Saturday, March 5, 2011

President Barack Obama...

Today's post is about our first black president, Barack Obama. This is what we were told, and this is what we bought into, myself included. Even though he is of mixed race, we all saw a black man and what that encompassed: intelligence, integrity and compassion. I believed in this man so much that I voted for him. That's right. Even though I was locked up in MDC Brooklyn, I voted. They told me that my vote didn't matter because New York was Democratic, so Obama would carry New York, and my vote would be a waste. But I believe in change, and I needed to become a part of that change. I needed to vote. My lawyer and my family sprang into action. They obtained an absentee ballot and I voted for the next president, the first black president and the champion of the people, Barack Obama. It felt good when he won. No, it felt great! What a change, socially and politically! After eight years of torture, invading countries to give no bid contracts to big oil companies, to Haliburton looting and shooting civilians, after big banks had their way with our money, it felt damned good to have change.

A legal education at the finest schools, a civil rights activist, and he's in tip top shape. A black man, above all, would be sensitive to the individual's civil rights. If he couldn't fix all the wrongs, he would at least start. We were so wrong! We were so deceived! The wars continue. The torture continues, and all of the rest continues. He's failing miserably. He sings to us progressives while he panders to the conservatives. He tries to nullify us by half steps. He sends people to other countries to be tortured. He ends a war but leaves our brave soldiers there as targets for the radicals. He puts a puppet government in Afghanistan, pays them millions in taxpayers dollars, supports them with our brave military, and has the nerve to call it a democracy. He creates new banking rules with no teeth. He was supposed to make the racist crack law equal to that of the cocaine laws. He did not. His halfstep solution is to give the crack-dealer 18 years for every year that the cocaine dealer gets. That's like telling Rosa Parks to sit in the middle of the bus. It's all so wrong! He extended the Patriot Act which tramples our protections. He utterly ignores the gay community. He has changed nothing. Mr President, you are a fraud. Zip off your black skin and show us the conservative white man that you really are, or live up to your promises of change. We don't need or want more of the same.

Stronger Today Than Yesterday,

Where's Bin Laden ?????

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