Saturday, April 10, 2010


Would you ever take the word of someone who could throw his own best friend in the whole world and his own family under a bus in order to benefit himself?

The government keeps try to prejudice future jurors into thinking that my father is some kind of dangerous, whining, monster in the papers. They release bullshit stories every couple of months to keep his name in the public while they create their evidence. Pretty desperate that they needed to take family photos from my home in January, on the word of a woman who posed as a "second mother" to my sisters and I and a best friend to my mother for 20 years. How can you call someone who could be so vindictive and deceitful to their own best friends a credible source? What kind of a person asks their best friend for help only to attempt to cut off the hand that helps? What kind of a person steals from their own friend in an attempt to use said stolen property against them? How can a person who has been the closest of friends to someone for 20 years pose as a "friend" during the most trying of times? Is this the kind of person that you would look upon with respect? Is this the kind of person you would look to for the truth? Someone who can look into the eyes of a friend who has been an unwavering support system for the last 20 years of life and steal from her home? Come into her home with the intention of lying and stealing? SLEAZE.

This is who the American government deems credible and is placing on a pedestal? The American hero. And if acting in such a deceitful manner was so "dangerous" for said person, why on earth would the government release such information to the press? DESPERATE. SHAMEFUL. DISGUSTING. If the government had any concrete evidence besides backstabbing, lying imbeciles whose stories don't add up why aren't we getting our speedy trial?

I love America. But I am so ashamed of the federal justice system. The FBI agents I have encountered behave like high school girls on steroids. A federal agent actually sat in a courtroom sneering at my younger sister and I (who were both crying) throughout the entire hearing that was about whether or not my father deserved medical treatment. They came into my home pointing automatic rifles in 3 unarmed womens' faces at 7am. Screaming in my face while holding an automatic rifle because I wanted to use the bathroom after just be woken up by them screaming FBI and pounding on bedroom doors. I was threatened that I was going to be handcuffed (while I was sitting on my couch surrounded by 5 agents on all sides) because I was angry at them for violating me in my own home and insulted an agent for using excessive force on 3 unarmed women. They took personal family photo albums of my sisters, cousins, and I. Personal pictures that have NOTHING to do with any evidence whatsoever. The one that was returned is my sister's baby album and it only has 5 pages (out of approx. 30 original pages) of pictures left in it. Strangers need to have my sister's baby pictures, and our personal belongings that have nothing to do with this case...that they were "nice" enough to return. Harrass the family, another attempt to try and break my father. Attempt to destroy his health, attempt to destroy his support system, etc. It won't happen. If there was a real case, there would be no reason for games.

By the way if my father doesn't close his mouth about having a priest at MDC he's going to be sent to another prison.

Speak up about your rights as an American and get threatened/punished for it. How American.

The more the government wants to keep lying and harrassing people via bullshit search warrants and bullshit news articles... the more I'm gonna write about their unconstitutional behavior on the internet.

Anyways... gotta run to Bloomingdales and buy my dad another "european style man-bag" because his other one is missing...


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