Saturday, February 11, 2017

Fake News

In this year of 2017 when the entire country seems to be on the brink of self destruction, I am rather amused at the amount of bad press that my old civil lawsuit has generated. It just doesn't make sense, or does it?

Thanks to our new President Donald J. Trump we all understand the concept of fake news. The media lies, invents fake news and has an agenda to fulfill. But when it comes to the NY Daily News and the NY Post, they are such sleazy rags that they don't use even fake news, they use "old" fake news. Their scribblers are such talentless hacks that they can't even invent their own unique fake news stories. They lap-up the government's porridge of lies and altered facts. Then they add a few mean adjectives and bingo they have enough shit to qualify for a front page headline in these two hometown rags. Imagine, they actually have the balls to shamelessly call themselves newspapers.

What happened to the literary excellence, the compelling investigative reporting that the New York press used to be known for? Do they not know that these hateful, amateurish blabberings in print are the main reason why they are both hemorrhaging money?

Why do they show a particular loathing for Italian Americans? Whether it is a governor, a mayor, the father of a raped murder victim or an alleged old time gangster: if you are of Italian descent the Post and the news will use any vile, ugly, stereotypical adjective to mock us. They won't use words like cheap and Jew or black man and watermelon in the same sentence (as they shouldn't) but when it is an Italian making the news, meatball, wop and dago are sufficient. Guido, or any Mafia reference is acceptable to them. They even gloat about their use of these horrible words. They will even drag our religion into the slime of their fake old news. There have been countless government rats and not one of them has linked the term "Godfather" to organized crime. But the government and the news outlets keep advancing the fictional connection of Hollywood make-believe to dishonor and degrade not only Italian Americans but also the Catholic religion.

I toyed with the idea of boycotting these newspapers but how do you boycott newspapers that are so cheesy that they are given away for free at Penn Station? So I came up with this: I ask all Italian Americans, or anyone, or any group that is for true equality (not just for their people but for all people) to unite and to not buy any product or service that is advertised in the NY Daily News or the NY Post.

Italian Americans are a kind, caring, intelligent, hardworking and honest community. We are honorable and God-fearing. And we are tired of being maligned in the press, movies and the courts. We will put a stop to these predjudices.

Stronger today than yesterday.


Sunday, November 20, 2016

Trump's Win

Today I write about the magnificent win by President-elect Donald Trump AKA Rubber Lips. Trump beat not only Hillary Clinton and the Democrats; he beat the Republicans, the popular media, Wall Street, Hollywood, Washington and every other statuesque institution that exists in America today.

There are many reasons for his win: his success at business, his non-political background, his connection to the working man, his optimistic message and the many flaws of his opponent Hysterical Hillary. But in my opinion the main reason that he won was his message of change; out with the old ways of Beltway politicians and bureaucrats enriching only themselves on tax dollars while hiding their thievery in the guise of public service. This looting of the people's money is a disgrace and he promised to change it.

Well he is not the only presidential candidate who had a message of change. Bernie Sanders was also a breath of fresh air in the cesspool of politics. He had a rejuvenated view of what change would be. But then the DNC robbed him of his chance at a run for the presidency. The clandestine operatives in the DNC, the criminal cells of the Obama administration and the thugs in the Clinton cabal all conspired and acted in an illegal fashion in their quest to crown Hysterical Hillary the first woman president.

These corrupt minions scurried in every direction trying to retain the ultimate power in the world, the billions in personal wealth that the office of presidency has generated, and to succeed in making history by being first again. You know, the party of the first black president, now the party of the first woman president. They are the party of quotas. Well their arrogance in trying to fix the election and shove this flawed candidate down our throats cost them not only the presidential election but the loss of all power in Washington. There are also many Republicans that had their wish list redacted with the loss of Hysterical Hillary. All professional politicians are in mourning with Donald (Rubber Lips) Trump's complete victory.

I do not have great expectations that Rubber Lips will do much better; after all he has proceeded to surround himself with political shit. Now if this system could just produce a decent candidate we can save this great nation for our descendants.


