Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Witness "Protection" Program Protects Who?

Since its creation, the Witness Protection Program has been misused by law enforcement and prosecutors alike. Whether to enhance an unrealistic percentage of victories in the court, to increase an enourmous budget, to seize power over its citizens, or to jumpstart their political careers, the government has taken a well-intentioned program for protecting victims and witnesses, and turned it into a vile tool for the worst monsters in our society. They assault, rape, deal drugs, and murder with the knowledge that there's a sweet deal with little or no jail time waiting for them after they lie on the witness stand. They tell only the lies of the prosecutors with the knowledge that the only ones who can bring perjury charges are their masters, the prosecutors. Most of the time they're back on the street within hours; then they commit the same assaults, rapes, murders, and the rest with the protection of the FBI.

Here are just a few examples of government witnesses:

Sammy (the Bull) Gravano confessed to 19 murders. He was sentenced to 5 years in prison, or hotels for debriefing (wink, wink). He was relocated to Arizona where he wrote a book of his crimes. The FBI attorneys helped him to hide his book profits from the victims' families. He and his entire family sold drugs to the college kids in Arizona and California. He sold drugs while he wore the medal of honor that the FBI gave to him in a grand ceremony. I'm sure that the citizens of Arizona felt betrayed that the government put this animal in their mist.

My next example is Carmine Sessa. I'm not sure of the number of killings that Sessa plead guilty to but I do know that it was well over 10. One, an innocent hot dog vendor trying to make a living for his family. He also served around 5 years in prison for all of these murders. The FBI not only gave Sessa a new identity, they collected his Shylock money for him, and allowed him to bring his wife and girlfriend into the program. How freely the FBI spends taxpayers money.

I will compile a list of the many cooperators and the atrocities that they committed while working for the FEDS and before. To think that the testimony comes at such a high price in the freedom of these animals; the money and the percentages of money that they receive from forfeitures, and the new secret identities that they receive, all at the expense of the taxpayers.

When justice is built on this muddy, muddy foundation it will surely sink. Prosecutors are already using this system of lies to attack their political adversaries in Alaska, New Orleans, and countless other cities and states throughout our country. The system stinks; justice and democracy will suffer.

Stronger than yesterday,
Thomas Gioeli

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