Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Mr. President

Come on now Mr. President Barack Obama, or should I say Barack BUSH because you pander through the big oil companies just the same as the Bushs did... to get America involved in a war, to put American lives in jeopardy and spend many billions of dollars on a new un-winnable conflict between all citizens in the same country (a Civil War). Why I ask? And the answer comes: Exxon, Mobil, BP, Blackwater, Grumman, and the list goes on. You started out by enforcing a no fly zone to protect the Libyan citizens from their leader Colonel Gaddafi, an admirable action if not for infringing on a sovereign country's right to control their own airspace, but still admirable if the reason is to save lives. Then we started to bomb the tanks and troops on the ground, again to save the civilians from their madman leader Gaddafi. In our next act of war we started bombing cities in advance of the rebels' invasion. What about the civilians of those cities? Then our president explained that we are not choosing sides but Colonel Gaddafi said his people are rats. Colonel Gaddafi said that we would go door to door to sew revenge on the dissidents. Gaddafi said this, Gaddafi said that. Barack sounds like George W. Bush when we killed so many civilians and sacrificed so many American lives all for the purpose of hanging Saddam Hussein and gaining control of the Iraqi oil. The same big companies mentioned above made obscene profits from the Iraqi war. He also sounded a lot like daddy Bush when he stated his reasons for the invasion of Panama and Grenada, not to mention their first crack at Saddam and his oil. So I want to now announce that I have solved the biggest mystery of this presidency... Barack Obama is not a Muslim by birth rite. Barack Obama is not an African-American by birth rite. Barack Obama is a Bush by rite of corporate merger, with all their secret obligations and alliances to big business.

Stronger than Yesterday,

Where's Bin Laden?????

Saturday, March 19, 2011

And Another Thing...

I am aware that my written thoughts are being examined by the BOP, the FBI, and the US Attorney's Office but they are legal and I will share them with all. The reason that Sleazy Curtis Sliwa wants to stop me from blogging is because I am better than him. I out think him. I out write him; and if they give me a microphone, I'll out talk him. It won't be the Sleazy Curtis Sliwa will be the Tommy Gioeli Show, and you know it, you punk.

Stronger Today than Yesterday,

Where's Bin Laden?????

Thursday, March 17, 2011


Here are some thoughts that are covered under my rights of free speech. I am aware that my written thoughts are being examined by the BOP, the FBI and the US Attorney's office but they are legal and I will share them with all.

Just a couple of issues for Sleazy Curtis Sliwa:
For those of you who didn't hear his Saturday morning show, a brief update: Sleazy threw a few third grade insults at me and then he said that I was thrown into the hole (23 hour lock-up) at my own behest. He said that the story of the telephone death threat on my life was probably a ruse on my behalf so I would feel safe in the hole. That's a lie. I am a man and safe wherever I am. When they informed my lawyer that I was in the hole because of an outside phone threat on my life, we pushed the authorities for the results of the investigation. When they would not comply with our requests we asked the magistrate judge to obtain the results of the investigation because while I was locked in the hole all of my legal work mysteriously went missing. So to say that I was a little suspicious of the death threat is an understatement. I know that the threat was bull shit and it came from law enforcement so they could have unfetted access to my paperwork and my strategies. To this day many of my legal papers have still not been returned. I wanted to know who was scrutinizing my legal materials. The magistrate said that even if he pursued the source of the threat and discovered that it came from the prosecutor's office, there was nothing he could do. If he can't, then who can? Maybe you Sleazy!! I challenge you to find out where the call originated from, or who was behind me being thrown into the hole. Come on Curtis! A man of your power and connections; it will be easy for you to get results. Prove me wrong!

Now I would just like to state for the record on my blog and on the Sleazy Curtis Sliwa show (if Frank will be kind enough to read it) that I do not wish any physical harm to come to Curtis Sliwa or anybody else. I know that Sleazy keeps saying that I am threatening him, that I want to hurt him, and I am sending signals to some unseen, unnamed, unknown goon, but this is a slanderous lie that is untrue. I think that Sleazy is trying to do me physical harm. He has said numerous times on the radio that he wants me dead. He has even said how he wants to kill me; diabetic shock! I think he might be sending a message to one of his junior angels; you know the ones that don't have wings just tight jeans the way Sleazy likes. Maybe to make Curtis happy, they'd do me bodily harm or maybe the junior angel is just an idiot and he brags to his friends that he's gonna hurt T.G. for Curtis. Now this gets picked up by an FBI bug that some drug-dealing rat had strapped to his tail at a Guardian Angel party. Now a zealous agent who just happens to not like red berets hears it and brings it to a very ambitious, extremely ruthless, unscrupulous Assistant US Attorney who just happens to have dreams of being a mayor. Curtis Sliwa is a well known name. They could get plenty of headlines arresting a big name like that. Then they start digging and they come up with an ex-angel who just happens to be facing charges of murder and rape; serious charges but he has no big name and no media draw. So at the FBI's prodding, he remembers that 30 years ago he helped Sleazy Curtis beat a guy to death. He also remembers that Curtis got a hundred dollars in tribute from one of the stores that he protects.

