mount a defense. Instead they had the brilliance to let the prosecution eat itself while they sat back and enjoyed their victory. Of course the fact that Joel was 100% innocent made a victory that much easier to achieve. I applaud Susan "Kosher" Kellman, David "the Scholar" Stern, the Jury and justice for exposing the truth in such a corrupt system as our federal justice System.



Wednesday, November 20, 2013

More Frame-jobs

When our justice system deprives targeted citizens of their constitutional rights because the prosecutors feel that they are (or want such persons to be guilty) it is illegal and morally wrong. It is inevitable that innocent men will be targeted and fall victim to this corrupt practice. It has happened before and it is happening now. Let me explain...

Dino (Hemorrhoids) Calabro and Joe (Caves) Competiello murdered NYPD officer Ralph Dols as a contract murder for Bill (Wild Bill) Cutolo.

Following Officer Dols' murder there were rumors of steroids, drugs, gambling, Russians and bad cops. Much later, after I heard a few more rumors, I surmised this murder contract had something to do with Wild Bill's multi-million dollar steroid, drug, and other illegal businesses that he had with some bad cops. I also heard that Calabro may have been involved in the killing.

After my arrest I came into a lot of evidence to support this scenario. Some NYPD officers even came forward with credible evidence that Wild Bill Cutolo had officer Dols killed. By then I already knew that this was a fact. Dino Calabro and Joe Competillo killed Bill Cutolo.

They did it to protect themselves from Bill Cutolo. They feared that he would become a government informant and turn them in for the Dols homicide. Cutolo was the target of a major FBI investigation and Calabro thought that Cutulo was too soft, too weak, and too rich to do serious prison time. Calabro was sure that Cutolo would crack and look to save his own ass by handing over some cop killers (Calabro and Competillo) to the FBI. So, they killed him on the sneak. Just another one of Calabro's loose ends.

There are two innocent men serving life sentences for the slaying of Wild Bill Cutolo. There are another two innocent men serving life sentences for the murder of another of Calabro's victims. And today, they are trying to frame Joel Cacace for the homicide of Ralph Dols as they tried and failed with me.

There are many more innocent men paying with their lives for the crimes of government informants. We must end the tyrannical persecutions based on facts harvested from the movies and the government's prejudice.



Saturday, June 15, 2013

Trial By Jury

Today's post is about the systematic pillaging of our constitional rights by the very Government that is sworn to uphold them. Most of our citizens are concerned about the National Security Agency's grab for much of our personal information (on our smart phones and computers), the President's zealous attack on our right to bear arms, the Internal Revenue Service's selective persecutions of conservative political groups and their members, and the overreaching assault on the sanctity of the press by obtaining secret warrants from a secret judge in a secret court to have the reporters telephones and the phones of their loved ones tapped.

While all of this outrageous conduct is so serious that myself and my fellow Americans should be afraid, there is another tyrannical scheme that the Government has ordered and it is already in affect. It has the potential to push us over the edge from democracy to dictatorship. They ordered their minions in the Justice Department to abolish the very foundation of American Justice (a Jury of our Peers)... Can't be, right? Well it is all too true.

When a defendant is acquitted by a jury of his neighbors, it is not enough. The prosecutors have the right to implore and coerce to retry the defendant at a lower standard using the same evidence that has already been rejected by the jury. If need be they may present new evidence that was not admissable at the first trial. No more "not guilty by a reasonable doubt." They get a second try that completely eliminates the jury and bastardizes the burden of proof to a preponderance of the evidence. This means that the judge alone gets to decide a man's life at the same equivalent of proof as Judge Judy: a slip and fall, or a landlord tenant dispute.

The Government can try a case a second time at this lowly burden of proof. If they are still disappointed in the verdict can they send the defendant to Guantanamo Bay and water-board said defendant until he says what they want? Can they keep having trials of some form or another until they get the "guilty" outcome that they want? It's kind of like the days of the Salem witch-hunts. You know, burn her... if she dies she's innocent but she's dead and if she survives she is guilty so hang her.

We the citizens believe that we have the most honorable justice system in history. At one time maybe we did, but not now that the juries have been disregarded in their constitutional function. Our courts have become a tool of our tyrannical Government. They choose their victims and then destroy. Innocence does not matter once the target has been chosen while leaving the big bankers and the powerful one percent alone, uncharged for any crime.

Mid-level civil-servants like AUSA Lizzy (THE LIAR) Geddes and Scott (THE SEDUCER) Curtis use the power of their office to make the innocent guilty, and to punish the weak and the helpless. They imprison those who profess their innocence while they reward the perjurer with freedom and immunity from prosecution when they spew the prosecutor's lies. They make their superiors proud and smug in their position of arrogance. They have all become intoxicated with power. They are evil; pure and simple evil.

