Wednesday, January 26, 2011

U.S. Attorney Eric Holder...

Eric Holder, your people are waiting for you. Americans have been waiting since the near extinction of the American Indians, to the era of slavery, onto the great immigration and the forced imprisonment of Japanese Americans, your people are waiting for you. Ahead to the Jim Crow Laws, segregation, bombings, assassinations, your people have waited for YOU. Finally to the laws aimed at particular races and ethnic groups; RICO (for Italians), Crack Laws (for African Americans), Immigration Laws (for Mexicans), and finally the torturing of Muslims. Your people still waited for YOU. That's right, your people, not just African Americans, but all Americans that deserve the right to justice. You gave your word to stop torture and to cleanse the justice department of its stink, corruption, and racism. You said you would make the Crack Laws fair and equal in every way to the laws for did not!! Your people still wait for you, not for special treatment, but for the share of justice FOR ALL. When you took office and failed to honor justice you became a symbol of oppression. Your people are tired of waiting for you.

Stronger than Yesterday,


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