Sunday, April 18, 2010

Letter from Tommy...

To all of the so called reporters that write about me and my family in the New York papers, it is obvious that your stories are just the government's attempts to prejudice your readers and prospective jurors against me. They are also obviously meant to cover up the many blunders and illegal acts made by the government.

I'll start with you, John Marzulli. Again, in your article dated 4-8-10, you only tell the government's lies. Our government and CS-1 (confidential source 1) came up with a very dramatic and touching story for my wife and myself. CS-1 claimed that she needed to borrow pictures of her husband, herself, and her children to present to the Death Penalty Committee, to make her husband look more human, more fatherly, and like a loving husband. After 17 years of marriage she had accumlated very few, if any, pictures such as these. My wife went through many of our pictures to give CS-1 what she needed, help. Whatever pictures of her, her husband, and her children that were turned over to her, were to help save her husband's life. They were to help prevent him from being approved for the death penalty. But our help was rewarded with TREACHERY and THEFT. When my wife left the room CS-1 robbed pictures, phone books, papers, and countless other things that she hasn't admitted to yet. The FBI has admitted that they are in possession of our STOLEN property. So maybe one day you'll practice journalism, instead of just parroting the government. You would have a far better story for your readers.

Next, Jason Fisher (NY Post), I can see that you also practice lying and storytelling, instead of reporting. I received my nickname when the FBI decided that Tommy was not catchy enough to headline a mob story. The negative news coverage of me was about to begin when the FEDs made up a new target and with it a new name. They gave me the name. It doesn't come from a fictional ambush where I was wounded several times. My name has always been Thomas, Tommy, or Tom. For you to suggest that I went around with a gun in a bag is just another way for the government to prejudice the jury with your help. Everytime the jury hears my name they'll see me toting a bag with a gun in it in their heads. Your lazy reporting will aid in my lynching.

The last government sponsered reporter is their premiere story-teller Jerry Capeci. He never told a story that wasn't government approved in his quest to please the FBI. He alters and bends the truth. He has gotten so bad that his latest stories sound like they've been written by Sleazy Sliwa. The fact that him and Marzulli worked for the Legendary Rag and the NY Daily News is not surprising at all.

Stronger than yesterday,
Thomas Gioeli

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