Monday, December 19, 2011

What is the Gov't/FBI hiding?

In today's post I will address one simple procedure that if enacted would bring a touch of clarity to a deliberately muddled process. The smallest police agencies in the world know that when you take a confession for a serious crime you either transcribe, audio-tape, or ideally video record the confession. Video-taping has become the blue ribbon standard. So why would AUSA Geddes and FBI Agent Scott Curtis not demand that the confession of self-admitted cop-killer Dino “Hemorrhoids” Calabro be transcribed, audio-taped, or video-taped to preserve truthfulness as well as accuracy?

In this era when we are video-taping entire neighborhoods, when citizens are video-taping from their cellphones, why, with all of these positive benefits from this simple action, would AUSA Geddes and FBI Agent Curtis not partake in this technology? Why would they work in collusion to conceal the very truth they profess to be searching for? In their warped sense of justice they think that crimes must match their target and not the people who actually committed them. In their persecution of me, they need all of the rats’ lies to match. AUSA Geddes and FBI Agent Curtis cannot have a video-tape exposing the rats’ stories and lies, or that the government and the FBI are the ones inventing these lies.

Agent Curtis must be able to take the witness stand and state with impunity that he does not recall Calabro saying this, or Joe Competiello saying that. He must be able to point his crooked little finger at me with no truthful tape to expose him. He will practice all this deception while he is under oath, prominently displaying his West Point ring; while on the other side of the prosecution table, AUSA Geddes will sit perched with an air of respectability… when in reality she is dirtier than a pig farmer during smoking season. After all, she is the one who puts the seal of American justice on this treachery.

I know I should be ashamed to be picking on the FBI and the US Attorney’s office again…so now I will go right to the top to ask my question of the chief counsel for the FBI, Valerie Caproni. Ms. Caproni, you were able to video-tape the hanging of Saddam Hussein, the water-boarding of terror suspects, and even the execution of Osama Bin Laden; so why were you not able to video-tape the confessions of Dino “Hemorrhoids” Calabro and his crew?? Why won’t you make video-recording of all confessions standard operating procedure for the world’s premiere law enforcement agency, the FEDERAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION???

Stronger today than yesterday,



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Chris George said...

Mr. Gioeli, what's up man?

I'm always sorry to read about your circumstances, but wrong or right as to anything, I respect so much that you haven't rolled over like all these clowns who are set to testify against you. It can't be easy being in your shoes. It's comforting to think though that out there there are still some people who hold dear old school values and won't sell their souls to get out of trouble.

As for myself, my name is Chris George and I am an upcoming writer/director/producer from Queens, NY. I'm just someone trying to go from negative to positive and do something with my life, and as i read your blog, i figured i'd share this trailer with you i just put up on the internet for a project i'm pushing. The link is below and it's called "The Chapter," a comedy about a wild Latino Fraternity, inspired by a real one, and if I can bring some laughter to the lives of some of the guys inside, well-- that makes me happy. I have dealt with relatives being incarcerated and it's not easy, I know. There are some writings on my blog too that hey, maybe it might help some of the guys pass the time in there.

Anyway, yeah, I'm just trying to get this made, and figured in the process I'd give you a shout and let you know there are people supporting you.

Keep fighting the fight man. The world needs more stand up guys. F-ck the traitors.

Peace and Respect,
Chris George