Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Curtis "Sleazy" Sliwa

Today's post is about that one man commercial who will endorse any product as long as they have the ability to pay (Sleazy Curtis Sliwa). My awareness of Sleazy goes back to when he was calling in fake robberies and playing the part of the super hero by saving the day. When the cops finally figured out that it was all a sham to bring publicity to his mob of goons "The Guardian Angels." The men and women in blue hated him for his antics. His antics were taking them away from real crime fighting. I found him annoying. Then I ran into his goons in Grand Central Station where they were shaking down tourists for tips. His organization was soliciting money and gifts from mom and pop stores in rough neighborhoods to protect them from the local scumbags and dope fiends. They didn't take envelopes stuffed with cash, they played the non-profit game. The angels need new berets, the angels need a new clubhouse, and so on, and so on. Protection for payment equals extortion? I found him disgusting. From there he got a media push and popped up on radio and television. He took his queues from Bob Grant and spouted racist bullshit and hate on everyone. I was distracted and didn't care. Then he attacked me personally. I tried to pay no attention but the attacks continued. I decided to reply by supporting him for public office. After all the only people who make a career out of lying are politicians and Sleazy. Maybe he could be the next Mussolini or better yet, his army of kneebreakers in quasi-uniforms spouting hate could make him a perfect Hitler. Didn't he advocate children telling the government on their parents? He said it on Saturday's show. He would tell the government on his own father (Nazi youth, Sliwa youth, it rings true). Do you think he is dangerous or a blowhard? I say he's a blowhard with the potential to be very dangerous with his ready made militia.

Stronger today Than Yesterday,

Where is Bin Laden?????

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