Tuesday, May 31, 2011


I would just like to touch on how not granting bail is not to keep the community safe or to keep defendants from taking flight. Judges in federal cases do not grant bail because it makes it impossible to mount a proper defense while you are incarcerated. Here are just a few examples and then I will go into my own personal experiences.

When you are in prison awaiting trial all of your communication is monitored and recorded in some fashion. Your contact with your attorney is limited at best. Your phone calls to and conversation with your attorney are also monitored. Even though they are not allowed to use these conversations in court they scour them for trial strategies, witness names, and any other info that will give them the edge. The prosecutors are so dirty that they gain the name of an alibi witness in a mob trial by eaves dropping on a defendant (who could not get bail) and his lawyer. Upon hearing of what a good witness he would make for the defense they charge him too. The alleged mobster got convicted of a crime that he was innocent of. The witness was acquitted but they kept him from testifying which was their purpose, and the rat went home to deal drugs and continue his life of crime. But I digress. Let me get back to the disadvantages of no bail. They take away your whole family support system. You get to see your loved ones one hour a week, and not all of them just four. If you have more than four loved ones you are out of luck. You get 300 minutes of phone time a month to speak with everyone you know, your lawyer included. All calls are monitored and recorded they say for prison security, but then why do they share the recordings with the prosecutor? The prosecutor knows when you're fighting with your wife, when you're late with you mortgage, or when you want to get a 5 year plea. They know everything and they use it all to get a conviction. That's why there's no bail. With all that technology has to offer: ankle bracelets, cameras, and motion detectors, the government can grant anyone bail and be confident in their whereabouts and the safety of all. So being a danger and a flight risk is just more government propaganda designed to be used in conjunction with their other weapons: RICO, uncharged crimes, acquitted conduct, and overall conspiracies that insure their victories, not justice, just win, win, win! They don't care at what cost it is to the lives of their own citizens. They don't care about the destruction done to the very core of the once greatest justice system of the world. Today our courts are closer to that of Iran, China, and North Korea than that of England, France and Canada. Our civil rights and liberties are trampled on for the government's quest of unconditional victory and obedience.

"There is no client as scary as an innocent man."
(J. Michael Heller, Criminal Defense Attorney. LA 1962)

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Friday, May 27, 2011

We Need to Wake Up

Today's post is about the death penalty phase of Vincent Basciano:

Thanks to the independent coverage of Mr. Frank Morano, we do not have to rely on the government's bullshit spouted by John "the Dolt" Marzulli and the like. It seems that in Wednesday's testimony it was revealed that it was Joe "the Sausage" Massino who wanted to kill prosecutor Greg Andres (and NOT Vinny Basciano). Did the government also learn these facts at Wednesday's hearing? Did they learn it late Tuesday night? Or did they know it since the last decade when they made the tape??? After all, it was their tape. So all this time when the public, judges, and everyone else not connected to the justice department was questioning the spending of many more millions on killing a man who was already serving life in prison (without parole) we were told, "Shut up! He's very dangerous. He wants to kill a judge and a prosecutor!" We find out now that it's not true at all. The government's rat wanted to kill the prosecutor and no one wanted to kill a judge. That's right, their latest superstar on Team America gave the order to kill AUSA Greg Andres. The last slap in the face of the taxpayer is that the government knew this since 2003. It's their tape commissioned by the FBI.

Let me just go over this one more time so that my feeble brain can absorb it. My government, who is broke, spends multiple millions of dollars to try and execute a man who is already serving life without parole because they say he was plotting to kill a prosecutor. Then we find out, after a trial, that he was not the one trying to kill the prosecutor. It was their confidential informant who was planning to kill the prosecutor for telling his wife that he had a girlfriend. The prosecutor and the FBI knew this all the time. It's their evidence; they made the tape! So who's decision was it to prosecute Vinny Basicano again? I'm afraid to ask this question because my life is in their hands, but I must: Who watches the prosecutors? Are we, American citizens, that big of idiots or does our government just perceive us as such? In either case they just keep feeding us lies and we keep accepting them. It just happens to be the right time for the Eastern District to kill a white man: politically correct homicide. Hmmmm. I pray for you my America.

