Friday, April 30, 2010

Just Some Thoughts from Tommy....

The most dangerous threat facing America is not the terrorist militia, or illegal immigrants, etc., it's the government's abuse of power... the U.S. prosecutors and their immense power. Their actions in Alaska, New Orleans, and every other federal court in America. Their vindictive spirit with which they attack. They lie, and hide evidence at will. They scare and intimidate anyone in their way with a blatant disregard for the truth and justice. They reward their informants with freedom from jail, no death penalty for the most vicious killers, no prosecution for perjury, and more recently large sums of money for informants who tell the government's version of a story, not the facts, not the truth. To satisfy justice they must tell the story that the FBI and the prosecutors make up to bring about a conviction.

They do this all with impunity. Prosecutors cannot face charges for fixing a case. It's the law. Why would they need a law like this if they played fair and made justice their goal; not a conviction rate close to perfection. What's the prosectuors reward for all of this un-American behavior? A conviction rate as unrealistic as their stories... A thriving practice when they leave the courts, a huge budget for their office, laws that are so bias in their favor that their power is continually increased. The most dangerous reward is for the prosecutors to seek a political career where they can use their power and connections as a political stepping stone to achieve a new kind of power and more power for themselves and the government.

Every form of government and the people who administer it must have rules and consequences for their actions. To let federal prosecutors or any government employee operate with immunity is ludicrous! It can only result in abuse of power which is so evident in our government today. Make everyone responsible for his own actions.

Everytime the government makes special laws to protect themselves from the laws of the land the American people must truly beware. EQUAL JUSTICE UNDER THE LAWS.

Stronger than yesterday,
Thomas Gioeli

I'd also like to add that Daddy still has no teeth in his mouth and he still has not seen a doctor since his stroke. AMERICA, THE LEADER OF THE FREE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT A JOKE. And it's not like anybody's asking for a handout, my family would be more than happy to use our own medical insurance to take care of my father's medical needs. Then again I don't know why I would expect a free American man to receive adequate healthcare when our governemnt turns its back on veterans, the very heroes who risk their lives fighting the government's wars for them. DISGUSTING. Does the American government work for the people or do the people work for the government? You decide.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Letter from Tommy...

To all of the so called reporters that write about me and my family in the New York papers, it is obvious that your stories are just the government's attempts to prejudice your readers and prospective jurors against me. They are also obviously meant to cover up the many blunders and illegal acts made by the government.

I'll start with you, John Marzulli. Again, in your article dated 4-8-10, you only tell the government's lies. Our government and CS-1 (confidential source 1) came up with a very dramatic and touching story for my wife and myself. CS-1 claimed that she needed to borrow pictures of her husband, herself, and her children to present to the Death Penalty Committee, to make her husband look more human, more fatherly, and like a loving husband. After 17 years of marriage she had accumlated very few, if any, pictures such as these. My wife went through many of our pictures to give CS-1 what she needed, help. Whatever pictures of her, her husband, and her children that were turned over to her, were to help save her husband's life. They were to help prevent him from being approved for the death penalty. But our help was rewarded with TREACHERY and THEFT. When my wife left the room CS-1 robbed pictures, phone books, papers, and countless other things that she hasn't admitted to yet. The FBI has admitted that they are in possession of our STOLEN property. So maybe one day you'll practice journalism, instead of just parroting the government. You would have a far better story for your readers.

Next, Jason Fisher (NY Post), I can see that you also practice lying and storytelling, instead of reporting. I received my nickname when the FBI decided that Tommy was not catchy enough to headline a mob story. The negative news coverage of me was about to begin when the FEDs made up a new target and with it a new name. They gave me the name. It doesn't come from a fictional ambush where I was wounded several times. My name has always been Thomas, Tommy, or Tom. For you to suggest that I went around with a gun in a bag is just another way for the government to prejudice the jury with your help. Everytime the jury hears my name they'll see me toting a bag with a gun in it in their heads. Your lazy reporting will aid in my lynching.

The last government sponsered reporter is their premiere story-teller Jerry Capeci. He never told a story that wasn't government approved in his quest to please the FBI. He alters and bends the truth. He has gotten so bad that his latest stories sound like they've been written by Sleazy Sliwa. The fact that him and Marzulli worked for the Legendary Rag and the NY Daily News is not surprising at all.

Stronger than yesterday,
Thomas Gioeli

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Response to John Marzulli's April 10, 2010 "News Article"

Power tripping...

