Monday, December 26, 2011

Questions...Answers Please???

In today's post, I would just like to share some questions. I am going to try not to comment; I am simply going to ask questions of Justice Department's representatives of my case and any other legal mind in justice that can adequately explain this system of oppression.

1: My first question is: Is it the quest of the Justice Department to find the truth?

2: Why would AUSA Elizabeth (Liz the Liar) Geddes not call her first star witness (Anthony Basile) to testify against me at my trial?
2a: If Liz (the Liar) deems him "not credible" then was he "not credible" when I was arrested and indicted as a result of his testimony to the Grand Jury?
2b: Was he deemed "not credible" when myself and my co-defendants received a death penalty charge because of his testimony? Is the death penalty so trivial that it merely needs the accusation of a non-credible government witness to be enacted? Or was the death penalty used as a tool for the prosecution to terrorize my co-defendants into shifting all of their crimes onto me?
2c: Does the sacred Death Penalty Committee act in collusion with the local US Attorney's office to condone these unethical tactics? Is it a miracle that the second my two ex-co-defendents, Joseph (Joe Caves) Competiello and Dino (Hemorrhoids) Calabro joined team America, the death penalty charge was dropped?

3: Why would Liz (the Liar) Geddes not call her second star witness, Frank (Blue Eyes) Sparaco to testify against me at my trial?
3a: If Liz (the Liar) deems him "not credible," was he "not credible" when Nassau Count District Attorney Kathleen Rice announced at a press conference that, "the entire investigation was launched because of an anonymous letter" (written by Frank Sparaco) that came across her desk? Did she know that the author of said letter was Frank Sparaco? The FBI and the US Attorney's office knew! Was she acting in collusion with her federal counter-parts when she held this press conference?
3b: Why would Liz (the Liar) Geddes not call Frank Sparaco to tell what he knows about the double homicide of John Minerva and Mike Imbergamo when he was allegedly in the car with the shooters?

4: Why would Liz (the Liar) Geddes not call on the following persons who have firsthand knowledge of, or are primary witnesses to the crimes of which I am accused at my trial?
-Anthony Kenny
-Anthony Calandra
-Anthony Calabro
-Gabriel Marquez
-Charles Diaz
...amongst many others?
4a: Why will they not introduce or allow me to introduce any of the statements that these and other individuals have previously made to law enforcement, the US Attorney's office, or the Grand Jury?

These statements coupled with the testimony of all of the witnesses proves my innocence beyond any doubt! So why is my government trying so hard to convict an innocent man?? Why won't they let the truth be told? AUSA Elizabeth Geddes, are you not ashamed that you tried to have me put to death without any evidence??? Your death sentence was brought forth based on my friendships and relations, much in the way ethnic and religious groups were targeted by the Nazis. I know you are, "just doing your job and following orders" but it would be more appropriate for you to give that excuse in German!!!

Stronger today than yesterday,


Sunday, December 25, 2011

More Liars...

In today's post I will discuss the government's last ditch efforts to frame me for crimes that I did not commit. In this last instance, they join forces with a low level dope-fiend who sacrificed his own son to a life of forced molestation for a shot at his life in the fast lane. So when this self-indulgent loser found himself in jail facing more than one hundred years, is it really a surprise that he helped the government manufacture evidence against me for his instant freedom??? No bail; he was a threat to the safety of the community--he tells lies about Gioeli and he gets immediate freedom.

The government said that Dino "Hemorrhoids" Calabro's testimony would definitely get me the death penalty! I said, "I am innocent and the truth will be revealed." The death penalty committee dismissed the death penalty option; so I guess Hemorrhoid's evidence was bullshit after all. Then they said that my nephew (he's really my cousin) Tommy McLaughlin would be their next star witness and would surely get me a life sentence. I laughed and said, "I am innocent and I will soon be free." They knew that I was right and they needed more "evidence."

So when they rolled out this buffoon with no morals to lead this choir of imbeciles in a sing-a-long of "TOMMY WAS THERE, TOMMY DID IT..." I laughed and said, "Why? With some thirty witnesses and over five major investigations all pointed at me, with over twenty years of investigation, and tens of millions of dollars, they come up with follow the bouncing ball of evidence?"

