Tuesday, August 23, 2011

An Attack on My Freedom of Speech

Today's post is about the pathetic behavior and slimy tactics used by the US Attorney's Office, in general, and particularly AUSA Cristina Posa and AUSA Elizabeth Geddes. Let me explain what action was taken by them to gag me and break a commitment that they had with the court to turn over evidence to the defense that will prove my innocence.

AUSA Posa (I assume with the approval of her superiors) submits a letter to the courts moaning about how my blog is unfair. She states that Thomas Gioeli does not intend to abide by the protective order issued by the court on August 12, 2011. She states correctly that I blogged, "I cannot wait to divulge the uncharged crimes of Dino "Hemorrhoids" Calabro. Maybe I will give them to a reporter a few days in advance. They are certainly headline worthy. Is there anyone home at the Times, Post, Newsday or Village Voice?" Her rendition of that portion of my blog is completely accurate. Then she tries to take back on the government's voluntary promise to give us the evidence by August 15, 2011.

In her final attack aimed at me, AUSA Posa cites Local Criminal Rule 23.1 which bars lawyers (both prosecutors and defense) from working with the media to taint parties or issues where there is a likelihood that will interfere with a fair trial. How ironic on her part. She, her team of of prosecutors, and the FBI have been working with the cabal of media rejects to do nothing but destroy my character and that of my wife, and other loved ones. They twisted my wife's passion of cherishing photographs of our children, family, and friends into an excessive compulsion to hoard. Everything they print about me has a negative spin on it in an attempt to make the public hate me. The media coverage of me is such an obvious attack meant to obliterate any chance that I would get a fair trial. So for AUSA Posa to have a hissy fit over fairness is hilarious.

Now I will give you two reasons of why her accusations are false. First, and most importantly as stated in her own letter, the court order was issued on August 12, 2011 and the blog was posted on August 10, 2011 so how could I intend to violate a court order that did not exist at the time?? Maybe the prosecutors know in advance how the judge is going to rule (hell, the prosecutors probably write the rulings) but I can assure you that the defense is not privy to the judge's future rulings. So one last time, how can I violate a court ruling two days before the judge issues it?

My second point is that I certainly do not need AUSA Posa to tell me the uncharged crimes of Dino "Hemmorrhoids" Calabro so in no way will I violate, skirt, or disobey a court order, or any part of a court order that now exists. AUSA Cristina Posa and AUSA Elizabeth Geddes, please retain the integrity of the law and the dignity of the office that you represent.

Stronger today than yesterday,



Monday, August 22, 2011

Guest Post

This post is from the blog of John Burke an inmate at MDC Brooklyn. His blog can be found at www.johnanthonyburke.com
His story is just another example of the injustices committed by our federal government. Please read and share--

Hello! My name is John Burke and I am currently incarcerated in MDC Brooklyn, New York. I am here on charges in which I have already been tried for by the Queens County District Attorney's Office. Even though the United States Constitution, Fifth Amendment (1791) also known as Bill of Rights states, "...Nor shall any person be subject for the same offence to be 'twice put in jeopardy' of Life or Limb; nor shall be compelled in Any Criminal Case to be a witness against himself, nor be deprived of life, liberty, or property, with out due process of law...", the U.S. Federal Government is determined to try me all over again for crimes that I've already stood trial for.

Richard Beeman, who is a professor of history at the University of Pennsylvania, in his book "The Penguin Guide to the U.S. Constitution" states on page 66, "The provision of the Fifth Amendment preventing double jeopardy stipulates that individuals CANNOT be tried for the same crime more than once. If a defendant is acquitted of a crime, the government does not have the right to prosecute that individual again, AND if a defendant is convicted, the government MAY NOT impose multiple punishments for the same crime".

In my situation, I am about to be prosecuted again for crimes that two juries have already acquitted me of. I face the possibility of multiple punishments for a crime that I am already serving twenty-five years for which is in straight violation of the quotes above. Please allow me to explain as simple as possible.