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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Full of Sleaze

A quick post about Sleezy Curtis Sliwa:
You got caught lying again! It was a little hard for me to understand your apology to Mr James Cann because you were eating so much shit that it must have been hard for you to talk. I did understand that you admitted lying again. Your whole show is just a bunch of lies. If you can't give the respect to your audience to tell them true and accurate accounts of the events you choose to comment on then just shut up! If you wanted to lie for a living then you should have gone to work for the US Attorneys office as a prosecutor. You owe yourself and your audience the dignity of the truth at all times and in every story you comment on.

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Osama Bin Laden

Today's post is about Osama Bin Laden.
As the whole world knows he was killed by an American Navy Seal Team in the heart of Pakistan about two hours outside the capital. He was shot in the head and his body was buried at sea as in keeping with the Muslim faith of burial within 24 hours. Why would our government kill this wealth of information before he could be debriefed? Why would they destroy the corpse before it was viewed by some international group to lend credibility to our claim that he is in fact dead? Why would they somehow not let American citizens verify his death except for the word of our government that lies to us continually? As a brilliant young female poet once said: "It is hard to rejoice when men take the lives of other men". But he was truly evil and being that we decided to kill and not capture him for the wealth of information that he had, then we should have impaled his body on the peak of the new Freedom Tower as a warning to people like him. Not the press, not any government or intelligence agency should pat themselves on the back over his death. After 10 years and 1 trillion dollars no one gets congratulations except those heroes, the brave Navy Seals who went in and finally got the job done. So while you ponder those thoughts I'll give you two quick scenarios. 1) At the US's expense he's had 4 inches of shinbone from each leg removed and is living with his family in Saudi Arabia. He is of normal height and attracts no attention to himself. This accommodation was made to appease the Saudi Royal Family who put pressure on big oil and the Bush family to have this favour granted. From all reports Osama Bin Laden is very, very happy and the Bush family and big oil are making obscene profits from their share of black gold. 2) Osama Bin Laden is living in Hoboken, New Jersey after the FBI Organized Crime Unit discovered that he had intimate knowledge of an Italian American sports betting ring. They gave him complete immunity from his crimes, a large bank roll and a new identity for his future testimony against the betting ring. Reports state that he is somehow 4 inches shorter and attracts no attention to himself. Osama Bin Laden is very, very happy. So for the last time I say where is Bin Laden? Or is it more appropriate to say where is Bin Laden's body? We can never be sure of the answer to either question.

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Unring the Bell...

Last week I called home and found out that I was on the cover of the New York Daily News. It displayed the headline "I'm Going To Hell". What a disgrace! My saintly, elderly mother who just buried my father, my poor wife, my precious children, my priest, the rest of my family, friends and the people I just know. All of these prospective jurors would think that I am an animal, not worthy of my next meal. I know that this is an outright lie. AUSA Geddes knows that this is an outright lie, as does FBI Agent Scott Curtis and Robert Schellhorn. It's their own evidence that proves my innocence. There are FBI documents made by the FBI as they interviewed Shitty Sally Miciotta in the early nineties who admitted he was one of the shooters. He named many names of who were there and none were mine because again I am innocent. AUSA Geddes and FBI Agent Scott Curtis don't care now that my innocence is out because they won't be allowed to use these allegations at trial as a charged crime. Their damage to me is already done. They made national headlines. They tainted the jury. That was their plan from the beginning. That's why they never charged me with that crime. Their diabolical scheme is accomplished. Geddes, her staff, Curtis, his squad and Dino Hemorrhoids Calabro should be charged with their conspiracy to take a life. They're trying to take my life with all of their lies. Now that I am so gravely tarnished by the lies that my accusers know are untrue that it's going to be impossible to get a fair trial. How, I ask you, your Honor, do you unring that bell? There is an article from 1999 written by William Bastone. It cites the FBI evidence that exonerates me. I wish that I had a press agent like the government instead of just a blog, but I will fight with any tools that I have. I am fighting for my life. I am fighting the biggest bully in the world. I am fighting my own beloved America. Help me to win her back from the evil minions that control her. So vote, serve on a jury and most of all think, the constitution is made for all.