"Birthday serenade for accused cop killer and former Colombo crime boss Joel Cacace in court
BY John Marzulli

Saturday, April 10th 2010, 4:00 AM

Former Colombo crime boss Joel (Joe Waverly) Cacace smiled and waved to his fans after their off-key rendition of "Happy Birthday" before Federal Judge Brian Cogan had taken the bench. "If they baked him a cake, I hope the marshals checked what's inside," said one disgusted law enforcement official. Cacace is charged with ordering the murder of NYPD cop Ralph Dols because the pony-tailed mobster felt disrespected that his ex-wife had married a police officer. Gunmen ambushed Dols outside his Sheepshead Bay home in 1997. Dols' parents attend every court hearing, accompanied by FBI agents and a uniformed cop from their son's housing police station.

**Absent from the birthday festivities were co-defendants Thomas (Tommy Shots) Gioeli and Dino (Little Dino) Saracino who refused to leave the holding pens because they were shackled. Sources said the security level for the defendants was increased because of their supporters' disorderly courthouse behavior in the past.**

Cacace apparently didn't want to disappoint his supporters, and the handcuffs didn't prevent him from acknowledging their song."

-Courtesy of

So, family members of an unconvicted man are not allowed to sing "Happy Birthday" to their relative before court even starts?

Really what I want to address is how my father would not come up to the courtroom because he was shackled like an animal. Marzulli fails to leave out key information in order to put a spin on such ridiculous circumstances. My father and his fellow co-defendants were being escorted down the hallway to the courtroom (unshackled) as they usually are because there has NEVER been a problem on their end, nor has there been on their families end in court. When the federal marshalls saw the amount of press that were present, they turned the defendants around and walked them back down into the holding pen, shackled them, and wanted to bring them back up that way. My father is not an rabid animal, nor is he a monster. He has been in court numerous times without so much as handcuffs. There are usually, at least, two armed federal marshalls per defendant. The feds wanted to put on a show for the press about how "dangerous" these defendants are that they need to be shackled. It's all a psychological game...if you see someone in shackles, you're going to suspect that such a person is very dangerous.

Sources told John Marzulli that security has been increased because of "disorderly conduct" of the defendants' supporters in the past. Hmmm... so shackling the defendants is going to affect the conduct and behavior of their supporters in the courtroom???? Not only does this reason not make sense at all, it is a complete LIE. NO PERSONS who came to the courtroom in support of the defendants has ever acted out. What happens if you act out in a courtroom? YOU GET THROWN OUT. Has any of Joel Cacace's, Dino Saracino's, or Tommy Gioeli's supporters ever been reprimanded or thrown out of the courtroom for disorderly conduct? NO. The ONLY two people who I know of behaving poorly in the courtroom are John Marzulli, and Special Agent Scott Curtis. John Marzulli lounges in the court bench and puts his feet on the seat in front of him as if he is lounging in his den. Disrespectful. Come to think of it why would anyone expect respectful behavior from a man who has no regard for the truth in his articles? And as I mentioned in an earlier post, Special Agent Scott Curtis sneered and laughed at my crying sister and I during an entire hearing about whether or not my dad should receive medical care for his serious ailments. He was sitting next to the prosecutor and was actually spinning in his chair, rolling back and forth, drumming on the table in front of him, seeing how far his chair could lean back without falling over... basically behaving like a 5 year old child who has been sitting still for too long. We actually wondered as to why he wasn't reprimanded for his rude, obnoxious, distracting, and disrespectful behavior during that hearing. Well why should I expect a man who abuses his power to respect the courts? Guess that's one of the perks of being a "special" agent.

But of course the bopsy twins, John and Scott have to put their own spin on things to prejudice the public. Cute.

People who constantly lie will eventually get tangled up in their web of lies...



"Surveillance + Overactive imagination + Underactive grasp on reality = FEDERAL BULLSHIT" - KG

Saturday, April 10, 2010


Would you ever take the word of someone who could throw his own best friend in the whole world and his own family under a bus in order to benefit himself?

The government keeps try to prejudice future jurors into thinking that my father is some kind of dangerous, whining, monster in the papers. They release bullshit stories every couple of months to keep his name in the public while they create their evidence. Pretty desperate that they needed to take family photos from my home in January, on the word of a woman who posed as a "second mother" to my sisters and I and a best friend to my mother for 20 years. How can you call someone who could be so vindictive and deceitful to their own best friends a credible source? What kind of a person asks their best friend for help only to attempt to cut off the hand that helps? What kind of a person steals from their own friend in an attempt to use said stolen property against them? How can a person who has been the closest of friends to someone for 20 years pose as a "friend" during the most trying of times? Is this the kind of person that you would look upon with respect? Is this the kind of person you would look to for the truth? Someone who can look into the eyes of a friend who has been an unwavering support system for the last 20 years of life and steal from her home? Come into her home with the intention of lying and stealing? SLEAZE.

This is who the American government deems credible and is placing on a pedestal? The American hero. And if acting in such a deceitful manner was so "dangerous" for said person, why on earth would the government release such information to the press? DESPERATE. SHAMEFUL. DISGUSTING. If the government had any concrete evidence besides backstabbing, lying imbeciles whose stories don't add up why aren't we getting our speedy trial?