Monday, November 14, 2016

Political Prosecutorial Misconduct

Today I write about President Obama, our commander-in-cheat. I was astonished to witness Obama try to explain to the American people why FBI Director Comey was wrong to reopen the criminal case into Hysterical Hillary Clinton's email scandal. So with all of the sincerity that the serpent used to charm Eve, Obama states that the Justice Department (of which the FBI is a part) does not make public any criminal cases where a politician is involved if it is close to an election. Here comes my chance to shout, BULLSHIT! The Justice Department publicly investigated, indicted, and brought Senator Ted Stevens of Alaska to trial shortly before his try to reelection to the Senate. Upon the jury verdict of guilty, he lost the election which completely shifted the balance of power in the Senate.

Then it was discovered that the evidence used to convict Senator Stevens was false, untrue and completely fabricated by the same FBI, Justice Department and prosecutors that brought him to trial. Wait there's more... it was also uncovered that the same prosecutors and FBI agents hid any and all evidence that exonerated Senator Stevens of the very crimes that he was found guilty of. You see he really was innocent and the government prosecutors knew it. So in plain terms let me state the truth, "the Justice Department framed a sitting Senator (Ted Stevens) for political gain." Well you say so what the hell, the frame did not work, our system works, they got caught and all of the bad actors in the Justice Department (prosecutors and FBI agents alike) were probably severely punished. Again I shout BULLSHIT. By their criminal act, American history is forever changed and the prosecutors and agents that should have gone to jail for their crimes were rewarded with high paying jobs at the most powerful white shoe law firms. Others were promoted right inside of the Justice Department. And the dirtiest of the bunch were rewarded with an especially prestigious appointment right inside of Obama's White House where they exercise tremendous influence on the state of our nation. As a matter of fact, the only one who was actually punished was the FBI agent who blew the whistle on the prosecutors who framed Senator Stevens.

All of the facts that I just stated can be verified in Federal Court records and congressional hearing minutes and other official documents. There are many examples of the Justice Department's prosecutors using their power to investigate and indict on the state and local levels to thwart the will of the people and put their own friends, party affiliates and colleagues into elected office. You have Governor McDonnell of Virginia who overturned his conviction on appeal, and countless state legislators, mayors and other elected officials who are forced out of office at the hands of federal prosecutors and their sometimes unjust investigations. This is not to say that many of them are not corrupt and deserve to go to prison, but their term should be completed first.

Governor Christie of New Jersey (with his prosecutor's mentality) wreaked havoc on his own citizens in his quest to punish a political rival; and although two of his closest aides were found guilty of all counts charged in the indictment, Christie himself was never even charged for ordering the vendetta. Maybe he will be when his term as governor is complete (but with him being an ex-US Attorney I doubt it). Prosecutors never charge prosecutors with a crime. I guess they all feel that their immunity lasts a lifetime. All but the most powerful politicians are scared to death of powerful prosecutors. They gave them all of this unchecked power and now it is coming back to bite them on their own ass. You see prosecutors have immunity and are never held accountable for any crimes they commit. When Obama's Justice Department wanted to make trouble for the conservative tea party groups they went to the IRS and banned them from getting tax exempt status even though they qualified to receive it. When the scheme was exposed and Congress held hearings, high ranking members of the Justice Department pleaded the fifth amendment and refused to answer. Imagine that the top people in our Justice Department refused to answer to Congress. No one forced them to answer either. If it was me or you we would be sitting in prison until we complied.

The American people have become fools to the power of our government, prosecutors and the Justice System. We must unite under the cause of equality and insure that all citizens answer for their behavior no matter how powerful that citizen is. There must be accountability, especially for those who are in power. The Federal Justice Department must protect the constitutional rights of all; not pick and choose what they think is best. Remember equal justice under the law. Those elected officials who commit crimes while in office must step down only after completion of their elected term and only then are they to be brought to trial before a jury of the people. Prosecutors should not have the power to alter the people's choice for elected official. I certainly do not know all of the answers, but I do know that we cannot continue to allow federal prosecutors to run amuck locking up only the poor and the powerless; and using their position of great trust to secure elections for their allies and to secure great wealth for themselves along the way. Look around and you will see that current and ex-prosecutors run the country, if not the world. We the people must oversee the powers of government, including the Justice Department which has become the enforcers for the alpha-politicians.


Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Lying Loretta and Bill the Predator

I will start this post by thanking United State's Attorney Loretta Lynch for vindicating me when I label the justice department unjust by exposing her dirty undergarments for American citizens and the whole world to see. From her actions last week it is plain to see what her opinion of justice is. The fact that she and her bosses are so brazenly corrupt shows the utter contempt that they have for the law. I will explain some limited facts that I have learned in my cocoon like surroundings that is prison.

