Monday, March 7, 2011


I am aware that my written thoughts are being examined by the BOP, the FBI, and the US Attorney's office, but they are legal and I will share them with all.

This post is about the prosecutors' weapon of mass destruction (WMD), the law that slays everyone who is charged with it (innocent and guilty alike). Much in the same way that WMDs slay everyone in the circle of death where they are dropped (soldiers and civilians alike). You see the Racketeering Influence and Corrupt Organization (RICO) should go the way of weapons of mass destruction. It should be dismantled and buried, never to see the light of day. Once it's unleashed, once you are charged with it, you cannot survive. The verdict is always guilty. When RICO was created it was already different. It was made as a law to attack one ethnic group, Italians. Even though they now use it to attack other groups that society deems undesirable, it is still mostly used on Italians.

Blakey, the laws creator openly admits that he created the law's name to match that of Hollywood's usual stereotypical Italian character (Caesar Enrico Bardello). Even though the film screens and streets were filled with a broad array of gangsters: Cangney and Bogart, Lanskey and Dutch Schultz, Dillinger and Joe Kennedy, the list goes on but the only one G. Robert Blakey could draw his inspiration from was Enrico. That's because the law was made to slay Italians. They had their weapon, they had their target and they attacked. With all of the proof that organized crime in America, as well as movies in America, are a reflection of the country itself (a melting pot)... why did they target one group? Was it part of the prejudice that considers Italians non-white, the prejudice that allowed the FBI and the Irish Mob in Boston to kill and put the Italians in prison for the murders they committed? Was it the same prejudice that insighted a mob of white men to lynch 11 Italians (the largest mass lynching in US history) for a crime they did not commit? Was it the hateful stereotype that compelled Senator Henry Cabot Lodge to say, "Probably no reasonable, intelligent, and honest person in the United States regrets the deaths of the 11 Italian prisoners in the New Orleans jail. Whether they were members of the mafia or not, they belong to the lowest criminal classes and on general principles deserved and no doubt expected to meet a violent death."

Maybe the reason is because the government knows that in the Italians' quest to be part of the American dream, to assimilate into American society, he will turn his back on his mother country, his language, and his Italian brothers. We will not speak out when we are treated unfairly. We will not vote as a block as so many other groups do. So there is never a consequence for those who use the words guido and guinea, or portray us as the dope or the gangster in movies. Most of all there is never a consequence for those who convict an innocent guinea with RICO. There is so much more to this post about RICO that I will finish it in installments. Maybe we can figure out Blakey's reasons for making such a prejudice law or why the government uses it. I will show you where RICO is unfair and why once charged with it you can only be found guilty.

This is our past. This is our present. We must not let it be our future.

Stronger Today Than Yesterday,
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