Thursday, May 27, 2010


After nearly 2 years in prison we have just been informed that Tommy will again be indicted... this time for the murder of Ralph Dols.

More updates to follow...

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Informants Continued...

When are these animals going to stop? I don't mean the alleged mobsters that our governemnt tries to put in jail at all costs. I mean the criminal informant. Not only does our government allow them to kill while working for the FBI (Greg Scarpa), beat people with metal pipes while the FBI sat across the street in a car surveilling the situation (Guy Fatato)... thank God that Fatato didn't kill those kids with that metal pipe. The FBI certainly wasn't going to come to their aid, that would have screwed up their case against an alleged mob figure...

Now the FBI has shown their true colors. They have allowed a true child molesting piece of shit (Jude Buoneto) to rape and prostitute a 15 year old girl. Although there were many teenaged girls in his stable, she seemed to be the only one under the legal age. Are they all SICK in their ongoing quest for headlines and budget money in the organized crime section of the FBI that they let their criminal informants run wild?

The police have many checks when dealing with the public: civilian complaint review board, internal affairs, and many more. Who polices the FBI and their handling of these criminal informants? The US attorneys who have more to lose than the FBI when the case falls apart? Who then? NO ONE. That's why the criminal informants continue to rape, rob, deal drugs, and murder at will. At first juries were told that they should disregard criminal informants' past behavior (they are changed men, they joined team America, they're good men now). But little by litte, the truth came out. Not only did they not change for the better, they got worse. They murder in broad daylight, killing anyone who gets in their way. They rob banks and spend tax money on their lavish life styles. They sell and do drugs and take many risks that other people wouldn't dare to take because they have the biggest safety net in the world, the FBI. They can't fail, and they can't go to jail. We desperately need change.

Stronger than Yesterday,
Thomas Gioeli

Too Much Power

The FBI served a search warrant on my residence in January to search for photographs, phones, pagers, and other items of my life that are private and not criminal in any way. They took photos of my children as babies, family vacations, backyard barbeques, and block parties. They took my memories, my wife's memories, and my girls' memories. They took things that are useless in a criminal investigation...they knew that they were useless when they stole the first pictures from my home. They took pictures of my life. I wonder if the judge that granted the warrant knew that the affidavit was full of lies. The agents knew. But the agents' intentions were not to retrieve criminal evidence, it was to intimidate me.

Even though they knew that only my wife and two daugthers were home, they went into my home with guns drawn and pointed at my children. These little piglets viewed my girls in their night clothes. My family was told by the agents that the house that we've lived in since 1963 was now the FBI's house. Why would they continue to scare them? Well it worked. My children have problems sleeping and have constant anxiety about the FBI watching them/coming back to my home again.

My lawyer went to the house and was refused entry, even though he is an officer of the courts. Why? What do these public employees (the FBI) have to hide? Who do they answer to? In this age of terrorism the public understands that they are reluctant to give up some power, but they should at least be monitored. Who knows better than the FBI the power of a recorded conversation, so tape all of the warrant executions.
Tape all criminal informant de-briefings. Tape any interviews, all interactions with the public. Why not? Again, what do you white knights have to hide?

This is a simple way to insure that the truth and justice that Americans believe in comes to the forefront of all cases, and that the renegade agents can't win when they lie, cheat, and bully the public.

Stronger than Yesterday,
Thomas Gioeli

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

PBS Special on Informants

just a PBS special on informants... some interesting perspectives on how giving out lesser sentences to those who "rat" on others leads to a great amount of corruption and abuse of the system

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Witness "Protection" Program Protects Who?

Since its creation, the Witness Protection Program has been misused by law enforcement and prosecutors alike. Whether to enhance an unrealistic percentage of victories in the court, to increase an enourmous budget, to seize power over its citizens, or to jumpstart their political careers, the government has taken a well-intentioned program for protecting victims and witnesses, and turned it into a vile tool for the worst monsters in our society. They assault, rape, deal drugs, and murder with the knowledge that there's a sweet deal with little or no jail time waiting for them after they lie on the witness stand. They tell only the lies of the prosecutors with the knowledge that the only ones who can bring perjury charges are their masters, the prosecutors. Most of the time they're back on the street within hours; then they commit the same assaults, rapes, murders, and the rest with the protection of the FBI.

Here are just a few examples of government witnesses:

Sammy (the Bull) Gravano confessed to 19 murders. He was sentenced to 5 years in prison, or hotels for debriefing (wink, wink). He was relocated to Arizona where he wrote a book of his crimes. The FBI attorneys helped him to hide his book profits from the victims' families. He and his entire family sold drugs to the college kids in Arizona and California. He sold drugs while he wore the medal of honor that the FBI gave to him in a grand ceremony. I'm sure that the citizens of Arizona felt betrayed that the government put this animal in their mist.

My next example is Carmine Sessa. I'm not sure of the number of killings that Sessa plead guilty to but I do know that it was well over 10. One, an innocent hot dog vendor trying to make a living for his family. He also served around 5 years in prison for all of these murders. The FBI not only gave Sessa a new identity, they collected his Shylock money for him, and allowed him to bring his wife and girlfriend into the program. How freely the FBI spends taxpayers money.

I will compile a list of the many cooperators and the atrocities that they committed while working for the FEDS and before. To think that the testimony comes at such a high price in the freedom of these animals; the money and the percentages of money that they receive from forfeitures, and the new secret identities that they receive, all at the expense of the taxpayers.

When justice is built on this muddy, muddy foundation it will surely sink. Prosecutors are already using this system of lies to attack their political adversaries in Alaska, New Orleans, and countless other cities and states throughout our country. The system stinks; justice and democracy will suffer.

Stronger than yesterday,
Thomas Gioeli