First of all, I was tried and found NOT guilty by a Queens County Jury in 1983. In that case, I had 5 alibi witnesses testifying on my behalf as to my whereabouts at the time the crime was committed. Now some 28 years later, four of the five witnesses are deceased and unable to testify for me again. However, I should not need their testimony a second time if the U.S. Constitution was adhered to by the Federal Government. "...Nor shall any person be subject for the same offence to be 'twice put in jeopardy' of Life or Limb..." (Bill of Rights 1791 Amm. v)

Secondly, in the year 2001 I was arrested and in 2002 I had another trial in Queens County where there were 9 charges lodged against me covering two separate crimes which occurred in different years, 1991 & 1996. Out of these 9 charges a jury found me guilty on two of them and the presiding Judge overturned one of them on the day I got sentenced. Subsequently, I was found guilty of only one of the 9 charges. The jury believed that I committed the crime in 1991, however, they exonerated me on ALL the other charges pertaining to the 1996 crime. On May 7, 2003 the Judge sentenced me to serve 25 years to life in a New York State prison for the conviction of the 1991 crime. I have served over 10 years on that sentence.

Now, the United States Federal Government has indicted me in 2008 on those same three crimes that I already went to trial for. The crimes are as old as the years of 1982, 1991, and 1996. As I mentioned earlier, I was found NOT guilty of two of them (1982,1996) and I am serving 25 years at this very moment for the third one (1991). Remember our Constitution? The Fifth Amendment? According to them, I CANNOT be tried twice for the same crime! That's what you think!!! Our Government gets away with trying a person twice for the same crime because the court says that Federal Government is a different sovereign than the State. Therefore, anytime a State fails to get a conviction after a trial, the Federal Government is waiting in the background to try that person again for the same crime. I am even being tried for the crime that I am serving 25 years for. What about multiple punishments for the same crime? Does the Fifth Amendment, the provision preventing Double Jeopardy or Multiple Punishments even exist?

Let me back up to the year 2001 to explain the sequence of events that led me to this position. Drug use that resulted in very bad decisions on my part was the cause of my wrongful behavior, which in turn always led me to prison in the past. In prison, I would clean up and excel in doing the right thing for myself and my family. However, when I would eventually get released, my addiction was waiting for me at the door. I would fall victim to my addiction again and again thru my own stupidity and character defects. They say in recovery that you should change the people, places and things in your life for a successful recovery. I never did. I always thought I did not have to in order to stay clean. I was WRONG!

After the conviction in 2002 of the 1991 crime, I was in Rikers Island, disgusted with everything; my on and off drug abuse was destroying me and my family. This time was different than all the rest because I would be receiving 25 years. There would be no going home after a few years. My wife and children were devastated as a result of my conviction. I told my family that I was finished with my past and the people that I knew. Not one friend offered to help me when I got into this trouble and I did not want any of their help now. Unbeknownest to me at that time was that my family was all I ever needed. I decided to change the people in my life at this time and cut off my past relationships. I owed it to myself and my loved ones. I knew that I could still be a positive influence in the lives of my children and that was and is my goal. I am happily married and a very proud father of four beautiful children, two sets of twins. At the time of my conviction, they were 11 and 9 years old. I was determined to instill the right set of morals and principles in their life. I did not want any of my children to live the life that I did. I tried to teach them by using the bad choices that I made in life as an example. In order to further this decision to change, I joined many prison programs.

At Shawangunk Correctional Facility, I participated and completed a 6 month residential drug program called RSAT (Residential Substance Abuse Treatment). I also participated and completed a 12 week violent program called ART (Aggression Replacement Training). Upon completion of both programs, I requested and was granted to stay on as a facilitator. I wanted to make a difference in a young man's life who was eventually going home. Some of the other programs that I have completed in prison are a Parenting Course (Parts one & two) taught by the Osborne Society, a Kairos Weekend, a 12 month computer course, and a 12 week law library course. I have been an RSAT and ART facilitator for over a year each and participated in GED tutoring to other inmates. I attended Bible studies and Church services to help bring about a transformation. I was getting away from my past ways and it felt good. During my incarceration, I received regular visits from my wife, all four children, mother, siblings, aunts, uncles, and cousins. I have a very loving and supportive family to which I am thankful for. I was looking forward to getting back to them with a new outlook in life.

While serving my time in the most positive way that I could think of, unfortunately, I was subpoenaed to MDC Brooklyn in 2005. The Federal Government was seeking my cooperation against various alleged Gambino crime family members. I informed my attorney Richard R. Leff at that time that I knew of no crimes committed by any Gambino members and I would not lie in order to set myself free! After two months of being in MDC Brooklyn I was returned to the State prison from which I came.