When the judge asked AUSA Elizabeth (Liz the Liar) Geddes why they produced this "evidence" on the eve of trial, she lied. She said it just popped up in the course of a different investigation; what a lie. In a statement to Jerry Capeci from "Gangland News" she admits that FBI Agent Scott (the Seducer) Curtis served a grand jury subpoena to jump-start this set up.

After almost four years in jail with phony witnesses, fabricated evidence, and slanderous headlines every murderer, drug dealer, terrorist, and rape-o knows that if they need to get out from under some serious jail time all they have to do is say, "Gioeli did this, Gioeli did that, or Gioeli was there." So I laugh, and I cry; I hate, and I pity. I know that Liz (the Liar) and Scott (the Seducer) will stop at nothing in their malicious quest to frame me. I am innocent and will stop at nothing to expose their lies and to reveal the truth.

Why would this devilish duo prefer letting self-admitted cop-killers go free than to let this innocent man rejoin his loved ones? Why can't I get justice in my America? Why can't my government seek truth over victory???

Stronger today than yesterday,


Thursday, December 22, 2011

Print this...

Dear John Marzulli & the staff at the NY Daily News, the New York Post, the Huffington Post, etc., etc. I give you permission to copy and paste this one.
You're welcome.

December 19, 2011


Re: United States v. Thomas Gioeli, et al.
Case No. 08-cr-240 (S-6) (BMC) (RER)

Dear AUSAs Geddes, Gatta and Posa:

We are attorneys for Thomas Gioeli in connection with the above matter. We are writing to request production of information pursuant to Brady v. Maryland, 373 U.S. 83 (1963) and Kyles v. Whitley, 514 U.S. 419 (1995). Specifically, we are seeking any and all Brady material related to the following:

1. We have learned through several sources that an inappropriate social and possibly sexual relationship has developed between FBI Special Agent Scott Curtis and Andrea Calabro, the wife of government cooperating witness Dino Calabro. We also understand that complaints have been made directly to the United States Attorney#226;#128;#153;s Office for the Eastern District of New York regarding Agent Curtis having an inappropriate relationship with Andrea Calabro. Since this information will bear directly on the credibility of Agent Curtis, Dino Calabro and Andrea Calabro, who may all be witnesses in the upcoming trial, we ask that the government immediately produce any and all information regarding any social, romantic, sexual or otherwise inappropriate relationship between Agent Curtis and Andrea Calabro, including but not limited, the nature of the relationship, the date when it developed, and the dates, time, places and other information regarding contacts between Agent Curtis and Andrea Calabro related to the same.

2. During the course of our investigation, we have learned that the government has decided to not adopt, or otherwise abandon, information provided by several witnesses. These witnesses include Anthony Basile, Frank Sparaco, Anthony Kenny, Anthony Calandra, Gabriel Marquez, and Charles Diaz. We believe that these individuals have provided potentially exculpatory information about Gioeli to the government. We request any and all documents regarding interviews and/or testimony by these individuals regarding Gioeli and any of the charges in the present or any prior indictments in this case.

3. In addition to the foregoing, we also believe that prior FBI agents investigating Gioeli have provided exculpatory evidence regarding his involvement in the present case. These individuals include Special Agents Andre Curcio, Robert Shellhorn, and Special Agents Fallon and D#226;#128;#153;Agostino. We request any and all documents prepared by these individuals and/or testimony by them regarding Gioeli and any of the charges in the present or any prior indictments in this case.

4. In reviewing the 3500 material for Joseph Competiello, and comparing that information to the timeline of the initial superseding indictment charging Gioeli with the murder of William Cutolo, we are concerned that the source of Agent Scott Curtis#226;#128;#153;s testimony is, in fact, Dino Calabro. See Superseding Indictment, (S-4) 08-cr-240 (BMC) (RER), dated December 17, 2008, ECF Doc. No. 187. Moreover, given the timeframe, it may be the case that Agent Curtis was obtaining information from Calabro at a time that the latter was attending co-defendant meetings with Gioeli and his co-defendant, Dino Saracino. If this were the case, it would obviously raise serious concerns that the government inappropriately had a #226;#128;#156;spy in the camp#226;#128;#157; during these meetings. Accordingly, we ask that the government produce any and all testimony by Agent Curtis disclosing the source of his information in the initial indictment charging Gioeli with the murder of William Cutolo. See id.

