Monday, February 7, 2011

The "Mob" Bust of all Mob Busts...

This post is about the the recent arrest of 127 alleged mob members. This bust was hailed by the government as one of the biggest mob busts in US history. In reality it was our government's second biggest publicity stunt! The first was the time that President George W. Bush landed on the aircraft carrier in a fighter jet to display a mission accomplished banner and to announce our military victory in Iraq.

This mass arrest was a pathetic stunt. For Attorney General Eric Holder to fly up to New York and lend his presence to this charade is astounding. Instead of reigning in an out of control agency (the F.B.I.) he endorses their shenanigans. Why? It's unknown to all but himself and a few in the justice department. If anyone takes the time to review the indictment (which can
be found at instead of reading the papers they would see that the charges are mostly bullshit. The gambling charges and "conspiracy to conspire" are fictitious at best. No other ethnic groups get charged with these charges under the guise of RICO. State misdemeanors become federal conspiracies and Italians receive 20 year sentences. The extortions are about hospital bills that lawyers litigate everyday. And the two lone murder charges in the whole sixteen different indictments and hundreds of charges are so old that it's almost impossible to mount a defense. This whole process was a disgrace designed to increase a budget, launch a political career, or take some bad government news out of the headlines. At a cost of what? Over one thousand FBI agents, uncountable court workers and thousands of investigative hours. Probably multiple millions of tax-payer dollars. All this expense and fan-fare will result in numerous plea deals of under 5 years in prison and a trove of funny nicknames for the next HBO series. Great entertainment for everyone except the Italian Americans who can't break the hold of this stereotype and are paying with their lives.

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