In July 2007, I was again subpoenaed by the Federal Government, however, this time it was to Tampa, Florida. The subpoena was for me to appear before a grand jury. I was served with a paper stating that I was a target of a Federal Grand Jury. I could not understand being in Tampa because I only went to Florida two times in my entire life and both of them were for a vacation in Miami. In the first week of August 2007, I was being detained in Hillsborough County jail. The US Attorney then told me that the Government was seeking my cooperation. I requested counsel and was given one. After a few weeks, I was told by counsel that the Government wanted my cooperation against John Gotti Jr. I told my counsel that I did not know him and that I would not lie in order to free myself. My brother Tony flew from New York to Florida to visit me and on the same day after the visit I was moved approximately 2 hours away to Citrus County jail. I felt like the Government was purposely keeping me isolated from my family in an attempt to weaken my resolve. I was never called to appear before the Grand Jury in August as the subpoena stated. I believe it was all a plan by the Federal Government to see if I would cooperate. The government was keeping me away from my family in New York which was causing a hardship on my wife, children, and mother. Approximately in September of 2007, counsel stated to me the following: "John, the government would like to fly your wife and children down to Florida in order to have a meeting. They just want you to listen to what they can do for you and your family. They want you and your family to listen to their offer and you do not have to say anything at this meeting. They just want you to hear them out before you make a decision on cooperating". Again I repeated to my attorney that I could not make up lies to get out of serving 25 years. I even told him that I feel like I am between a rock and a hard place. If I do not meet with them, the Government will think I am a hard ass and if I do meet with them then they will believe that I have something to deal with. Neither one of those statements are true. I just wanted to be left alone and sent back to New York. Finally, I was returned to the prison in New York the first week of November 2007.

One year later in the first week of August 2008, I found out thru the Daily News that I was indicted by a Federal Grand Jury in the Middle District of Florida. At the same time John Gotti Jr. was arrested in a related indictment in Tampa, Florida. I believe my indictment was a result of my REFUSAL TO COOPERATE with the Federal Government because the charges were nothing new and nothing recent. They are the same crimes that I already spoke about, crimes that I was found not guilty of and the one that I am serving 25 years for. I was sent to Tampa, Florida in September of 2008 and housed in Pinellas County Jail. The Government was trying to prosecute me in Tampa, Florida for crimes that took place in New York. Was it a case of jury shopping on their part??? I stayed in Tampa, Florida until March 2009 and was returned to New York on a court ordered "Change of Venue Motion."

I've been in MDC Brooklyn ever since and I am awaiting on my trial date in September. My family is traumatized and cannot believe that I am being tried again on crimes that I've already been acquitted of. Also, these past three years have taken a toll on my loved ones. My father just passed away in January of 2011 and of course the Government refused my request to be escorted to the wake for a half hour. My wife keeps hoping that this nightmare will end soon and I keep telling her to continue in her faith. It looks like I will have to stand trial one more time on the same charges that I've already been adjudicated on. I guess the Government keeps prosecuting a person until they get the verdict that they want regardless of what our Constitution and the Fifth Amendment states.

In the last week of April 2011, I read in the Daily News that John Alite, a major witness against John Gotti Jr. was sentenced to 10 years in prison. He has over six years in and two years left on that sentence. This man admitted to two gangland murders and a slew of other crimes committed over his lifespan. The 10 year sentence was his 'gift' from the Federal Government for cooperating, even though some jury members from the Gotti trial stated, " he was the least credible of all the witnesses."
I have to ask myself, "Is being tried all over again for the same crimes my 'gift' from the Federal Government for 'Refusing to Cooperate'?"

Please Share.
Thank you.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Dear Readers,

A part of me thinks I should keep my personal feelings/thoughts to myself.. especially not share them with the internet, but the other part of me really wants to shake you; to wake people up. And I want to make it clear that I am not saying any of this for pity or for people to feel bad. My family and I are cut from some of the strongest mold I know and nothing will ever break us. I just really, really want America to wake up. And if I have to sacrifice my private thoughts to hopefully enlighten others then so be it.

My whole self aches for my Dad waking up alone, day after day, looking at the same four walls...for my Grandma missing her baby, for my Poppy dying without his son next to him, spending the last years of his life without his Tommy...for my mother missing her best friend and her soul...for my sisters cause I feel what they feel... really even for my dog who would run away up the block and only return if he heard his Dad's voice. For my cousins who miss their Uncle...for everyone who loves my Dad. My Dad is the glue that holds us all together and we all need him so, so very badly. He protects us, he consoles us, he teaches us, he reprimands us, he makes us laugh, he is just everything to so many of us.

