Thursday, January 8, 2015

Happy 2015

This is just a short list of some acknowledgements for the year just past.

1. I praise God for his continuous blessings that he bestows upon me and my loved ones.

2. I thank my family for their unyielding love and support in the darkest of times. They are continually amazing and are forever loved.

3. I thank Adam (the Lion) Perlmutter and Dan (Dr. Watson) McGuinness for the brilliant appeal which they have prepared and duly filed on my behalf. They are my dream team.

4. I thank Frank Morano whose passionate quest for justice determined he become my staunchest advocate. I applaud his inexhaustible stamina, commitment to the truth and love for all that is just.

5. To the rest of my relatives, friends and supporters: your positive force has given me the strength to overcome many obstacles. I love and respect you all.

Now for the forces of evil whom we do battle with:

1. May FBI Agent Scott (the Seducer) Curtis and Andrea (Hedda Nussbaum) Calabro, live blissfully ever after in their haze of booze, drugs and their own special brand of insanity.

2. Now, AUSA Elizabeth (Lizzie the Liar) Geddes received an impressive promotion and subsequent pay raise after losing the most prominent case in New York's Eastern District's history. A reward for such a fiasco can only be explained as a direct result of her major involvement in the government frame-up of yours truly.

3. The good faith and honesty of a judge are not to be questioned. However, Judge Brian (Buster Brown) Cogan's anti-Italian prejudice, disappearing allocutions, destroyed evidence, uncontrolled courtroom, vindictive sentencing and bias rulings leave me no choice other than to question his entire modus operendi. He is simply a corrupt political crony, a prosecution patsy and a perfect example of why lifetime appointments to the federal bench as a reward for raising campaign funds and agreeing with the party platform of victorious candidates should be abolished. There should be an entrance exam, a timely review and a cap on their tenures. Justice, not power, should be the goals of the court.

4. I would like to thank Jerry (Jerry-built) Capeci for his alleged slight in naming an offensive award after me. Well, Jerry-built, what you fail to understand is that from an ass-kissing, boot-licking, intoxicated government lackey like yourself every knock is a boost. Your slander is so potent that after every article, my commissary account gets stuffed with fresh Benjies from all over the world. My facebook is crammed with comments of admiration and praise. So instead of explaining again why sick people in jail should request proper medical attention, I request that you continue to knock me at will. I also request that you refrain from drinking too much and soiling your underoos in public yet again. So keep my account fat, slander me again real soon and you can tell your concubine, excuse me I meant to say co-author, Tom (the Dirty Bird) Robbins that he can write a derogatory article also.

5. May all of John (the Dolt) Marzulli's stories wind up on the spike or be used as kitty litter. They are inaccurate, uninvestigated trash. He is a lazy, incompetent turd of a man who uses his forum to bolster the government's theatrics and tyranny.

That's it for now. I wish everyone a banging 2015.

Stronger today than yesterday!