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All hail the 'Blog-Father': Waiting for trial in 6 murders, 'Tommy Shots' takes to Web
BY John Marzulli
Sunday, February 13th 2011

Call him the blogging crime boss: Reputed Colombo kingpin Thomas (Tommy Shots) Gioeli has set up a behind-bars blog to portray himself as a good guy - not a wiseguy - and rant about everything from jail conditions to the way the FBI went after a 94-year-old mobster.

Prosecutors say Gioeli, 58, is trying to influence potential jurors through a blog called "Alleged Mob Boss Tommy Gioeli's Voice." The first posting vowed, "It's going to be Tommy's voice; the voice of a generous, good humored, kind, compassionate, and loving husband, father, son, brother, uncle, and friend."

Gioeli, awaiting trial for six murders, including the rubout of NYPD cop Ralph Dols, has no Internet access from the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn - but he can email with family members who could post the blog items, a Bureau of Prisons spokeswoman said.

Gioeli whines that he has been depicted as a "monster" to sell newspapers but, under the heading "About me," he boasts, "See me in a fight with a bear, pray for the bear." He rants about jail conditions - hard mattresses and the lack of toenail clippers - and shoddy medical treatment, the government and the media.

Forty-six followers are listed on the blog including a "Fr. Peter," who appears to be a priest. Gioeli even puts a call-out to snitches for information about witnesses and FBI agents.

Gioeli came to the defense of 94-year-old Colombo underboss John (Sonny) Franzese after the oldfella was hit with an eight-year prison sentence for shaking down strip joints. "It is heartbreaking and disturbing to see my government kick an old man when he is down," Gioeli wrote.

Recently, he attacked U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder - who last week declined to seek the death penalty against Gioeli for Dols' murder - and the anti-racketeering RICO statute.

"Great entertainment for everyone except the Italian Americans who can't break the hold of this stereotype and are paying with their lives," he wrote.

Gioeli called the recent roundup of 127 gangsters in the metropolitan area, including some high-ranking Colombos, a publicity stunt second only to former President George W. Bush stepping out of a fighter jet to proclaim victory in Iraq.

Sources said the feds are aware of the site but have not complained to Federal Judge Brian Cogan about the contents.

In this post I will discuss the Dolt Marzulli's newest article in the NY Daily News. The editors at the paper must not look at your shabby work. It is only the third time that you used the toenail clipper line. So for the third time I will tell you that a nailclipper is one of the most important tools in a diabetic's fight against foot infections and the loss of toes and limbs. No amount of your whiney articles will force me to accept inferior medical treatment.

For you to try to cast aspersions on a priest because he follows my blog is asinine. The job of a priest is to help those who are most unfortunate. He helps those who are in need of spiritual guidance, and those who may just need a good laugh or a good cry. Father Peter does all these things for thousands of people. He does it every waking hour of every day. He is the consummate priest. I consider it an honor and a privilege to know him. I humbly accept his guidance in all things religious. For you to highlight his name and vocation in an alleged mob story is distasteful at best. Stop!

Next, you state that the prosecutors say I am trying to influence potential jurors. I don't believe you! They release countless derogatory stories about me in numerous publications including the Hong Kong News. Do you think they are worried about my 46followers tainting anything? Really? I think not! I would like to know just how many of my constitutional rights that you think I should give up because a lunatic like FBI Agent Scott Curtis made me a target. The list of rights that I have already given up is nearly four pages long, so I will write it out at another time. But in the meantime I would like to challenge the Dolt to one of two competitions. 1- When I am acquitted we will have a charity boxing match: One three minute round, bare knuckles, Marquess of Queensberry rules. All money raised will go to a charity of Father Peter's choosing. 2- We will each write a composition. You will write about why I should give up my right to free speech because I am charged with a crime; I will write about why I should not. Both will be published in your rag for a small donation to be made to a charity of Father Peter's choosing. Your pick.

Stonger Today Than Yesterday,

Where is Bin Laden?????

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