I know that there are millions of people in the world with far worse problems than us, with heartache that is unimaginable and I know and am thankful that I am truly blessed in so many ways... but can someone please tell me why my Daddy is stolen from me? Why when I'm scared sometimes at night I can't just hear my Dad breathing on the other side of the wall and be okay? Why I can't sit around a table with my family and enjoy a meal? Why I couldn't cry with my Dad when I lost my Poppy? Why?

Why the system just sucks. That's it .. it SUCKS. And those who try to change it are weeded out. Why my Dad can't just be home on bail until the Attorney General's office gets their shit together???? WHY with all the money and man power in the world it's taking them over 3 years to get their shit together? Why the prosecutor who swears to uphold the constitution and to work for America fought in a United States courtroom to deny my Dad his medicine while my sister and I fought to compose ourselves? Why I walked into a hospital recovery room after my Dad had surgery to see him shackled to a bed when he couldn't even get up and walk? Why I had to get a court order to go visit my un-convicted American father in a hosptial after he had a stroke? Why he was discharged without the proper testing and care? Why the government has to cheat to win cases if the people on trial are truly guilty?

There may be a lot of you who don't care, so be it. I hope one day you will. But I know there are people out there who do so how can we allow this to happen? Not just to my Dad but to thousands of families all across America who have a loved one unjustly stuck in the system. And if you think, "not in our America," you are so very wrong. It is happening, everyday. Why can't we all just wake up? I'm just dying waiting to wake up in America. I really am. I wish there was a giant viewing room and we could all watch what really happens in our federal justice system.

FBI, Ms. Geddes, and all of you at the Attorney General's Office, the United States Justice System, can someone please tell me who is going to give me back this time lost with my father? Can someone tell me who is going to reverse the injustices inflicted upon my family? Who is going to let my Dad say goodbye to his Dad? Who's gonna take back the stroke that was caused by our government with-holding his medicine? Who's gonna reverse the image of automatic-rifles pointed in my mother's face? Who's gonna reverse the pounding on my sister's bedroom door by the FBI and her screams? WHO?

What about all the other little kids who's Daddys you forcefully stole, destroyed in the media, framed at trial, and unjustly defeated all for your political gains and your false "proof" that you're not just wasting billions chasing "criminals???" What about the kids who's Daddys were killed by your murderous informants who freely roam the streets? Someone tell me where is their justice??? You're making our society sick. You're no better than the murderers you pretend to rid us of. In fact, you're worse. Shame on all of you.

If I had one wish it would be to open everyone's eyes. Why can't we all just care and hold each other up instead of hurting each other?


"The people in power r corrupt. R they evil 2? In our silence r we evil also?" TG

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

More Media/Government Lies

Last Saturday I was listening to the Sleazy Curtis Sliwa show. I don't listen during the week anymore, not that I find the lies he spouts about me too offensive, he's just too damn boring! So Saturday is plenty enough time to waste on his rhetoric. Anyway, I was shocked to hear him say that I kicked open a door and shot a nun. What lies!! What dastardly lies!!

Then he said that in the Jerry Capeci blog I stated numerous times that I was going to hell for killing a nun. Not one time did it say it originally. And then the final shot came when they portrayed the judge as doing me a favor by not allowing this uncharged act into my trial, or by superseding my indictment with the killing of the nun. Well let me tell you something Boring Sliwa, Creepy Capeci and John "the Dolt" Marzulli... I wish I was charged with the actual slaying of the nun!!! Not only because I am innocent but because there is so much documentation to prove my innocence that I could show just how dirty the prosecutors and the FBI are!!!

Let me explain to my readers just how the government, with the help of the cabal of media rejects works... They take the story of this poor nun who was killed by a Team America informant "Shitty" Sally Miciotta. By the way, he killed a young boy in a bagel store and left another child brain-dead when he shot him in the park while trying to kill Tommy McLaughlin, a Greg Scarpa crew member. All these maniacs that I just mentioned are a part of Team America.

So back to the story... They take the nun's story and use it on me. Even though "Shitty" Miciotta has been a rat for decades and never mentioned me having any part in the slaying, or being involved in any way. The whole purpose of linking my name to the nun killing was for me to get negative press. Not to mention the hate of the potential jurors. I have lived in New York all of my life and I have never before seen the headlines of a story tower over the name of the newspaper (The New York Daily News) as in the case of the nun story.

