Monday, November 28, 2011

Justice Denied

This post is about my unsanctioned solicitation of the judge for limited bail to attend my daughter's wedding and the denial that followed. This refusal, although expected by me, has brought a touch of gloom to this joyous occasion. The government cites examples of many prior cases in which bail was denied. None of which has anything to do with my case. They cite wedding scenes and ancient powers of which none exist today. They cite nicknames and folklore to insinuate that I am a threat to the safety of my community as well as a flight risk.

The government states that the recent release of evidence to me (that they have labelled 3500 material) will increase my motive to either run or exert unwarranted influence on witnesses and the public in general. Although AUSA Elizabeth Geddes is known for her deceitful statements, this lie is beyond even her code of conduct. If AUSA Geddes is so confident in her 3500 material then why are she and her pack fighting the judge like she-wolves trying to have large segments of this evidence hidden from the jury??? AUSA Geddes knows that the 3500 evidence exonerates, not implicates me. This trilogy of different fables autonomously proves without a shadow of a doubt that I am an innocent man. Do AUSA Geddes and the rest of her co-conspirators believe that just because they cant be charged with a crime that they aren't committing one???

My next thought is that it is laughable to see the way corrupt FBI Agent Scott Curtis scurries from rat to rat trying to coordinate any fictitious statements. He is trying so hard to prove something that simply does not exist. I have been led to believe that FBI Agent Curtis attended West Point military academy, but his unethical tactics and dishonorable behavior lead me to believe that he has quite possibly studied under the former K.G.B. as well. Hell, this sadistic, little bastard probably subscribes to the teaching of the SS and every secret police agency in the world. He and his Colombo crew are so dirty and dishonest that West Point would never have anything to do with the likes of these criminals. They have taken a law (RICO) inspired by an eighty year old movie "Rico Mondello," and affixed it to the wedding scene from a forty year old movie "The Godfather" for the single purpose of denying me bail so that I could neither attend my daughter's wedding nor bury my father... and most importantly to them, I cannot properly prepare my defense. The judge believed their arguments without even a chance of rebuttal from me. As I prepare for trial in these deplorable conditions, I am keenly aware of the unjust forces aligned against me. I hope that this honorable judge allows truth and justice into the courtroom; not lies and prejudicial rulings to decide my fate.

Stronger today than yesterday,