Let's start with the happenstance meeting that Loretta had with former President Bill "the Predator" Clinton on her government plane. Now with all of the security details involving an ex-president and the current US Attorney General, knowing all of the forethought and planning that go into either of their schedules, we are still asked to believe that this clandestine rendezvous was by chance. Well bullshit! This secret meeting was a well-planned tactical mission filled with all kinds of subterfuge and multiple lies that have been used before in previous meetings to hide criminal activity. So every time that "Lying Loretta" Lynch says "happenstance" she perjures herself and disgraces her office. That's right, the highest ranking official at the United States Justice Department perjures herself for her bosses. It is shameful.

If not for a brave, tenacious local reporter, the meeting between "Lying Loretta" and Bill "the Predator" would have remained mum. It was the spotlight from the journalist that forced the devious duo to acknowledge the sit-down. As a matter of fact I am sure that meetings like this clandestine one have happened before. Although they were 100% more effective in keeping both the meeting and the discussions of the Clintons' legal woes a secret.

Now "Lying Loretta" states that this meeting was a mistake and if she had to do it over again she would not meet with him. I am truly amazed that this alpha lawyer gets a do-over. "Lying Loretta" the most powerful legal mind in the world, invokes the children's game rule of do-over to exonerate herself from blame. How pathetic for us as a country. Then she states that neither herself or Bill "the Predator" Clinton did anything illegal. They only discussed their grandchildren and issues not relevant to the Clintons' legal troubles. Again I scream BULLSHIT! The United States Attorney General has a cryptic sit-down with the ex-president--the one that put her on the map by appointing her US Attorney for the Eastern District of New York, the one whose wife is currently the Democratic candidate for president and under investigation by the same Justice Department that "Lying Loretta" heads, the same ex-president whose Clinton Foundation is also being investigated for criminal acts by the very same Justice Department, but we are to believe that none of this was discussed? Now "Lying Loretta" wants to claim that she did not realize that this secret meeting was unethical, if not downright illegal? How many times can I scream bullshit in this post?

I remember when a friend of mine went to prison for making a recommendation to a store owner. He asked him to buy a product that the store was selling from a different vendor at a lower price than he was already paying. Well, according to Loretta Lynch's justice department that is extortion. My friend's defense was that the whole world runs on recommendations: lawyers, doctors, plumbers, etc. They all rely on recommendations and they are not illegal. The prosecutors countered with... the defendant was an alleged member of organized crime and so the recommendation carried with it the power of the crime family. Even though the store owner was happy with the cheaper price, the prosecutor insisted that this was extortion. Well the judge saw it the prosecutor's way and my friend was swiftly sent to prison.

So then why did not Bill "the Predator" Clinton's words to "Lying Loretta" Lynch carry with them the power of the past and future oval office? Why didn't his words carry with them the authority of the future reappointment of Loretta as the US Attorney General? Why should we not believe that this meeting of sinister cronies wasn't a successful attempt at bribery and a cover-up? How come when ex-president Clinton or ex-seceratary of State "Hysterical Hillary" Clinton demand money from foreign governments, worldwide corporations, Wall Street and other international titans does not the authority of the White House and the Clinton/Obama Administrations come into play? Why didn't the Justice Department use RICO statutes to dismantle the corruption in the Clinton Foundation and destroy Washington's political racketeers? Oh, I forgot, the RICO Law is only to be used against Italian Americans and housing-project blacks--certainly not against alpha-politicians.

Now today FBI Director James Comey, after taking more bows than an Oscar recipient, explains how "Hysterical Hillary" violated the law on her email account and then in the same breath absolves her of all criminal behavior. Truly amazing! It seems that only the national politicians, international money men, the bureaucrats and the henchmen that serve them are safe from the grasp of "Lying Loretta" Lynch's Justice Department. We the people (the middle class and poor) are at the point where we only know the feel of the government's boot on our neck. We are so, so tired.

This blatant abuse of power by "Lying Loretta" Lynch and the rest of the government's powers explains why Assistant United States Attorney Elizabeth "Lizzy the Liar" Geddes and most federal prosecutors have such contempt for the truth, justice, and the American people.