So no, the judge did not do me a favor by not allowing this bit of bullshit at my trial. It has already served the prosecution's purpose of slander and deceit. I would have welcomed the chance of a full vindication. I can't wait to divulge Dino "Hemorrhoids" Calabro's uncharged crimes. Maybe I will give them to a reporter a few days in advance. They are certainly headline worthy. Is there anyone home at The Times, The Post, Newsday, or Village Voice?

Before I close I would just like to say that this nun, retired nun, or whatever title the press or the Feds want to use on her when they mention me, is referred to as a female bystander at Shitty Micciotta's sentencing (they must protect their rats)! In any case, you can see by the life that she chose as a nun, social worker, etc., that she was a kind, caring, and compassionate person; a real gift to society who did not deserve to die in the safety of her own home. I weep for her. I weep for her loved ones. I weep for our community to have such a kind, unselfish, neighbor die in such a horrible fashion. It's atrocious.

I weep not out of guilt. I weep not out of remorse, because I state once again that I had nothing to do with, or any knowledge of the killing of this nun, or any of the other homicides that were committed by Team America. I weep because my heart breaks for her loss and our loss. I am innocent. "Shitty" Sally Micciotta knows that I am innocent. The FBI knows that I am innocent, and the prosecutor knows that I am innocent. This story is just part of a dirty strategy enacted by my government and Elizabeth Geddes at the US Attorney's office to ensure my conviction.

Our once greatest Justice System in the world has been turned into an evil, corrupt tool for power hungry bureaucrats and the like. This once great system that was built on truth and justice for all is now thriving on lies, deceit, and prejudice. Only a united, equal, American people can save it.

Stronger Today Than Yesterday,



Monday, August 8, 2011

Mafia Week

Today's post is about Mafia Week, and other degradations inflicted on Italian Americans:

In a continued stream of propaganda and poison, the media and the media ghouls found a way to boost their end of summer ratings and sagging political careers with one ready made scapegoat: Italian Americans. The camera loving prostitician Rudy "Skullhead" Giuliani is so desperate to jumpstart his done political career that he will defame Italians, defame his ex-wife and children...hell, he would even put on a woman's dress again if he thought it would get him a headline or two. What I would like to know is why he didn't do one of these other publicity stunts and give the Italian-American shtick a rest.

As a matter of fact, I would like to make couple of suggestions that will get his face and name in the papers. You can do a weeks worth of TV on how to marry your first cousin. You can film from a cave in Appalachia, you know, capture the Southern vote? Maybe you could film your sex romps in the apartment overlooking the hollow ground of the 9/11 site. You can do your show on how not to pick a prison chief, police chief or how not to recommend anyone for the homeland security czar (wink, wink).

The final suggestion is a lot more interesting. A mafia captain Richie "Shellachead" Cantarella stated that you toasted the attack on our twin towers. He quoted you. He said you raised your glass and said, "9/11 was the best fuckin' thing that ever happened to your career." So maybe you should do something for 9/11. Maybe you should read some of the heroes names. Maybe you should help some survivors. Maybe you should volunteer some of your security money to the 9/11 fund. Or better yet, maybe you should volunteer to go fight in Afghanistan. You could do all these things with the TV cameras running, except for the sex tape... seeing you naked would make people nauseas (maybe Pepto-Bismol could sponsor that one). If you need anymore suggestions feel free to ask. Just leave us Italian Americans alone.

Now to Hollywood and Robert DeNiro. I think that we can all agree that there are enough movies, books, and jokes to put Italian Americans in the media's lowest class all by themselves. I understand that the movies that are made will never go away. I also understand that as long as the public is still interested, greed will prompt you into making more Italian gangster movies. What I don't understand is why did you have to make a cartoon depicting Italian Americans as gangsters (A Shark Tale)? Was there a reason to poison a whole new generation of children? Did you, DeNiro, have to lend your name and your voice to this project? Maybe we should start printing "fagetaboutit" on pampers this way we could poison baby's minds at birth. Robert DeNiro, you are in a position to choose your own projects. How about rewriting some of the stereotypes that you helped create? How about a movie on an Italian American war hero, an Italian American doctor or professor? How about an Italian American governor? Not an Italian American president, we don't have one yet. Hmmm, I wonder why?

Stronger Today Than Yesterday,



Friday, August 5, 2011

Today's post is about the most sorrowful topic that can be discussed. Today's topic is about the premature death of children. Sometimes by disease, sometimes by accident; but by far the saddest and at the same time the most outrageous child deaths is when it occurs at the hands of adults. This senseless, barbaric most evil of crimes should be the reason for the hangman's noose, the electric chair, lethal injection and/or a life sentence without parole. While these poor little victims are robbed of the gifts of life and all that goes with that, mankind is also robbed of the gifts that the child has to offer us.