I love America. But I am so ashamed of the federal justice system. The FBI agents I have encountered behave like high school girls on steroids. A federal agent actually sat in a courtroom sneering at my younger sister and I (who were both crying) throughout the entire hearing that was about whether or not my father deserved medical treatment. They came into my home pointing automatic rifles in 3 unarmed womens' faces at 7am. Screaming in my face while holding an automatic rifle because I wanted to use the bathroom after just be woken up by them screaming FBI and pounding on bedroom doors. I was threatened that I was going to be handcuffed (while I was sitting on my couch surrounded by 5 agents on all sides) because I was angry at them for violating me in my own home and insulted an agent for using excessive force on 3 unarmed women. They took personal family photo albums of my sisters, cousins, and I. Personal pictures that have NOTHING to do with any evidence whatsoever. The one that was returned is my sister's baby album and it only has 5 pages (out of approx. 30 original pages) of pictures left in it. Strangers need to have my sister's baby pictures, and our personal belongings that have nothing to do with this case...that they were "nice" enough to return. Harrass the family, another attempt to try and break my father. Attempt to destroy his health, attempt to destroy his support system, etc. It won't happen. If there was a real case, there would be no reason for games.

By the way if my father doesn't close his mouth about having a priest at MDC he's going to be sent to another prison.

Speak up about your rights as an American and get threatened/punished for it. How American.

The more the government wants to keep lying and harrassing people via bullshit search warrants and bullshit news articles... the more I'm gonna write about their unconstitutional behavior on the internet.

Anyways... gotta run to Bloomingdales and buy my dad another "european style man-bag" because his other one is missing...


Tuesday, April 6, 2010

It's really bullshit how many rights can be taken away from a person who has been simply "accused" of something. How is it that my father is denied the right to practice his religion? He has always been very religious and attended church regularly and he's unable to even see a priest while at MDC. Inmates are the people who need spiritual guidance the most. There is a religious leader for the Muslims, the Jews, etc. at MDC... the Muslims are even provided with a special diet... for Passover the Jewish inmates had a special celebration and special food in a secluded section of the prison... rightfully so as this is America and they are entitled to practice their religion. Could the Catholics have a mass for Lent at least? No. They are not convicts, they are simply men accused of something and they should not be denied any rights.

However, there is no priest at MDC... there hasn't been one there for months. Is this the fault of the Catholic community or is it MDC's fault? I don't know. I do know that it's unconstitutional to deny someone the means to fully practice their religion. My father fully practiced his religion outside of prison, and he should be able to do so inside of prison. He is entitled to his constitutional rights.

Here's an excerpt from the Federal Bureau of Prisons Website about religious matters... "Institutions schedule religious services and meeting times for inmates of many faiths. Religious programs are led or supervised by staff chaplains, contract spiritual leaders, and community volunteers. Chaplains oversee inmate self-improvement forums such as scripture study and religious workshops, and provide pastoral care, spiritual guidance, and counseling. Inmates can observe religious holy days and wear and use religious items consistent with their faith as long as this is consistent with policy and with the security, safety, and good order of the institution."

An outside preist, who has visited my father many times before, has tried to visit my father twice in the past few months and has been denied on both occasions.

This is a letter from my dad about his religious concerns...

"MDC Brooklyn has reached a new low in their behavior towards the Italian inmate population (religious persecution).

The Catholic inmates have been deprived of a priest or any sacraments since Christmas Mass 2009. Lent and Easter are the most holy time of the year for Catholics. The fellow Catholics and I long to practice our religion.

After numerous conversations with prison staff from religious services, we are told that they are working on it. More lies. The chaplain does nothing. If they needed a Rabbi or an Iman they would fly one in from Mecca or Jerusalem. For Catholics, nothing. Please help us."

I really just don't understand how for simply being accused of something our constitutional rights can be taken away. This is America and it's bullshit. Arrested on hearsay and treated like a guilty convict. Reminds me of the Red Scare when people could just accuse anyone of being a communist and they were instantly blacklisted. Or of the witch trials when basically anyone could accuse anyone else of being a witch and they were guilty before they were really even tried. "I'm a convicted murderer and I don't really know Tommy Gioeli but someone told me this about him and I really want a get out of jail free card"... that's all it takes to arrest someone and hold them in prison for 2 years and take away so many of their rights as an American. Speedy trial for who? It'll be 2 years in June and there's not even a trial date yet. My dad still doesn't have teeth in his mouth.. remember from back in September... and from back in I think January when a judge ordered he have his bridge put in his mouth by the end of the week? He has a glucometer now but he had to have a stroke to get it. I guess he has to be his own doctor because he hasn't seen a doctor since.

Shame on the American justice system.

Can't wait until we have our day in court.

Always stronger than yesterday.