With respect to each of the foregoing requests, you well know that Brady provides that exculpatory evidence is material if there is a reasonable probability that a conviction or sentence would be different if the materials are disclosed. While Gioeli maintains his innocence with respect to each and every charge, the government also knows that under Brady the terms #226;#128;#156;favorable to the accused#226;#128;#157; and #226;#128;#156;exculpatory#226;#128;#157; are not limited to evidence that goes towards proving that the defendant is innocent of the charges. In addition, due process also requires disclosure of any evidence that provides grounds for the defense to attack the reliability, thoroughness, and good faith of the police investigation, to impeach the credibility of the state#226;#128;#153;s witnesses, or to bolster the defense case against prosecutorial attacks. Kyles v. Whitley, 514 U.S. 419, 442 n.134, 445-451 (1995).

In light of the foregoing, we demand immediate disclosure of the information sought herein. We want to thank you in advance for your prompt response to this request.

Very truly yours,

Adam D. Perlmutter
Carl J. Herman

Monday, December 19, 2011

What is the Gov't/FBI hiding?

In today's post I will address one simple procedure that if enacted would bring a touch of clarity to a deliberately muddled process. The smallest police agencies in the world know that when you take a confession for a serious crime you either transcribe, audio-tape, or ideally video record the confession. Video-taping has become the blue ribbon standard. So why would AUSA Geddes and FBI Agent Scott Curtis not demand that the confession of self-admitted cop-killer Dino “Hemorrhoids” Calabro be transcribed, audio-taped, or video-taped to preserve truthfulness as well as accuracy?

In this era when we are video-taping entire neighborhoods, when citizens are video-taping from their cellphones, why, with all of these positive benefits from this simple action, would AUSA Geddes and FBI Agent Curtis not partake in this technology? Why would they work in collusion to conceal the very truth they profess to be searching for? In their warped sense of justice they think that crimes must match their target and not the people who actually committed them. In their persecution of me, they need all of the rats’ lies to match. AUSA Geddes and FBI Agent Curtis cannot have a video-tape exposing the rats’ stories and lies, or that the government and the FBI are the ones inventing these lies.

Agent Curtis must be able to take the witness stand and state with impunity that he does not recall Calabro saying this, or Joe Competiello saying that. He must be able to point his crooked little finger at me with no truthful tape to expose him. He will practice all this deception while he is under oath, prominently displaying his West Point ring; while on the other side of the prosecution table, AUSA Geddes will sit perched with an air of respectability… when in reality she is dirtier than a pig farmer during smoking season. After all, she is the one who puts the seal of American justice on this treachery.

I know I should be ashamed to be picking on the FBI and the US Attorney’s office again…so now I will go right to the top to ask my question of the chief counsel for the FBI, Valerie Caproni. Ms. Caproni, you were able to video-tape the hanging of Saddam Hussein, the water-boarding of terror suspects, and even the execution of Osama Bin Laden; so why were you not able to video-tape the confessions of Dino “Hemorrhoids” Calabro and his crew?? Why won’t you make video-recording of all confessions standard operating procedure for the world’s premiere law enforcement agency, the FEDERAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION???

Stronger today than yesterday,



Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Dropped "Charges" (FALSE ACCUSATIONS)...

I am satisfied that in a recent correspondence from the government they dropped one of the murder charges against me. While they do not name the alleged homicide that they are dropping, they clearly go from six to five murders. I have come to the conclusion that it must be the Ralph Dol's murder that AUSA Liz Geddes dismissed from my charges. AUSA Geddes, like FBI Agent Scott Curtis, and myself, knows that I am innocent. There is no evidence to support the indictment, let alone convict me at trial. The Ralph Dols charge was inserted into the SIXTH superseding indictment brought against me for the sole purpose of inciting prejudice and hate towards me from law enforcement, the public, and future jurors at my upcoming trial.

The case of the government is flawed at best. If the judges rulings are not sympathetic to the government's position of secrecy and darkness then there will be many more charges dismissed. They might even drop the entire indictment. While Liz Geddes seems to endorse justice in this in instance, she and her counterparts at the government are still up to their dirty tricks on other fronts.

