Wednesday, January 26, 2011

U.S. Attorney Eric Holder...

Eric Holder, your people are waiting for you. Americans have been waiting since the near extinction of the American Indians, to the era of slavery, onto the great immigration and the forced imprisonment of Japanese Americans, your people are waiting for you. Ahead to the Jim Crow Laws, segregation, bombings, assassinations, your people have waited for YOU. Finally to the laws aimed at particular races and ethnic groups; RICO (for Italians), Crack Laws (for African Americans), Immigration Laws (for Mexicans), and finally the torturing of Muslims. Your people still waited for YOU. That's right, your people, not just African Americans, but all Americans that deserve the right to justice. You gave your word to stop torture and to cleanse the justice department of its stink, corruption, and racism. You said you would make the Crack Laws fair and equal in every way to the laws for did not!! Your people still wait for you, not for special treatment, but for the share of justice FOR ALL. When you took office and failed to honor justice you became a symbol of oppression. Your people are tired of waiting for you.

Stronger than Yesterday,


Tuesday, January 18, 2011


I write this post with a heavy heart. It is heartbreaking and disturbing to see my government kick an old man while he is down. To go after an old man for crimes he may or may not have committed in the past, in practically a different lifetime, is ludicrous. The man that I speak of is John (Sonny) Franzese. This is man that has spent a good part of the last 30 years in federal prison with little to no medical care. He has deteriorated into a ghost of the man he once was. You see, Sonny previously received a 50 year sentence for conspiracy to rob a bank. This charge was a frame job by our government. Most, if not all of the key players in this miscarriage of justice admit that this was all a big set-up designed by the prosecutors to convict Mr Franzese. Although they tried hard to, they could not kill him. He kept completing his sentences, coming home, and they kept sending him back to prison on bullshit parole violations.

Finally, the government came up with a new plan against this 93 year old man.

The first part of the attack relied on a homicidal maniac named Guy Fatado. This STAR government witness is best known for beating women, torturing, robbing, and killing drug dealers. He has actually been known to put an electric prod in his victims' rectums and shocks them until they tell him where the money and drugs are. Guy admitted that he enjoys inflicting torture more than sex. He is a career criminal who assaults, robs, and kills until he gets caught. He then works with the government to avoid jail time by placing his crimes on the FBI's targets. No less than 2 federal judges have recommended that he be charged with perjury. He has not been charged because he lies in court at the government's request.

The second part of this attack was meant to be the final nail in this old man's coffin. The second "witness" is John Franzese, the old man's son. This drug addict is so low that he made a living by robbing cookie money from girl scouts. He is a heroin addict, a prostitute, and a murderer. Although he is in the final stages of the AIDS virus, he continues to have unprotected sex with unknowing partners. He is the shit of the earth and our government's other STAR WITNESS. The FBI paid this demon over $500,000.00 of taxpayers money to testify against his ailing, geriatric father. What a reward for his evil deeds. The FBI stated in court that the funds were to be used for his wife's illness, but in reality he left his wife and child sleeping in a car with nothing but the clothes on their backs. He spent the money on drugs and prostitutes. Today, he is flat broke and probably robbing girl scouts. America, these are your tax dollars at work. Fighting the war on drugs!

The government is still not happy giving a 93 year old man an 8 year prison sentence for "shaking down" strip joints and a pizzeria (He's 93, in a wheel-chair, cannot hear, and couldn't stay awake throughout this entire trial). Assistant United States Attorney Cristina Posa stated that although she preferred life, she wanted 12 years because Sonny never held an honest job in his life. Well, if that's the criteria for a life sentence then she should start with Congress and work her way up to Paris Hilton, Charlie Sheen, and Neil Bush.

The reason for this woman with no moral fiber to take joy in putting this old man to death is purely selfish. This is part of her plan to become another one of those prostiticians (prosecutor turned politician). She says that it is disturbing that Sonny is referred to as a "legend." She lies and loves it because it makes her the legend slayer with a perfect conviction rate. It takes her un-renowned career and makes it meaningful. Like that of New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, and his bullshit conviction rate. This 93 year old man has become a victim of this inferior prosecutor and the FBI.

The saddest thing about this story is not that an old man is going to die in prison. The saddest thing is that there is truly no justice in this once great America. There is only the absolute power of the government.

I read a recent quote from FBI Agent Vincent D'Agostino, and he has some balls commenting on anything except his own unethical and illegal behavior. He is on a government recording telling Guy Fatado to put the recording device in the trunk so that their conversation is not recorded (WHY NOT????) He offers no objection when on the same tape Guy tells him that he is going to beat someone out of furniture that his wife is going to pick out and the he is not going to pay for it. He stands by and lets an assault take place so that he can charge alleged mob guys with the assault instead of just charging them with gambling. His finest moment came when he lied on the stand. HE IS A DISGRACE!!!!