Monday, June 13, 2016

Brock Bias

Brock Turner is a Stanford University student who savagely dragged an unconscious girl behind a dumpster where he brutally assaulted her. He was discovered by two men that stopped him from continuing this degenerate act. After being caught Brock fled, was pursued and held until police arrived and arrested him. Knowing that he was 100% guilty and caught in the act, he could have sought a plea deal to spare the victim the trauma of her testimony of reliving the horror that he inflicted upon her. He did not allow her the option of hiding the shame of being used like some unfeeling sex toy left bruised and bleeding. He did not take responsibility for his actions and save the courts, jurors and the state a lot of time and money. No, his daddy Dan Turner hired some crackerjack lawyer Michael Armstrong to bring the case to trial with some hope of a complete acquittal for Brock. So with Daddy's big bucks paying the tab and the moral-less mouthpiece maligning the victim, Brock tried to blame the rape entirely on the victim. What repugnant behavior. It disgusts me that Brock, his father, his lawyer and all others involved would try such a revolting strategy.

Instead of trying to shield his son from the consequences of his actions, maybe Daddy Dan should have taught his son to respect girls and others. Maybe he should have punched the shit out of Brock when his disgusting behavior was discovered and made a better man out of both himself and Brock. Anyway, their strategy failed. The citizen jury found the deviant Brock guilty of three sex crimes and he was facing severe prison time. Bravo, you say. The system worked. Well, not so fast. Now it was the judge's turn to assault the victim. That's right, after Brock molested her physical body, Judge Aaron Persky raped her of her right to justice. Where the jurors were her champions, the judge was her nemesis. On sentencing day this brave young lady made a sincere plea for justice. Not out of hate or venom towards her rapist, but because she was viciously attacked, her life turned upside down all because of this brat's twisted needs and violent lust. I can imagine that justice would help her to rebuild her life, to rebuild her faith in mankind. She got nothing even close. She had all that American justice stands for collapse on her. This whole story is just so so sad. Why did this all too powerful judge dole out this warped justice from the smugness of his magic black robe? Most people think this is because of his being Stanford alumni. Perhaps he was being nostalgic for his own days at Stanford or maybe he is remembering the days when he himself used to rape unconscious girls at some frat party. Back then, no rich college kid was ever charged with the crime of molesting a drunk girl. I guess we came a long way. The only thing is today it seems college rapists are charged with the crime they are just not punished for the crime.

Well as I see it what Judge Aaron Persky did was certainly sexist. Anyone can see that he was only concerned for he welfare of the boy and had no concern for the victim. It was very clear that what the judge did was also racist. There is no doubt that if the boy had been Mexican, black or any non white poor kid he would have been sentenced to far greater prison time. I know that we have come a long way in our quest for equality. I also know that we have a long way to go. The last thing I know on this subject is that it is very ironic that the place where we have made the least advances is the very place where equality should be paramount. The courts are saturated with personal bias, government targets and a class system matched by no other government branch. The difference between having an appointed lawyer and paid council is obvious to all who are witness to it. The poor always get screwed and the rich always go home. The color of your skin makes such a big mark, not only on the perception of your guilt or innocence, but on how much time you will spend in jail. It seems that our judges feel that people of color can withstand the negative effects of jail better than blue eyed white people so according to judges, prosecutors and the justice system people of color should serve a lot more prison time. It took the first black president to negate the crack laws and to adjust it to be more in line with the sentences that rich whites receive for cocaine possession.

Even your heritage plays a big role in your guilt or innocence. We all know that if it's a crime and it is organized an Italian must have done it. It is so bad that Italian Americans do more time for gambling, book making and lending money than any other ethic groups do for rape and crimes of violence against children. Italian cells are even more surveilled than terrorist cells. Is it going to take our first Italian American president to end anti-Italian bias and to amend the RICO law and restore the constitutional rights that the RICO law conveniently skirts around? I hope not. It would be nice if any politician or political appointee like an attorney general would truly believe in justice and equality. Until now they have all fallen short. Today they are even persecuting and torturing the old with lengthy sentencing and inferior medical treatment. It is appalling to see so many old men suffer before they die here surrounded by strangers. There are so many other beneficial ways that they could pay their debt to society.

Is there an answer to this bias, will there ever ben an answer? I don't know. But I do know that we can start by taking some of the power away from the judges and prosecutors and giving it to the twelve citizen jurors. They share the responsibility of the conviction and they should share in the burden of sentencing. We should stop lifetime appointments for judges and end immunity for the prosecution. If their system is so fair then why would they be so afraid to answer to it for their own crimes? With many other checks and balances along the way we can get so much closer to real justice in our courts. We must clean up our judicial system if we want to avoid the final solution of inequality which is usually revolution by they powerless, unequal masses and an end to society as we know it for better or worse.


