Sunday, July 22, 2012

Inhumane Prosecution

In today's short post I will address the inappropriate request made to Judge Sandra Townes by another defeated member of the US Attorney's Office, Organized Crime Division, Eastern District of New York: AUSA Nicole Argentieri. This alleged mother had the imaginary balls to ask the Judge to have Francis Guerra's (B.F.) 2 year old son stop waving to his Daddy during trial. No Joke! I swear!

This representative of the most powerful justice system in the world, with an arsenal of prosecution-friendly laws at her fingertips, chose to put up a holler over a baby's waving? Did she not want B.F. to appear human? Are our children not to love us or we them? Does she think that all Italian-American men are like that of a movie figure; Michael Corleone with no emotion, and no heart? A monster? Or does she want to trick the juries into thinking we are monsters? Well AUSA Nicole (Mommy Dearest) Argentieri we not only wave, we wink and blow kisses too.

In closing, I would just like to say: Shame on you! Not only was your request beyond the scope of courtroom etiquette, it was beyond the scope of humanity. I'm glad that the jury saw right through your deception and beheld a loving, INNOCENT daddy in Francis Guerra.

Stronger today than yesterday,


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Sunday, July 15, 2012


I write this post while standing in salute to my good friend Francis Guerra (B.F.) on his recent triumph over the immoral persecution of him by our Government. For the second time in as many months (my victory of 5-9-2012) an American Jury has rejected the lies of the unscrupulous Colombo squad of the F.B.I. and its equally corrupt counter parts in the U.S. Attorney's office. The American people are tired of being told that they must believe these drug dealers, rape-o's, and murderers because they are now part of Team America. The people are sick of this rehearsed and contrived testimony presented by the prosecutors as fact in an effort to frame the innocent.

Even with their favorable rulings from the Judges to hide evidence that their criminal informants (Rats) fail polygraph tests about their testimony, rape, torture, and kill people both before and after they enter into into their cooperation agreement. Even after this legal deceit the astute jurors detect their deception. The judges conceal heinous crimes in an effort not to prejudice the government's case in front of the juries. When in fact they're doing justice a disservice by covering up just how truly evil these rats are.

While the jury was returning a not guilty verdict to B.F. for the most serious crimes (two murders) and a RICO charge (which up until now have been unbeatable, another blow to the practice of Government injustice) that egotist, ignorant, blowhard "Sleazy Slavic" Curtis Sliwa was across the river in Federal Court trying to get time served for Joey D'Angelo (who admitted to murders and a host of other crimes including child rape, extortion, assault, and the attempted murder of "Sleazy Slavic" himself). All week long he's been bellowing into the microphone at 970AM The Answer about how he's going to demand that Joey "The Jerkoff" do 10 years in prison.

Then, on the day of sentencing, he caves to the pressure of the F.B.I and Rudy "Skullhead" Giuliani and tells the judge that time served is appropriate for Joey D'Angelo. Curtis: you punk, you dog, you blowjob. I hope that they let Joey "The Jerkoff" live by your home and not that of some unsuspecting family in the Midwest.

So Joey "The Jerkoff" did two years for two murders. Sure, the F.B.I gave Sleazy a cover story about one of D'Angelo's victims raping a girl as a motive for the murder: Another Government LIE! He killed the kid over a pot deal gone bad. Joey "The Jerkoff's" next victim (his best friend, that's right, he killed his best friend!) was killed for his own pleasure and power.

All of today's rats kill for pleasure because they know from cases like Sammy "The Bullshit" Gravano and Greg "The Grim Reaper" Scarpa, etc., that the government will give them a free pass for these killings once they join Team America. That's why rats are the most vicious killers of all. So Sleazy gets up and gives his seal of approval to this devil's covenant. How dare he? Does he think because he got shot in the ass that trumps the rights of the two murder victims? Their mothers? Their Fathers, and their children? Does a babbling cartoon character like yourself presume to speak in the best interest of all the victims' loved ones?

What a sorry state my beloved America is in when we allow politicians, the media, the courts, and law enforcement to hijack justice itself.

Stronger Today than Yesterday,

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Monday, July 2, 2012


It has been eight weeks since my trial and acquittal of six murders and most of the other charges in the indictment. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Liz (The Liar) Geddes and her crew of persecutors for their excellent job at my trial. I'm sure that this is a very exciting time in their lives as they prepare for their new careers as slip and fall lawyers. I am sure that their expertise at fabricating evidence will help them to excel in the civil arena.

I would specifically like to compliment the way that they would deliberately dress down as not to overshadow my limited selection of clothes (as per the guidelines of the M.D.C.). In particular, the way Christina Posa fixed her hair and applied her makeup to resemble Howard (The Fartman) Stern. Wait!... if Howard is the fartman does that that make Christina the fartgirl? Does that mean that I wrongfully accused Lizzy (The Liar)of permeating the air with her foul stench? Did I make a false accusation??? Shame on me.

I think that Lizzy (The Liar) will excuse my one indiscretion being she tried to kill me using contrived evidence provided by FBI Agent Scott (The Seducer) Curtis, and criminal informant Dino (Hemorrhoids) Calabro. After years of intense hypnotism they got Joe Compitelo to parrot Hemorrhoids' testimony, but the outstanding, American jury at my trial saw right through their lies and deceit. If not for the incomprehensible instructions and total vagueness of the Rico law, the jury would have sent me home that day (May 9th 2012). You see the jury at my trial, like most Americans, believes in truth, equality and justice... unlike the US Attorney's Office who cherishes stereotyping, cruelty, and absolute power for themselves.

Stronger today than yesterday,