Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Response to John Marzulli's April 10, 2010 "News Article"

Power tripping...

"Birthday serenade for accused cop killer and former Colombo crime boss Joel Cacace in court
BY John Marzulli

Saturday, April 10th 2010, 4:00 AM

Former Colombo crime boss Joel (Joe Waverly) Cacace smiled and waved to his fans after their off-key rendition of "Happy Birthday" before Federal Judge Brian Cogan had taken the bench. "If they baked him a cake, I hope the marshals checked what's inside," said one disgusted law enforcement official. Cacace is charged with ordering the murder of NYPD cop Ralph Dols because the pony-tailed mobster felt disrespected that his ex-wife had married a police officer. Gunmen ambushed Dols outside his Sheepshead Bay home in 1997. Dols' parents attend every court hearing, accompanied by FBI agents and a uniformed cop from their son's housing police station.

**Absent from the birthday festivities were co-defendants Thomas (Tommy Shots) Gioeli and Dino (Little Dino) Saracino who refused to leave the holding pens because they were shackled. Sources said the security level for the defendants was increased because of their supporters' disorderly courthouse behavior in the past.**

Cacace apparently didn't want to disappoint his supporters, and the handcuffs didn't prevent him from acknowledging their song."

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So, family members of an unconvicted man are not allowed to sing "Happy Birthday" to their relative before court even starts?

Really what I want to address is how my father would not come up to the courtroom because he was shackled like an animal. Marzulli fails to leave out key information in order to put a spin on such ridiculous circumstances. My father and his fellow co-defendants were being escorted down the hallway to the courtroom (unshackled) as they usually are because there has NEVER been a problem on their end, nor has there been on their families end in court. When the federal marshalls saw the amount of press that were present, they turned the defendants around and walked them back down into the holding pen, shackled them, and wanted to bring them back up that way. My father is not an rabid animal, nor is he a monster. He has been in court numerous times without so much as handcuffs. There are usually, at least, two armed federal marshalls per defendant. The feds wanted to put on a show for the press about how "dangerous" these defendants are that they need to be shackled. It's all a psychological game...if you see someone in shackles, you're going to suspect that such a person is very dangerous.

Sources told John Marzulli that security has been increased because of "disorderly conduct" of the defendants' supporters in the past. Hmmm... so shackling the defendants is going to affect the conduct and behavior of their supporters in the courtroom???? Not only does this reason not make sense at all, it is a complete LIE. NO PERSONS who came to the courtroom in support of the defendants has ever acted out. What happens if you act out in a courtroom? YOU GET THROWN OUT. Has any of Joel Cacace's, Dino Saracino's, or Tommy Gioeli's supporters ever been reprimanded or thrown out of the courtroom for disorderly conduct? NO. The ONLY two people who I know of behaving poorly in the courtroom are John Marzulli, and Special Agent Scott Curtis. John Marzulli lounges in the court bench and puts his feet on the seat in front of him as if he is lounging in his den. Disrespectful. Come to think of it why would anyone expect respectful behavior from a man who has no regard for the truth in his articles? And as I mentioned in an earlier post, Special Agent Scott Curtis sneered and laughed at my crying sister and I during an entire hearing about whether or not my dad should receive medical care for his serious ailments. He was sitting next to the prosecutor and was actually spinning in his chair, rolling back and forth, drumming on the table in front of him, seeing how far his chair could lean back without falling over... basically behaving like a 5 year old child who has been sitting still for too long. We actually wondered as to why he wasn't reprimanded for his rude, obnoxious, distracting, and disrespectful behavior during that hearing. Well why should I expect a man who abuses his power to respect the courts? Guess that's one of the perks of being a "special" agent.

But of course the bopsy twins, John and Scott have to put their own spin on things to prejudice the public. Cute.

People who constantly lie will eventually get tangled up in their web of lies...


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Gary said...

Unfortunately people like Marzulli need to justify their jobs so they hook onto someone like Tommy Gioeli. The feds and State need job justification also.They are the real criminals. They put things into print that they know nothing about. I guess if you're Italian you must be a gangster.Why don't they lock this guy Calabro up? I was under the impression that he is a cop killer!