Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Mr. President

Come on now Mr. President Barack Obama, or should I say Barack BUSH because you pander through the big oil companies just the same as the Bushs did... to get America involved in a war, to put American lives in jeopardy and spend many billions of dollars on a new un-winnable conflict between all citizens in the same country (a Civil War). Why I ask? And the answer comes: Exxon, Mobil, BP, Blackwater, Grumman, and the list goes on. You started out by enforcing a no fly zone to protect the Libyan citizens from their leader Colonel Gaddafi, an admirable action if not for infringing on a sovereign country's right to control their own airspace, but still admirable if the reason is to save lives. Then we started to bomb the tanks and troops on the ground, again to save the civilians from their madman leader Gaddafi. In our next act of war we started bombing cities in advance of the rebels' invasion. What about the civilians of those cities? Then our president explained that we are not choosing sides but Colonel Gaddafi said his people are rats. Colonel Gaddafi said that we would go door to door to sew revenge on the dissidents. Gaddafi said this, Gaddafi said that. Barack sounds like George W. Bush when we killed so many civilians and sacrificed so many American lives all for the purpose of hanging Saddam Hussein and gaining control of the Iraqi oil. The same big companies mentioned above made obscene profits from the Iraqi war. He also sounded a lot like daddy Bush when he stated his reasons for the invasion of Panama and Grenada, not to mention their first crack at Saddam and his oil. So I want to now announce that I have solved the biggest mystery of this presidency... Barack Obama is not a Muslim by birth rite. Barack Obama is not an African-American by birth rite. Barack Obama is a Bush by rite of corporate merger, with all their secret obligations and alliances to big business.

Stronger than Yesterday,

Where's Bin Laden?????

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