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Monday, May 16, 2011

The Truth

Just some thought I'd like to share:
I would have written this blog 3 weeks ago but at the request of my attorney the judge put a temporary gag order on my uncharged crimes. At John Marzulli's request it was lifted so now I speak my thoughts. Sally Miciotta is a huge slob of a man who's nickname is "Shitty" because the aroma of shit sticks to his body like a cheap cologne. He's a fat, heartless bully of a man who hates me with a vengeance, a fact that I was unaware of until I started reading his FBI statements. In one burst of anger he demands that his underlings bring him the head of Tommy Gioeli. His hate for me is so rabid that he puts me at crime scenes when I was never there. At one such allegation I was completely exonerated when a new government informant came forward who actually admitted to the crime that Shitty Sally said I did. So I find it very ironic that Shitty, who pleaded guilty to killing Joe Parano and a nun in the early nineties did not say that I was there or that I participated in that crime in any way. His hate for me is so great he definitely would have put me there if he could have. So here comes Dino "Hemorrhoids" Calabro 30 odd years later saying that I told him I was going to hell because I killed that nun. What bull shit! Now let me tell you why the government wants to bring it up at trial but not charge me. One afternoon I was at a strategy session with my legal team. We came across some information that the government was going to portray Hemorrhoids as a choir boy until he turned violent and was corrupted by me. I was never involved in violent crime and I was never charged with any murders before I met Calabro. So their theory that I brought my violent ways to him are ludicrous. My homicide free rap sheet will tell the truth. When the prosecutors eaves dropped on our strategies they had to come up with a pre-Dino murder that they could hang on me. When they asked Hemorrhoids if he knew of any old murders that I was responsible for he had to say no because he knows I'm responsible for no old or new murders. Then he must have remembered that Shitty Sally Miciotta had tried to put me at a murder scene that was pre-Dino. They thought that might work. They went through Shitty's old crimes and found a perfect crime to destroy me with. Shitty Sally Miciotta killed a nun. From the FBI's point of view it was the best possible crime to use against me, to ruin me, make even all the people desert me, and my blog which brings their dirty deeds to light, fracture my religious support and destroy me in the eyes of my community. I can hear the cheering in the FBI's headquarters in Manhattan all the way from MDC Brooklyn. Then a problem arose for them. How could they explain that Shitty, the one who actually pleaded guilty to killing Joe Parano and the former nun, never said that Tommy Gioeli was there? He tried to put me in the middle of a different crime scene. In the obsession to vilify me with the heinous crime of killing a woman, a former nun; they picked the wrong crime. They got a Hollywood screenwriter to come up with that line "I'm going to hell for this", and they proceeded. They used one of their dirty new laws: 404(b). This law allows them to lie to the jury by not having to prove the accusations. They're free to slander me in the press and otherwise destroy my honorable reputation. It's a law that they must have adopted from their nazi friends. I will say this in closing: I take my Catholic faith very seriously and am deeply troubled by this accusation. I am far from the best Catholic but I have never killed a nun or anyone else. I deeply resent the deplorable lies that my government openly spreads about me. So I demand that AUSA Elizabeth Geddies or FBI Agent Scott Curtis charge me with the crime of killing a former nun so I have the opportunity to show the government's persecution of me and prove my innocence at trial. I will not stop blogging the truth. I don't care how many fake headlines you make up. I am only responsible for what I do, not for what people say I did. Shitty Sally Miciotta is responsible for many horrible murders. He was even involved with the killing of a child and the brutal beating of a camp counselor. He joined Team America and is at home with his wife and children after only 5 years in jail. Dino Hemorrhoids Calabro has killed many people. He is a horrible man. Even though he has yet to take the stand he is home with his wife and children in less than 3 years since his arrest. I have the pictures from facebook to prove it.