Moses, Gandhi, Dr Martin Luther King, Mother Theresa or even little Billy from down the block. It's truly a heartbreaking thought that anyone of these magnificent human beings should be taken from us before they have a chance to give us all of their gifts. It is pitiful that they will never get a chance to endow us with their bloodlines if they are taken from us in childhood. So to all of the kind, gentle, caring souls of our world, feed a child, mentor a child, protect a child. Get involved in a young persons life; relative or stranger.

Stronger Today Than Yesterday,



Monday, August 1, 2011

A Beautiful Story

In today's post I would like to repeat a story to you that was first relayed to me and our congregation at Saturday's mass. This wonderful tale was told to us by our priest. It is my policy not to reveal the name of the institutional employees and in keeping with that, the Father shall remain nameless.

A team of scientists working for NASA invented a camera that could photograph and record a person's life-force. It would record the energy as a soft, blue, even light in a healthy person. If the person was sick the light would be weaker. The sicker you are, the more the light would fade and completely extinguish upon death. The light is in no way linked to the heat of one's body. You could have a high fever and a very faint light when you are very sick.

So they put this life-camera in the hospital room of a very sick, old man. He was at death's door and it showed on the monitor at the nurse's station. The light was very weak indeed. Then at about 6:45am the scientists and the nurses observing the monitor were amazed to see the weak blue light coming from the old man become a bright blue energy source that flooded the entire room. The epicenter of the light seemed to be the old man's heart. They also noticed a second figure in the room. He was standing with his back to the camera so they had no idea who he was. In the interest of medicine and science they decided that they must find out. So they ran into the room and were greeted by the local priest who had just finished giving the old man the Sacrament of Holy Communion.

There are a few ways to interpret this story. The presence of the kind, caring priest invigorated the old man and it showed in the life light... the power of the Eucharist (the bread of life) had put life back into the old man... or the story is simply a metaphor to show the power of faith.

To those of you who are going to go on the web to see if such a camera exists, don't bother, I already know my truth.

Stronger Today Than Yesterday,


The Media

I waited for the dust to settle before I posted this... Casey Anthony might be guilty of killing her precious little baby girl. Casey Anthony might be innocent of killing her little baby girl. Her guilt or innocence does not take away from the loss of a young child and her future gifts to us. I will not say publicly what I believe to be true as to her guilt or innocence. I will only discuss it with personal friends and family. I will not become part of this public spectacle of lies and "headlines." I was not part of the jury and never saw or reviewed the evidence, so how could I possibly make a decision about another person’s life? On the other hand, the jury saw everything and acquitted her. Not guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. Their verdict must stand.

People like Nancy Grace and the rest of the media savages whose ancestors incited the Salem witch hunt, should follow a media code of ethics. These are the same journalists who terrorized JonBenet Ramsey's family with weapons made of words until life was too painful to live and the grieving mother finally surrendered to her cancer and the peace of death. Mrs. Ramsey and her family went through the torture of hell right here in Denver. First at the hands of the monster who killed and mutilated their beautiful baby girl, then at the hands of the media and neighbors. Instead of getting the sympathy and support of their community and nation, the beast of the press attacked. "She did it!" (the mother). "He did it!" (the father). Then the brother did it. The tears of mourning weren't dry on their face when these ghouls commenced their bloodthirsty attacks. The headlines and the news shows lead the charge for vengeance against this sad, innocent, grieving family. The community soon followed in this frenzy of hate.

For us as American citizens to not agree with a jury verdict in private is 100% acceptable. But when an obscene evil demon such as Nancy Grace spews her lies and hate with total disregard for the victims of her rants (she already has one suicide to her credit) she must first be ignored and then stopped. When her ratings drop her ranting will stop.

We as a society must learn to ignore the sensationalism and wait for the impartial facts and the findings of the jury who have seen and heard everything regarding the case that they are sitting on. We must curtail and then punish the journalist who knowingly allow and encourage the hate, the lies, and slander to continue for the sole benefit of their ratings. There should never be guilt by headlines in our America. Free speech does not and never will mean that the press can lie and defame with impunity. They should print and repeat only thoroughly verified facts in every story. They should leave their myths and fantasies for the editorial page. Nancy Grace and the like, clean out your mouths.

Stronger Today than Yesterday,