Monday, August 15, 2011

Dear Readers,

A part of me thinks I should keep my personal feelings/thoughts to myself.. especially not share them with the internet, but the other part of me really wants to shake you; to wake people up. And I want to make it clear that I am not saying any of this for pity or for people to feel bad. My family and I are cut from some of the strongest mold I know and nothing will ever break us. I just really, really want America to wake up. And if I have to sacrifice my private thoughts to hopefully enlighten others then so be it.

My whole self aches for my Dad waking up alone, day after day, looking at the same four walls...for my Grandma missing her baby, for my Poppy dying without his son next to him, spending the last years of his life without his Tommy...for my mother missing her best friend and her soul...for my sisters cause I feel what they feel... really even for my dog who would run away up the block and only return if he heard his Dad's voice. For my cousins who miss their Uncle...for everyone who loves my Dad. My Dad is the glue that holds us all together and we all need him so, so very badly. He protects us, he consoles us, he teaches us, he reprimands us, he makes us laugh, he is just everything to so many of us.

I know that there are millions of people in the world with far worse problems than us, with heartache that is unimaginable and I know and am thankful that I am truly blessed in so many ways... but can someone please tell me why my Daddy is stolen from me? Why when I'm scared sometimes at night I can't just hear my Dad breathing on the other side of the wall and be okay? Why I can't sit around a table with my family and enjoy a meal? Why I couldn't cry with my Dad when I lost my Poppy? Why?

Why the system just sucks. That's it .. it SUCKS. And those who try to change it are weeded out. Why my Dad can't just be home on bail until the Attorney General's office gets their shit together???? WHY with all the money and man power in the world it's taking them over 3 years to get their shit together? Why the prosecutor who swears to uphold the constitution and to work for America fought in a United States courtroom to deny my Dad his medicine while my sister and I fought to compose ourselves? Why I walked into a hospital recovery room after my Dad had surgery to see him shackled to a bed when he couldn't even get up and walk? Why I had to get a court order to go visit my un-convicted American father in a hosptial after he had a stroke? Why he was discharged without the proper testing and care? Why the government has to cheat to win cases if the people on trial are truly guilty?

There may be a lot of you who don't care, so be it. I hope one day you will. But I know there are people out there who do so how can we allow this to happen? Not just to my Dad but to thousands of families all across America who have a loved one unjustly stuck in the system. And if you think, "not in our America," you are so very wrong. It is happening, everyday. Why can't we all just wake up? I'm just dying waiting to wake up in America. I really am. I wish there was a giant viewing room and we could all watch what really happens in our federal justice system.

FBI, Ms. Geddes, and all of you at the Attorney General's Office, the United States Justice System, can someone please tell me who is going to give me back this time lost with my father? Can someone tell me who is going to reverse the injustices inflicted upon my family? Who is going to let my Dad say goodbye to his Dad? Who's gonna take back the stroke that was caused by our government with-holding his medicine? Who's gonna reverse the image of automatic-rifles pointed in my mother's face? Who's gonna reverse the pounding on my sister's bedroom door by the FBI and her screams? WHO?

What about all the other little kids who's Daddys you forcefully stole, destroyed in the media, framed at trial, and unjustly defeated all for your political gains and your false "proof" that you're not just wasting billions chasing "criminals???" What about the kids who's Daddys were killed by your murderous informants who freely roam the streets? Someone tell me where is their justice??? You're making our society sick. You're no better than the murderers you pretend to rid us of. In fact, you're worse. Shame on all of you.

If I had one wish it would be to open everyone's eyes. Why can't we all just care and hold each other up instead of hurting each other?


"The people in power r corrupt. R they evil 2? In our silence r we evil also?" TG


nicholas bova said...

mg,your words have really touched me..knowing your father i already know where you get it from..your father is a very dear friend of mine, and i care for him very much..your father is the type of man i aspire to be..being a younger man your father always set some time aside to talk with me..he would tell me i always should be honest, and honorable..he would tell that family is the most important thing..when he would speak of you, and your sisters, i would actually see him "glow"..all of your academic careers have made him so proud..that is what this gov't will never understand..they can attempt to frame your father, but they did not count on him being the fighter that he is..he will never stop fighting, and it's you,your sisters,and your mom that gives him the strength!! so please continue to fight, continue to write, because its your love that keeps your dad are all in my heart, and my prayers...... your friend nicky bova

TommyGioeli said...

thank you very much for your kind words :)