When our forefathers governed they made individual rights their priority. They designed our entire constitution around our personal protections from a future of brutal, tyrannical Government. Well, the future is now! Today's bloated regime surreptitiously peel away one freedom at a time until we are left with Nazism and all of its horrors.

Stronger today than yesterday,



Thursday, February 21, 2013

Click Here to Listen

This is a clip from the Frank Morano show on AM970. He discusses my Bureau of Prisons number that was assigned to me in 1995 even though I was not arrested until 2008.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Statue of Limitations

In today's post I will dip into another dimension that is so bizarre to our common-sense way of thinking, so much that it can never be satisfactorily explained to us. As some of you might have already guessed this bizarro world is our legal system. In these supercharged times of ipads, smartphones, and death by drones you would expect that politicians would keep our justice system simple, honest, and pure. Instead they adulterate, weaken, and pollute it. Our courts should address the mere truth of right and wrong. They do not. These politicians and lawyers befuddle us with new laws, and appendages to old laws that can all be interpreted in many different ways except simply.

Again, I will use my own case as an example. The facts that I present in this account show that our laws are miswritten, misused, and wielded as weapons of hate against scapegoated groups and other government targets. The accuracy of this example can be verified with the courts, Jerry Capeci's Gangland article dated 2-7-2013, or the Daily New's article dated 2-4-2013.

It seems like this self-confessed murderer, Anthony Colandra, who killed John Minerva and Michael Imbergano, plead guilty to lying to the FBI and received a five year sentence for his crimes. That's five years in jail for a double murder!!! The prosecutor (the same as mine) AUSA Elizabeth "The Liar" Geddes said that Colandra's sweet deal was hammered out because the statute of limitations for the federal crime of murder in the aid of racketeering has expired. Huh?! Didn't I, less than a year ago, get found "Not Guilty" by a jury of my peers in the Eastern District's Brooklyn Courthouse of the same exact crime that could not be brought against him because the statute had expired??? Then why not me? How does the same law affect myself and Colandra differently? The evidence against him is: 1. his confession, 2. that the other self-confessed shooter (Robert Ventiriglia) stated from the witness stand at my trial that he and Colandra fired the fatal shots in the double homicide, and 3. multiple witnesses and physical evidence that tie him to the murders.

In my case, although there were many informants, at least one cop, and as many as two FBI agents at the scene of the murders, no one said that I was there. There was no physical evidence linking me to the crime. And although members of law enforcement have been showing my pictures around since 1993, no one has ever identified me in having any role in the murders of Minerva and Imbergamo. Again, NO ONE had ever said that I was involved in this double-homicide until Dino (Hemorrhoids) Calabro needed a way out of jail. Then he said that I told him (the day after the homicides) that I was present during the homicides. Hearsay. He never said that he saw me there because he knew others would expose that statement as a lie, so he made like it came from me, but the jury did not believe him. Hence the "Not Guilty" verdict.

So, with virtually no evidence implicating me in the crime, Lizzy (The Liar) Geddes puts me on trial for my life and I beat her. Then, a short nine months later she publicly states that the person who admitted to killing Minerva and Imbergamo cannot be tried for the crimes, although she can prove it beyond a shadow of a doubt, because the statute of limitations ran out.

Well what f---ing world do I live in? How can this little lying boy-thing do whatever she wants with our laws? Where is MY JUSTICE? Is it because Colandra is Latin and I'm a Guinea? Who's next? This is just an example of the multiple ways that our government has stripped me of my civil rights and my constitutional protections to make me, an innocent man, guilty in this bizarro world we call justice.

Stronger Today Than Yesterday,


Monday, February 18, 2013

Sleazy Sliwa

Sleazy Curtis Sliwa has always wanted more say in government and the creation of laws as all Fascists do. This minor Mussolini's on-air rhetoric is one continuance blast of hot air announcing that he knows what is best for us and for our country. To gain a foothold in the political world he throws his hat into the ring through his wife (Melinda Katz). He knows that his many arrests, his vigilante justice, and his fabrication of many crimes will certainly preclude him from obtaining public office under his own identity. So, he dupes us with his cloak of deception and tries to gain his political perch from which he will attack the poor, minorities, and our civil rights. We must put an end to his sideways candidacy and his constant assault on the weak. We must not allow another bigoted blowhard to achieve a political position. Remember, a vote for Melinda Katz is a vote for a fascism.