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Someone's Lying...

It seems to me like someone is recycling a murder to tarnish someone's image... Here is a 1999 news article on the tragic death of Veronica Zuraw which describes a confession of the accidental murder by a criminal informant...

How Salvatore Miciotta got away with murder
By William Bastone Tuesday, Feb 9 1999

Sometime this year, Salvatore Miciotta will walk out of a federal prison somewhere in America. The Mafia turncoat will carry with him a new identity and a clean slate, though given his history, odds are that will eventually be sullied. Miciotta's cooperation with the government was your standard wiseguy stuff: make some surreptitious recordings, snitch out murders and various racketeering activity, admit your involvement in some of this bloodshed, etc. For his lifetime of crime, Miciotta will end up serving about six years in the can. And while free rides like his have become standard currency in the world of cooperating witnesses, the Miciotta arrangement remains particularly galling since he— and a variety of other hoodlums— have walked away unscathed from one of the New York underworld's more depraved acts, the accidental January 1982 shotgun murder of a former nun.
While Miciotta, a former Colombo family captain, provided FBI agents with a detailed account of that killing— he was one of the shooters— federal investigators have chosen to prosecute Colombo gangsters for their roles in more recent mayhem, specifically the family's bloody internal war of a few years ago. That battle, between forces loyal to imprisoned family boss Carmine Persico and acting boss Victor Orena, resulted in more than a dozen casualties, many on the streets of Brooklyn. In FBI debriefings, Miciotta provided a behind-the-scenes account of a Mafia hit that went wrong, resulting in the death of Veronica Zuraw, a 53-year-old Brooklyn woman who was struck down in her Gravesend home one night as she stored the laundry. At the time of her death, Zuraw served as a social worker with the Italian Board of Guardians. Before marrying her husband, Louis, in 1974, Zuraw, then known as Sr. Mary Adelaide, worked for the Brooklyn Catholic Diocese, for which she ran a Bensonhurst storefront that provided assistance to recent Italian immigrants.
According to newspaper accounts, Zuraw was hit in the head by stray buckshot intended for a pair of Colombo crime family figures, Joseph Peraino Sr. and his son, Joseph Jr. The Perainos were running from at least two gunmen when they ran up the stairs to the modest two-family home at 431 Lake Street. The Perainos did not know the home's inhabitants, police said, they were just desperately seeking shelter from the pursuing hit team. The father and son were heading for the home's concrete patio when they were both cut down by a series of shotgun blasts. The younger Peraino was killed, while his father was slightly injured. But one wayward blast found an unintended victim. Veronica and Louis Zuraw had purchased the Lake Street property only 10 weeks before the shooting and had recently moved into the second-floor space. They had previously lived in a Bensonhurst apartment, and this was their first house. On the night of the shooting, Louis Zuraw was watching TV. He would later recall hearing what sounded like fireworks exploding in the street. Veronica was nearby folding laundry and placing it in a closet when, at about 8 p.m., she was struck in the head by a fusillade of shotgun pellets. One of the gunman's shots missed the Perainos and ripped through the front door at 431 Lake Street, eventually striking Veronica Zuraw. She died on the spot. There was little doubt that the attempt on the Perainos was a mob hit, though police were unsure of the motive. The Timesreported that