Here is just one of the examples: when Liz Geddes or Scott Curtis find or invent negative and embarrassing information about me, they file it in the open (or pacer) where all members of the press have access to it. The information is usually accompanied by a few lies, slurs, and unsubstantiated facts from FBI Agent Scott Curtis, or one of the many assistant US Attorneys. When a piece of information that is positive towards me turns up, like when their Star Witness said it wasn't me, they file it under seal, in secret; so no one knows of my innocence. Then they charge the truthful witness with perjury, hide him from me, and refuse to let him testify at my trial. If not for a secretive order from the judge, I would be able to provide the names of at least four such witnesses whose testimony exonerates me.

When they tell the truth they are terrorized into silence by the government. This leaves only Dino "Hemorrhoids" Calabro and some members of his crew who got out from under their own death penalty case by heaping their crimes on me. If that's not coercion, then what is???? They say, "Tommy Gioeli did it" and they go home. They say, "Tommy Gioeli is innocent" and the government gives them a hot shot and they die!

Why in OUR America, the symbol of justice for all, are those who are in charge of justice so UNJUST??????




Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Government's Star Witness

In today's post I will touch on some of the uncharged crimes of Diego "Dino Hemorrhoids" Calabro. I have learned nothing of these crimes from the (3500) evidence that the government supplied to me. I know of some of these crimes from Dino's confessions to me, some from previous indictments, and some from known sources as well as confidential sources that have been deemed true and accurate by other confidental sources. I know of many of these crimes too late. If I would have been privy to this selfish, psychotic behavior I would have known that this animal was capable of anything, including blaming his crimes on others (me). I would have never let this lunatic around my wife, my kids, or around me. What a fool I have been.

I will start with the lowest of criminal offences (which does not make them any less repugnant in my eyes). Hemorrhoids has killed scores of animals, most for self pleasure. One that I know of had revenge as its motive. I'll start with the fish that his friend Cheesy Pat used to enjoy. Hemorrhoids used to visit Pat at his house where he observed how much pleasure Pat derived in taking care of and watching the fish. So Hemorrhoids put chemicals in the tank to kill the fish. When Cheesey inquired if Hemorrhoids had done anything to kill the fish, Dino got quite angry with Pat for accusing him of killing the fish. Later on, Dino couldn't wait to laugh and joke with his wife about how he killed Pat's fish.

The next lowest crime (on his scale of many) that Dino committed was to put a cat in a concrete basement with a vicious pit bull to chase it. The confidential source says that the poor cat ran sideways along the cement walls trying to avoid the inevitable gruesome death in the jaws of the dog. Dino recounted with a smile how he and the spectators howled with joy at the cat's sad ending.

From there I'll jump to the many deaths of dogs that Hemorrhoids, through starvation, heatstroke, and other forms of abuse, murdered. The saddest of these was his own personal pet, a handsome pit bull named "Junior." Calabro made this family pet extremely vicious by putting a bag over his head so the dog could not see. Then, Calabro would beat the animal with a stick full of nails. This torture would continue for hours, driving the dog into a frenzy. Calabro would then remove the bag like he was the dog's savior and not the tormentor that he indeed was. It worked; the dog became a devil dog hating everyone but Dino. After countless attacks on his family members, and almost killing his brother Pepe, Dino shot the dog to death taking revenge on the monster he created. It has been argued that the first victims of serial killers tend to be animals.

He beats his wife and his children. He assaults his friends and strangers. In his insatiable lust for sex, money, and power, he kills gangsters and civilians, cops and security officers (like it said in the first four indictments, he killed Carlos Pagan an armored car guard... why AUSA Geddes dropped this murder charge against him, I will never understand). He plots to kill Tommy McLaughlin, Steven Schebetta, and anyone else who can implicate him in his crimes. He is poison to those he touches and to those who touch him. This is only the beginning of a long list of atrocities that this disciple of satan has committed against humanity. How much more of this depraved behavior does the jury have to hear before they decide that the lies that Hemorrhoids tells are for his sole benefit? Not many! His lies are already showing and his stories are already splitting at the seams. Dino Calabro is liquidating the assets of his criminal empire. All of his victims are entitled to compensation. The victims should come forward now before he has a chance to hide his wealth with his family members.

I will win my case against Dino Hemorrhoids Calabro and the corrupt Colombo Squad of the FBI. I will overcome the bigotry of the second circuit organized crime section. They have all been practicing prejudice and hatred of Italian Americans for so long that it has become commonplace. I will remind the honorable judges, the US Attorneys, and Congress of the existence of equal justice for ALL. We, the American people, will accept nothing less.

Stronger today than Yesterday,