Monday, August 8, 2011

Mafia Week

Today's post is about Mafia Week, and other degradations inflicted on Italian Americans:

In a continued stream of propaganda and poison, the media and the media ghouls found a way to boost their end of summer ratings and sagging political careers with one ready made scapegoat: Italian Americans. The camera loving prostitician Rudy "Skullhead" Giuliani is so desperate to jumpstart his done political career that he will defame Italians, defame his ex-wife and children...hell, he would even put on a woman's dress again if he thought it would get him a headline or two. What I would like to know is why he didn't do one of these other publicity stunts and give the Italian-American shtick a rest.

As a matter of fact, I would like to make couple of suggestions that will get his face and name in the papers. You can do a weeks worth of TV on how to marry your first cousin. You can film from a cave in Appalachia, you know, capture the Southern vote? Maybe you could film your sex romps in the apartment overlooking the hollow ground of the 9/11 site. You can do your show on how not to pick a prison chief, police chief or how not to recommend anyone for the homeland security czar (wink, wink).

The final suggestion is a lot more interesting. A mafia captain Richie "Shellachead" Cantarella stated that you toasted the attack on our twin towers. He quoted you. He said you raised your glass and said, "9/11 was the best fuckin' thing that ever happened to your career." So maybe you should do something for 9/11. Maybe you should read some of the heroes names. Maybe you should help some survivors. Maybe you should volunteer some of your security money to the 9/11 fund. Or better yet, maybe you should volunteer to go fight in Afghanistan. You could do all these things with the TV cameras running, except for the sex tape... seeing you naked would make people nauseas (maybe Pepto-Bismol could sponsor that one). If you need anymore suggestions feel free to ask. Just leave us Italian Americans alone.

Now to Hollywood and Robert DeNiro. I think that we can all agree that there are enough movies, books, and jokes to put Italian Americans in the media's lowest class all by themselves. I understand that the movies that are made will never go away. I also understand that as long as the public is still interested, greed will prompt you into making more Italian gangster movies. What I don't understand is why did you have to make a cartoon depicting Italian Americans as gangsters (A Shark Tale)? Was there a reason to poison a whole new generation of children? Did you, DeNiro, have to lend your name and your voice to this project? Maybe we should start printing "fagetaboutit" on pampers this way we could poison baby's minds at birth. Robert DeNiro, you are in a position to choose your own projects. How about rewriting some of the stereotypes that you helped create? How about a movie on an Italian American war hero, an Italian American doctor or professor? How about an Italian American governor? Not an Italian American president, we don't have one yet. Hmmm, I wonder why?

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