detectives believed the attack was the result of a war between rival Mafia factions or, perhaps, an attempted "weeding out" of dissidents within the Colombo gang. Actually, the motive was more unseemly. Miciotta told the FBI that the Perainos were targeted as a result of a Mafia fight over the profits from Deep Throat, the notorious porno movie. The film had been financed and distributed by Peraino family members and, Miciotta recalled, there was a dispute among the Perainos over the movie's proceeds. According to Miciotta, Joseph Peraino Sr.'s brother, Anthony Peraino, complained to the Colombo brass that his own family was robbing him. According to an FBI debriefing report, Miciotta stated that Carmine Persico approved the hit on the Perainos and that participants in the murder plot included such Colombo stalwarts as John Minerva, Vincent "Jimmy" Angellino, Frank Sparaco, and others. The murder details were ironed out at Joseph "Joe T" Tomasello's Avenue U social club, where a pair of sawed-off shotguns had been delivered for use by Miciotta and Angellino. The Colombo plan called for the Perainos to be driven to the Gravesend neighborhood, where they would be set upon by Miciotta and Angellino, who had been taken to the spot by wheelman Minerva.
While the Perainos were to be murdered in front of a house on Village Road, which is around the corner from Lake Street, it appears that the father and son may have spotted their assailants and bolted, only to be trapped nearby. Miciotta's shooting synopsis, contained in an FBI report, is brief and to the point: "Miciotta shot and killed Peraino Jr., who was standing to the right of his father, while Angellino shot and wounded Peraino Sr." The report then notes, "An innocent female bystander living in the house was also killed when she was hit with buckshot from Angellino's shotgun." At the time he provided the FBI with this account of the Peraino shooting, Miciotta knew that fellow shooter Angellino had already been whacked in a prior Colombo dispute. And Minerva, his getaway driver, was murdered in 1992 during the Colombo war. So, while Miciotta did cop to Peraino Jr.'s murder, he made sure not to take credit for Zuraw's killing. It's one thing to clip a greedy pornographer, but it is apparently bad Mafia form to murder an innocent bystander in her home. Even for the crime family that Jimmy Breslin had previously dubbed "The Gang That Couldn't Shoot Straight," this was a new low. In the days after his wife's murder, Louis Zuraw, an accountant, urged the public to call police with any information they had about the Lake Street shooting. But as is custom with mob rubouts, the phone didn't ring off the hook. Though cops quickly located the abandoned getaway car— which contained two shotguns— it wasn't long before the Peraino-Zuraw homicide joined the cold case list. At this point, it is probably too late to win justice for Veronica Zuraw. Of the participants named by Miciotta, two have subsequently been murdered. Persico is serving a 100-year racketeering sentence. And many of the other coconspirators are already doing serious time for other killings and assorted felonies. Sparaco, for instance, won't leave a federal lockup until 2014. The sad truth is that, with the torrent of mob turncoats, most of the crimes they tell the government about are never prosecuted and, as a result, murders sometimes fall through the cracks. Even if prosecutors had decided to pursue his wife's killers, Louis Zuraw wouldn't have been around to see that measure of justice. He died in 1986after a four-month hospitalization at the VA Medical Center in Bay Ridge. He was 65 years old and suffered from alcoholism, according to Surrogate's Court papers. The depth of his grief over his wife's senseless murder was said to be incalculable.>

