Monday, February 28, 2011

just more thoughts...

Here are some thoughts that are covered under my right to free speech. I am well aware that my written thoughts are being examined by the BOP, the FBI, and the US Attorney's Office, but they are legal and I will share them with all:

As much as I don't want to, I have to direct this blog to Sleazy Curtis Sliwa. So here goes... I have learned from a confidential source, who has been very accurate in the past, and has been verified by other confidential sources that they are choosing Doogie Howser to play Sliwa's role in the upcoming Gotti movie (Bravo! Great casting!)

The second thing is about how I am able to exercise my right to free speech. I am housed in a high-security detention center called MDC Brooklyn. I can assure you that nothing passes back and forth in the visiting room, not even napkins. The professional correction officers do an outstanding job of keeping the detention center free of contraband. I hand-write my blog and then send it by snail mail or email to be entered onto the computer. It is thoroughly reviewed by prison officials and prosecutors for any hint of illegality. Naturally, there is none.

The next thing is that I have never had a hit list. So you, Sleazy, are not on my hit list. You are on my shit list.

Another thing, no matter how many times you spout on the air waves that Mike Yannotti shot you, it's just not true. He is innocent. That's why the prosecution could not convict him of your shooting at trial.

The last issue that I will just touch on (because it is so serious that it deserves its own, and will get its own post in the very near future) is, the upcoming death penalty case of Vinny Basciano. It is a real blemish to the justice system of America. First of all, Vinny is already serving a life sentence for a prior conviction. He will never get out of prison, nor will he be in a position of being a danger to anyone. For the government to spend many more millions to get the same result of Vinny Basciano dying in prison is ludicrous. Why go through the expense and strain on the court system for jurors who must vote to put a man to death? Not because he is the worst of the worst (as is the criteria in death penalty cases) but because he is a white man. The Eastern District has been shamefully approving too many minorities for the death penalty and not enough white men. That's right, the two men who were going to save America from the bloodthirsty right-wing conservatives are going to kill Vinny Basciano because it is politically correct. How about we stop killing our citizens based on what they look like. Barack Obama and Eric Holder, you should be ashamed of yourselves. When a government starts to kill its citizens, it's dangerous. When a government starts to kill its citizens to come up with a politically correct statistic, it's tyranny. The tortures continue, the wars continue. And you continue to selectively kill your own citizens. You don't bring justice, you don't bring truth. You bring tears to the eyes of the Statue of Liberty.

Stronger Today Than Yesterday,

Where's Bin Laden ?????

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Ed L. said...

What's really odd about Basciano's situation is that Federal Judge Nicholas Garaufis asked the Justice Department's top official, that would be Holden, to "review and reconsider" whether to seek the death penalty. This has got to be a first: A judge seeks to save the life of a mobster who allegedly put said judge on a hit list to be killed! The judge also lent Vinny his own tie, when petty prison officials took advantage of a loophole and left Basciano without a tie for the voire dire.

Despite the judge's efforts, Holder ordered federal prosecutors to proceed -- death by lethal injection.