Voila, RICO! Murder, murder conspiracy, and extortion. You say that it's obvious that the guy is lying and he is just trying to get out of his own troubles. His charges don't matter. He's on Team America and the government says he's a new man and he must tell the truth because the government has a contract with him and the contract says he can't lie. You say that the murder conspiracy of T.G. won't stick because Curtis never knew that the moron was plotting to kill Tommy Gioeli and bragging about it but that doesn't matter. This is RICO. You don't even have to have knowledge of a crime let alone commit it. You just have to be in the same enterprise (The Guardian Angels). But surely the extortion is out. It's too old and the witnesses that Curtis could have called to say it was just a Christmas present and not tribute are dead, moved away, or just don't remember. The statute of limitations must come into play with the extortion. It doesn't matter. This is RICO. The government can go back as long as the Guardian Angels go back. Thirty years old is nothing for RICO. There are no constitutional protections here. This is RICO, the law designed to slay Italians. This fantasy is my reality.

Stronger Today Than Yesterday,
Where's Bin Laden?????

Monday, March 7, 2011


I am aware that my written thoughts are being examined by the BOP, the FBI, and the US Attorney's office, but they are legal and I will share them with all.

This post is about the prosecutors' weapon of mass destruction (WMD), the law that slays everyone who is charged with it (innocent and guilty alike). Much in the same way that WMDs slay everyone in the circle of death where they are dropped (soldiers and civilians alike). You see the Racketeering Influence and Corrupt Organization (RICO) should go the way of weapons of mass destruction. It should be dismantled and buried, never to see the light of day. Once it's unleashed, once you are charged with it, you cannot survive. The verdict is always guilty. When RICO was created it was already different. It was made as a law to attack one ethnic group, Italians. Even though they now use it to attack other groups that society deems undesirable, it is still mostly used on Italians.

Blakey, the laws creator openly admits that he created the law's name to match that of Hollywood's usual stereotypical Italian character (Caesar Enrico Bardello). Even though the film screens and streets were filled with a broad array of gangsters: Cangney and Bogart, Lanskey and Dutch Schultz, Dillinger and Joe Kennedy, the list goes on but the only one G. Robert Blakey could draw his inspiration from was Enrico. That's because the law was made to slay Italians. They had their weapon, they had their target and they attacked. With all of the proof that organized crime in America, as well as movies in America, are a reflection of the country itself (a melting pot)... why did they target one group? Was it part of the prejudice that considers Italians non-white, the prejudice that allowed the FBI and the Irish Mob in Boston to kill and put the Italians in prison for the murders they committed? Was it the same prejudice that insighted a mob of white men to lynch 11 Italians (the largest mass lynching in US history) for a crime they did not commit? Was it the hateful stereotype that compelled Senator Henry Cabot Lodge to say, "Probably no reasonable, intelligent, and honest person in the United States regrets the deaths of the 11 Italian prisoners in the New Orleans jail. Whether they were members of the mafia or not, they belong to the lowest criminal classes and on general principles deserved and no doubt expected to meet a violent death."

Maybe the reason is because the government knows that in the Italians' quest to be part of the American dream, to assimilate into American society, he will turn his back on his mother country, his language, and his Italian brothers. We will not speak out when we are treated unfairly. We will not vote as a block as so many other groups do. So there is never a consequence for those who use the words guido and guinea, or portray us as the dope or the gangster in movies. Most of all there is never a consequence for those who convict an innocent guinea with RICO. There is so much more to this post about RICO that I will finish it in installments. Maybe we can figure out Blakey's reasons for making such a prejudice law or why the government uses it. I will show you where RICO is unfair and why once charged with it you can only be found guilty.

This is our past. This is our present. We must not let it be our future.

Stronger Today Than Yesterday,
Where is Bin Laden ?????

Saturday, March 5, 2011

President Barack Obama...

Today's post is about our first black president, Barack Obama. This is what we were told, and this is what we bought into, myself included. Even though he is of mixed race, we all saw a black man and what that encompassed: intelligence, integrity and compassion. I believed in this man so much that I voted for him. That's right. Even though I was locked up in MDC Brooklyn, I voted. They told me that my vote didn't matter because New York was Democratic, so Obama would carry New York, and my vote would be a waste. But I believe in change, and I needed to become a part of that change. I needed to vote. My lawyer and my family sprang into action. They obtained an absentee ballot and I voted for the next president, the first black president and the champion of the people, Barack Obama. It felt good when he won. No, it felt great! What a change, socially and politically! After eight years of torture, invading countries to give no bid contracts to big oil companies, to Haliburton looting and shooting civilians, after big banks had their way with our money, it felt damned good to have change.

A legal education at the finest schools, a civil rights activist, and he's in tip top shape. A black man, above all, would be sensitive to the individual's civil rights. If he couldn't fix all the wrongs, he would at least start. We were so wrong! We were so deceived! The wars continue. The torture continues, and all of the rest continues. He's failing miserably. He sings to us progressives while he panders to the conservatives. He tries to nullify us by half steps. He sends people to other countries to be tortured. He ends a war but leaves our brave soldiers there as targets for the radicals. He puts a puppet government in Afghanistan, pays them millions in taxpayers dollars, supports them with our brave military, and has the nerve to call it a democracy. He creates new banking rules with no teeth. He was supposed to make the racist crack law equal to that of the cocaine laws. He did not. His halfstep solution is to give the crack-dealer 18 years for every year that the cocaine dealer gets. That's like telling Rosa Parks to sit in the middle of the bus. It's all so wrong! He extended the Patriot Act which tramples our protections. He utterly ignores the gay community. He has changed nothing. Mr President, you are a fraud. Zip off your black skin and show us the conservative white man that you really are, or live up to your promises of change. We don't need or want more of the same.

Stronger Today Than Yesterday,

Where's Bin Laden ?????