Friday, April 30, 2010

Just Some Thoughts from Tommy....

The most dangerous threat facing America is not the terrorist militia, or illegal immigrants, etc., it's the government's abuse of power... the U.S. prosecutors and their immense power. Their actions in Alaska, New Orleans, and every other federal court in America. Their vindictive spirit with which they attack. They lie, and hide evidence at will. They scare and intimidate anyone in their way with a blatant disregard for the truth and justice. They reward their informants with freedom from jail, no death penalty for the most vicious killers, no prosecution for perjury, and more recently large sums of money for informants who tell the government's version of a story, not the facts, not the truth. To satisfy justice they must tell the story that the FBI and the prosecutors make up to bring about a conviction.

They do this all with impunity. Prosecutors cannot face charges for fixing a case. It's the law. Why would they need a law like this if they played fair and made justice their goal; not a conviction rate close to perfection. What's the prosectuors reward for all of this un-American behavior? A conviction rate as unrealistic as their stories... A thriving practice when they leave the courts, a huge budget for their office, laws that are so bias in their favor that their power is continually increased. The most dangerous reward is for the prosecutors to seek a political career where they can use their power and connections as a political stepping stone to achieve a new kind of power and more power for themselves and the government.

Every form of government and the people who administer it must have rules and consequences for their actions. To let federal prosecutors or any government employee operate with immunity is ludicrous! It can only result in abuse of power which is so evident in our government today. Make everyone responsible for his own actions.

Everytime the government makes special laws to protect themselves from the laws of the land the American people must truly beware. EQUAL JUSTICE UNDER THE LAWS.

Stronger than yesterday,
Thomas Gioeli

I'd also like to add that Daddy still has no teeth in his mouth and he still has not seen a doctor since his stroke. AMERICA, THE LEADER OF THE FREE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT A JOKE. And it's not like anybody's asking for a handout, my family would be more than happy to use our own medical insurance to take care of my father's medical needs. Then again I don't know why I would expect a free American man to receive adequate healthcare when our governemnt turns its back on veterans, the very heroes who risk their lives fighting the government's wars for them. DISGUSTING. Does the American government work for the people or do the people work for the government? You decide.

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