Monday, August 1, 2011

A Beautiful Story

In today's post I would like to repeat a story to you that was first relayed to me and our congregation at Saturday's mass. This wonderful tale was told to us by our priest. It is my policy not to reveal the name of the institutional employees and in keeping with that, the Father shall remain nameless.

A team of scientists working for NASA invented a camera that could photograph and record a person's life-force. It would record the energy as a soft, blue, even light in a healthy person. If the person was sick the light would be weaker. The sicker you are, the more the light would fade and completely extinguish upon death. The light is in no way linked to the heat of one's body. You could have a high fever and a very faint light when you are very sick.

So they put this life-camera in the hospital room of a very sick, old man. He was at death's door and it showed on the monitor at the nurse's station. The light was very weak indeed. Then at about 6:45am the scientists and the nurses observing the monitor were amazed to see the weak blue light coming from the old man become a bright blue energy source that flooded the entire room. The epicenter of the light seemed to be the old man's heart. They also noticed a second figure in the room. He was standing with his back to the camera so they had no idea who he was. In the interest of medicine and science they decided that they must find out. So they ran into the room and were greeted by the local priest who had just finished giving the old man the Sacrament of Holy Communion.

There are a few ways to interpret this story. The presence of the kind, caring priest invigorated the old man and it showed in the life light... the power of the Eucharist (the bread of life) had put life back into the old man... or the story is simply a metaphor to show the power of faith.

To those of you who are going to go on the web to see if such a camera exists, don't bother, I already know my truth.

Stronger Today Than Yesterday,


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