Now compare this to the recent NY Daily News article on the same murder...

BY John Marzulli and Larry Mcshane
Thursday, May 12th 2011, 11:46 AM

It's mob retribution on a higher plane: whacking a nun means eternal damnation - or so believed the mobster responsible. "I'm going to hell!" accused Colombo crime boss Thomas (Tommy Shots) Gioeli allegedly confessed to a fellow gangster about the accidental murder of former nun Veronica Zuraw during a Mafia execution.
The Italian-Catholic gangster participated in the slaying with sidekick Joseph (Junior Lollipops) Carna on Jan. 4, 1982, in Gravesend, according to court documents unsealed Thursday. The innocent victim - who was known as Sister Mary Adelaide before leaving the Pallottine order and marrying her accountant husband, Louis Zuraw - was struck by fragments of a shotgun blast that penetrated her home's front door and walls. Gioeli's intended targets - porn king Joseph Peraino and his son Joseph Jr. - were fleeing their executioners and ended up at the Zuraws' Lake St. doorstep. "Somebody was banging on their door and she was walking to see who was banging on the door," Linda Costanza, an acquaintance of the Zuraws, later recalled in a deposition reviewed by The Daily News. "These people that were being shot at ran up on their stoop and started to bang on the door. She was walking toward the door saying, 'What is going on, who is that banging, who is it?'"
Peraino Jr. was killed, and his father left paralyzed in the double mob hit that may have been sparked by a dispute with the Colombos over cutting up profits from the porn classic "Deep Throat," a mob informant previously told the feds.
The elder Peraino had just survived another murder try two months earlier, and refused to cooperate with cops after both shootings. Gioeli, 58, the former acting boss of the Colombo crime family, is charged with a half-dozen murders - including the 1997 slaying of off-duty NYPD cop Ralph Dols in Brooklyn and the 1999 rubout of Columbo capo William (Wild Bill) Cutolo. He is not charged with Zuraw's murder, but prosecutors hope to introduce a slew of uncharged crimes at his trial. At the time of her death, Zuraw was still doing good works as a social worker at St. Finbar's Church and for the Italian Board of Guardians in Brooklyn. Gioeli spilled his guts about the former nun's killing to captain-turned-cooperator Dino (Big Dino) Calabro, sources said. Defense attorney Adam Perlmutter dismissed the allegations.
"If one of the government's cooperators said Gioeli killed 'Cock Robin' from the children's fairy tale, the government would believe that, too," he said. "The government believes anything its rats tell them." Gioeli's mouthpiece tried to keep the nun-killing allegations sealed, but Judge Brian Cogan rejected the request in response to a motion by the Daily News and the website Gangland News.
Prosecutors say Gioeli, of Farmingdale, L.I., was unrepentant about wreaking crime in his own neighborhood, accusing him of burying slay victims in a mob graveyard near his home and plotting to rob Adventureland Amusement Park, a meat market, a Chinese restaurant and an armored car depot in the area.>

HMMMMMMMMMM... I hope that whoever really did murder Veronica Zuraw is brought to justice and that her family can find some peace. FBI/Government are you really that brazen that you openly continue to lie to the public??? John Marzulli are you really that lazy that you cannot investigate a story before you publish it? Really...

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Friday, May 13, 2011

More thoughts...

In today’s post I write to try and explain my feelings:

You see some people whose opinions I respect immensely have told me that my past few blogs have been too angry. Of course they are right so I've explained to them and I will now explain to you why I am angry. First, when my father passed and I was not allowed to participate in his farewell mass or comfort my mother, brothers, and children. I was very disappointed and hurt. But the rules are meant to be obeyed and that was that. I mourned by myself. Then I came to learn that 2 and 3 day furloughs (temporary releases from prison) are a common occurrence when someone loses an immediate family member. Even a few hours pass or emergency bail is not out of the question for a son, brother, husband to pay their final respects. So I get a little angry that I was not afforded any of these considerations.
Then I find out that Dino "Hemorrhoids" Calabro was at home visiting with his family, after admitting to the very same crimes that I am charged with, but innocent of. I was raised to believe, and still do believe, that it is a very commendable action to take full responsibility for one’s own behavior… when you make a mistake in life, or commit a crime, or just show bad judgment in anything. You should go forward and say, “Mom, Dad, I did it...”/“Teacher, It's my fault....”/ “Neighbor, I hit your car...” or, “Your Honor, I did the crime”… no matter how grave. When you admit your action it should be applauded and rewarded. It's the right thing, the American way. But when you take your crimes and put them on an innocent man, when you take your dirty deeds and make someone else own it because he's the primary target of the FBI and you go free; that is evil, pure and simple. Evil on the part of the rat, evil on the part of the FBI, and evil on the part of the US Attorney's office. So, as I sit here in my cell for 3 years, not having been convicted of anything, still mourning my father, and I think of the injustices of the American justice system, I get angry. When I think of the way that my government singles out Italian Americans to prosecute, I get angrier. When I think about the way the government singles me out to persecute, I get very angry. And when I think about the real killers back on the street, I get very, very angry. Then I write and my anger melts away.
Stronger Today than Yesterday,
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Thursday, May 5, 2011