Wednesday, February 17, 2016


I am not a rock I am a son who is crushed to dust by the death of my beloved Mother. I so wish that I could have held you in the end, but then I rejoice in the knowledge that you are rejoined to Daddy & that one day, as a complete Family, we will share eternity in Paradise. Until then my heart will ache for your love.


Saturday, January 23, 2016

Indicted, Arrested & Held on what Assistant US Attorney Now Calls False Testimony

I just read Gangland's year-end review of how the murderers, rapists, drug dealers and child molesters from the FBI's rat squad (better known as Team America) fared as they faced the judges to answer to their multiple crimes and lives of greed and power. They all received government love taps with some getting time-served, even though they remained out on bail for the entire time they were ratting. Imagine that, time-served by doing NO TIME.

Well anyway, the story that really caught my attention was that of Anthony (Toothpicks) Basile. You see, "Toothpicks" was the first cooperator that the FBI used against me. He is the reason why I was arrested. They used his outright lies to arrest me and my codefendants, and to hold us without bail. So I was really amazed to read that the lead prosecutor in my case Elizabeth (Lizzy the Liar) Geddes shows up at Basile's sentencing and demands that he receive a life sentence for a murder that he was found guilty of. Rather than begging for leniency for her star rat (like she did for other rats), she states that he lied to the feds--he gave them useless information, helped to convict no one, smuggled illegal drugs into prison, had two cooperation agreements torn up and much, much more. So she demands that he receive life.

So what I wanted to know is why "Lizzy the Liar" went into the grand jury and convinced them to indict me and my codefendants from the testimony of Anthony Basile. After she indicted us for a slew of serious crimes she then petitions Washington and succeeds in getting us hit with the death penalty, all on perjured testimony!! Let me just shout this part so everyone can hear me-- AUSA ELIZABETH GEDDES WAS NOW TRYING TO EXECUTE US FOR CRIMES THAT AT SOME POINT EARLY ON IN THIS PROCESS SHE KNEW TO BE UNTRUE. How twisted on power is that?

Now when it was clear and she was certain that we were being held on death penalty charges that were bogus (and before she goes to the grand jury to get a new indictment obtained from evidence that she believes to be at least partly true) why didn't she have said charges (from Basile's untrue testimony) dismissed? Why didn't she at least withdraw her opposition for bail until she could put together a real case? Why did she not remove the DEATH PENALTY part? No this ugly bitch with the secrets of the grand jury and the power of a corrupt justice system toyed with our lives like a cat with a mouse.

Now will this corrupt Assistant United States Attorney or any of her coconspirators ever be punished for their crimes against their citizens? No. They have been and will continue to be rewarded for their crimes because this is the way they do business in the US Attorney's Office. Much like Valerie Caproni who completely aborted justice. She hid evidence, told lies of guilt against men she knew were innocent and allowed the guilty to remain free to keep killing. For all of this treachery she was rewarded by being made the Chief Counsel to the FBI! And today she has the dubious distinction of being the most dishonorable judge on the federal bench. You see her greatest reward up until now was to be appointed to a Federal District Court Judge for the Southern District of New York. All of these crimes were committed in the interest of putting a few innocent Italian Americans in prison for life.

The actions of the Justice Department (judges, prosecutors, FBI) are dwarfed only by the sheer volume of the crimes committed during the Holocaust, the Inquisition and the Salem Witch Hunt. The prosecutors intent is certainly just as vile as those in power during those horrendous times in history: to destroy a targeted group of people, guilty or not.

Our government has succeeded in destroying my life and the lives of many other innocent men and women. They have done this by breaking all of their own rules and by stripping us of most of our constitutional protections that were designed to protect us from such government tactics. One day the truth will end their careers and if not it will tarnish their legacy.

AUSA Ellen Corcella, FBI Agents Chris Favo and Jeff Tomlinson, FBI cooperators Frank (Blue Eyes) Sparaco and Greg Scarpa Jr. and many other government employees know the truth of the Justice Department's Second Circuit in the Eastern District of New York and their clandestine attack on Italian Americans and one day they will speak. The people must know the true nature of the officers of this court. May God and honorable men protect our nation.