Friday, August 5, 2011

Today's post is about the most sorrowful topic that can be discussed. Today's topic is about the premature death of children. Sometimes by disease, sometimes by accident; but by far the saddest and at the same time the most outrageous child deaths is when it occurs at the hands of adults. This senseless, barbaric most evil of crimes should be the reason for the hangman's noose, the electric chair, lethal injection and/or a life sentence without parole. While these poor little victims are robbed of the gifts of life and all that goes with that, mankind is also robbed of the gifts that the child has to offer us.

Moses, Gandhi, Dr Martin Luther King, Mother Theresa or even little Billy from down the block. It's truly a heartbreaking thought that anyone of these magnificent human beings should be taken from us before they have a chance to give us all of their gifts. It is pitiful that they will never get a chance to endow us with their bloodlines if they are taken from us in childhood. So to all of the kind, gentle, caring souls of our world, feed a child, mentor a child, protect a child. Get involved in a young persons life; relative or stranger.

Stronger Today Than Yesterday,



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