Sunday, July 22, 2012

Inhumane Prosecution

In today's short post I will address the inappropriate request made to Judge Sandra Townes by another defeated member of the US Attorney's Office, Organized Crime Division, Eastern District of New York: AUSA Nicole Argentieri. This alleged mother had the imaginary balls to ask the Judge to have Francis Guerra's (B.F.) 2 year old son stop waving to his Daddy during trial. No Joke! I swear!

This representative of the most powerful justice system in the world, with an arsenal of prosecution-friendly laws at her fingertips, chose to put up a holler over a baby's waving? Did she not want B.F. to appear human? Are our children not to love us or we them? Does she think that all Italian-American men are like that of a movie figure; Michael Corleone with no emotion, and no heart? A monster? Or does she want to trick the juries into thinking we are monsters? Well AUSA Nicole (Mommy Dearest) Argentieri we not only wave, we wink and blow kisses too.

In closing, I would just like to say: Shame on you! Not only was your request beyond the scope of courtroom etiquette, it was beyond the scope of humanity. I'm glad that the jury saw right through your deception and beheld a loving, INNOCENT daddy in Francis Guerra.

Stronger today than yesterday,


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