No "Real" Evidence...just He Said/She Said

Today’s post will discuss the way the government wants to fight the case against me using testimonies of criminal witnesses. They are going to attack me with slander and innuendo; no facts, no real evidence. AUSA Elizabeth Geddes continues her unprofessional, unscrupulous behavior.

At our last court appearance she jumped into the well from the viewing area; unannounced in the middle of the proceedings. It's not like she showed up late (which sometimes is unavoidable). She was sitting in the viewing area as a spectator, and AUSA Gatta was in midsentence when she rushed the well blurting answers. It was very improper and very rude to AUSA Gatta and the court in general.

She acts like the mean girl in the schoolyard calling the pretty girl a tramp. She offers no boys’ names, no times or places where the pretty girl did these alleged dirty deeds, just the accusations of her and her friends. She uses this kind of gossip to attack me. The government will try to prove their case against me primarily through the testimony of criminal witnesses; AUSA Geddes’ new friends. The same friends that are free after killing countless people, the same friends who have all their bills paid with taxpayer money, the same friends that continue to commit crimes with impunity. Yes, they are Ms. Geddes’ friends. They are the FBI Agent Scott Curtis' friends. They are the government's friends. They are Team America!

They have no evidence because I am an innocent man; and the rats know it, and the FBI knows it, and the US Attorney’s office knows it. So all of you rats, FBI Agents, and prosecutors, go watch a Godfather marathon, have a Goodfella matinee, go to sleep with The Sopranos, and then go and lock up a few hundred Italian Americans for the crime of knowing each other.

Stronger Today Than Yesterday,

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What fair trial?

Recently, I received a written denial from my judge on my motion to suppress tainted evidence. This denial means that pictures and phone books that were stolen from my house (by Andrea Calabro) will be entered into evidence at my trial. Even though FBI Agent Scott Curtis admitted in his affidavit for a search warrant that the phone book and some of the photos were taken without permission (stolen)... even though the government deceived us by using the death penalty to play on our sympathies and our fears (I was facing the death penalty also) in our innocence, we felt that one life in the indictment saved equals all lives saved. So by giving Dino Calabro a few pictures of him, his wife, and his children, we were potentially helping to save his life and my life. Instead, Calabro robbed pieces of my life, my wife’s life, and the lives of my children. I should have turned my back on that psychopath then. Even though the government is supposed to have no contact with the defendant’s camp unless there is a new crime (there was none here)… even though the government admitted that FBI Agent Scott Curtis did not follow FBI rules when he made Andrea Calabro a confidential source… even after all these "even thoughs" the judge denied our motion to suppress. The judge states that FBI Agent Curtis believes the photos were borrowed. So then why would Andrea tell him she made a mistake when she took them? Why did they leak the story of her courageous act of theft to the papers? She knew she stole them and he knew she stole them. The judge cites that Calabro was afraid of people in the neighborhood saying she was a rat. Agent Curtis testified to this, but like the magistrate, the judge was deceived because the person who was giving a hard time to the Calabros for being “rats” was Tommy McLaughlin who himself is a rat handled by Agent Curtis. Agent Curtis controlled both sides of the situation and then deceived the judge about it. Agent Curtis will stop at no amount of deception and treachery to achieve his frame-ups. The judge says that Agent Curtis' testimony is credible. Anyone who was at the hearing knows better. I think the fix is in, the fix against justice, the fix against liberty, the fix against me.

Stronger Today Than Yesterday,
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