Sunday, August 25, 2019

R 2 Cents

Today I introduce a new blog where I offer mine and other convicts' opinions on current events or any other situation we choose to critique.

Now, let me take the time to introduce you to the two main contributors: myself, Tommy Gioeli and Mikey Savant. We will occasionally be joined by the likes of many other nefarious players: The Bulldog, Fluffy, the Immigrant and many others. So join us for The Rec may even learn something.

One other thing that I will take the time to explain is our access to the news. We are in federal prison--an island unto itself, and as such, the newspapers and other periodicals are usually at least 10 days late. So please have patience and I promise you that you will be thoroughly entertained.

My first gripe is with that dribbling doper (Rush Limbaugh). It all started when Rush, in an opium-induced stupor, stole an ethical slur from that has-been Sleazy Curtis Sliwa and used it to attack Sliwa's personal target, CNN's own Chris Cuomo. This unchained mouth (Rush), the world's fattest junkie, has the gall to repeatedly use an ethnic slur against Chris which causes his polyester posse to parrot him and insult Chris Cuomo in the presence of his wife and child. Chris aggressively (and appropriately) reacted and the posse slinked away. When things blew up, Rush then mustered the audacity to deny that it was in fact an ethnic slur. You see for years Sleazy Sliwa has been trying to draw a correlation between the Cuomo family and some type of criminal enterprise. He does this by assigning a name from the fictional movie (The Godfather) to Cuomo family members, employees and friends. Sleazy gets way with these insults because he is confined to a goldfish bowl... a local station, with no listeners. Plus, anyone who does listen knows the stories of him eating lead paint and sniffing airplane glue when he was a kid. So in New York with someone like him, we pay no mind.

Now, the Dribbler... he is another story. He has a national audience and can do great harm when allowed to unjustly link Italian Americans to crime. Even though Rush's brain is all wet from drugs, he is still too smart not to know exactly what he is doing. I'll explain. When the Dribbler calls Chris Cuomo, "Fredo" (the slur I have been mentioning) it is a reference to an unsympathetic character from the stereotypical movie that every Italian American man has worn as a yoke around his neck (The Godfather).

Even the Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, a man above reproach, was labeled a gangster by the North Koreans. Not because he is a tough negotiator, but because of his ancestral bloodline. It is a disgrace. No matter how many geniuses, artists, inventors, or Supreme Court Judges that we are proud to have among our ranks--if we let the government and Hollywood have their way Italian Americans will forever be known as a group of gangsters. Every other race and ethnic group have sons who have gained their wealth and power outside of the law. But even they, if mentioned, are anchored back to Italians (the Jewish Mafia, the Russian Mafia and the Irish Mafia, etc.)
The word Mafia is the glue that sticks any and all crime to Italians. Our government, Hollywood and many talentless authors spread it liberally on to the very fabric of society. They even make children's cartoons where the Italians are crooks. That is so very hateful and harmful.

So although we are not a cry-baby kind of people...we must become vigilant and sensitive and deal with these slurs and stereotypes. If not, we will be doing a grave disservice to our heritage and our children. I salute Chris Cuomo for his defense of his personal dignity and his Italian American honor. We must unite and fight against the slurs slung about by men like the Dribbler and Sleazy (whose pedigrees, bloodlines and sanity are questionable, at best).


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