Wednesday, August 10, 2011

More Media/Government Lies

Last Saturday I was listening to the Sleazy Curtis Sliwa show. I don't listen during the week anymore, not that I find the lies he spouts about me too offensive, he's just too damn boring! So Saturday is plenty enough time to waste on his rhetoric. Anyway, I was shocked to hear him say that I kicked open a door and shot a nun. What lies!! What dastardly lies!!

Then he said that in the Jerry Capeci blog I stated numerous times that I was going to hell for killing a nun. Not one time did it say it originally. And then the final shot came when they portrayed the judge as doing me a favor by not allowing this uncharged act into my trial, or by superseding my indictment with the killing of the nun. Well let me tell you something Boring Sliwa, Creepy Capeci and John "the Dolt" Marzulli... I wish I was charged with the actual slaying of the nun!!! Not only because I am innocent but because there is so much documentation to prove my innocence that I could show just how dirty the prosecutors and the FBI are!!!

Let me explain to my readers just how the government, with the help of the cabal of media rejects works... They take the story of this poor nun who was killed by a Team America informant "Shitty" Sally Miciotta. By the way, he killed a young boy in a bagel store and left another child brain-dead when he shot him in the park while trying to kill Tommy McLaughlin, a Greg Scarpa crew member. All these maniacs that I just mentioned are a part of Team America.

So back to the story... They take the nun's story and use it on me. Even though "Shitty" Miciotta has been a rat for decades and never mentioned me having any part in the slaying, or being involved in any way. The whole purpose of linking my name to the nun killing was for me to get negative press. Not to mention the hate of the potential jurors. I have lived in New York all of my life and I have never before seen the headlines of a story tower over the name of the newspaper (The New York Daily News) as in the case of the nun story.

So no, the judge did not do me a favor by not allowing this bit of bullshit at my trial. It has already served the prosecution's purpose of slander and deceit. I would have welcomed the chance of a full vindication. I can't wait to divulge Dino "Hemorrhoids" Calabro's uncharged crimes. Maybe I will give them to a reporter a few days in advance. They are certainly headline worthy. Is there anyone home at The Times, The Post, Newsday, or Village Voice?

Before I close I would just like to say that this nun, retired nun, or whatever title the press or the Feds want to use on her when they mention me, is referred to as a female bystander at Shitty Micciotta's sentencing (they must protect their rats)! In any case, you can see by the life that she chose as a nun, social worker, etc., that she was a kind, caring, and compassionate person; a real gift to society who did not deserve to die in the safety of her own home. I weep for her. I weep for her loved ones. I weep for our community to have such a kind, unselfish, neighbor die in such a horrible fashion. It's atrocious.

I weep not out of guilt. I weep not out of remorse, because I state once again that I had nothing to do with, or any knowledge of the killing of this nun, or any of the other homicides that were committed by Team America. I weep because my heart breaks for her loss and our loss. I am innocent. "Shitty" Sally Micciotta knows that I am innocent. The FBI knows that I am innocent, and the prosecutor knows that I am innocent. This story is just part of a dirty strategy enacted by my government and Elizabeth Geddes at the US Attorney's office to ensure my conviction.

Our once greatest Justice System in the world has been turned into an evil, corrupt tool for power hungry bureaucrats and the like. This once great system that was built on truth and justice for all is now thriving on lies, deceit, and prejudice. Only a united, equal, American people can save it.

Stronger Today Than Yesterday,



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Dave said...

That is absolutely disgusting. I cannot believe the credence the justice department gives these turncoats (and that's a lot more generous than I'd like to refer to them as). This whole "nun" thing sounded ridiculous the first time I saw it, and now is almost funny if it did not involve a person losing their life for nothing, and another being falsely accused of her death.