Thursday, May 5, 2011

What fair trial?

Recently, I received a written denial from my judge on my motion to suppress tainted evidence. This denial means that pictures and phone books that were stolen from my house (by Andrea Calabro) will be entered into evidence at my trial. Even though FBI Agent Scott Curtis admitted in his affidavit for a search warrant that the phone book and some of the photos were taken without permission (stolen)... even though the government deceived us by using the death penalty to play on our sympathies and our fears (I was facing the death penalty also) in our innocence, we felt that one life in the indictment saved equals all lives saved. So by giving Dino Calabro a few pictures of him, his wife, and his children, we were potentially helping to save his life and my life. Instead, Calabro robbed pieces of my life, my wife’s life, and the lives of my children. I should have turned my back on that psychopath then. Even though the government is supposed to have no contact with the defendant’s camp unless there is a new crime (there was none here)… even though the government admitted that FBI Agent Scott Curtis did not follow FBI rules when he made Andrea Calabro a confidential source… even after all these "even thoughs" the judge denied our motion to suppress. The judge states that FBI Agent Curtis believes the photos were borrowed. So then why would Andrea tell him she made a mistake when she took them? Why did they leak the story of her courageous act of theft to the papers? She knew she stole them and he knew she stole them. The judge cites that Calabro was afraid of people in the neighborhood saying she was a rat. Agent Curtis testified to this, but like the magistrate, the judge was deceived because the person who was giving a hard time to the Calabros for being “rats” was Tommy McLaughlin who himself is a rat handled by Agent Curtis. Agent Curtis controlled both sides of the situation and then deceived the judge about it. Agent Curtis will stop at no amount of deception and treachery to achieve his frame-ups. The judge says that Agent Curtis' testimony is credible. Anyone who was at the hearing knows better. I think the fix is in, the fix against justice, the fix against liberty, the fix against me.

Stronger Today Than Yesterday,
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mickiemo98 said...

Hey, glad we all know where Bin Laden is now....... I guess he swims with the fishes...... I like your new ending remark. Hey Tommy, I don't give up hope. Stay strong in your faith & love of your family. Hopefully you will have a fair trial. My thoughts are with you. Funny though how your so-called friends treat you. We will all have to answer to our maker some day & so will they.