Monday, August 1, 2011

The Media

I waited for the dust to settle before I posted this... Casey Anthony might be guilty of killing her precious little baby girl. Casey Anthony might be innocent of killing her little baby girl. Her guilt or innocence does not take away from the loss of a young child and her future gifts to us. I will not say publicly what I believe to be true as to her guilt or innocence. I will only discuss it with personal friends and family. I will not become part of this public spectacle of lies and "headlines." I was not part of the jury and never saw or reviewed the evidence, so how could I possibly make a decision about another person’s life? On the other hand, the jury saw everything and acquitted her. Not guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. Their verdict must stand.

People like Nancy Grace and the rest of the media savages whose ancestors incited the Salem witch hunt, should follow a media code of ethics. These are the same journalists who terrorized JonBenet Ramsey's family with weapons made of words until life was too painful to live and the grieving mother finally surrendered to her cancer and the peace of death. Mrs. Ramsey and her family went through the torture of hell right here in Denver. First at the hands of the monster who killed and mutilated their beautiful baby girl, then at the hands of the media and neighbors. Instead of getting the sympathy and support of their community and nation, the beast of the press attacked. "She did it!" (the mother). "He did it!" (the father). Then the brother did it. The tears of mourning weren't dry on their face when these ghouls commenced their bloodthirsty attacks. The headlines and the news shows lead the charge for vengeance against this sad, innocent, grieving family. The community soon followed in this frenzy of hate.

For us as American citizens to not agree with a jury verdict in private is 100% acceptable. But when an obscene evil demon such as Nancy Grace spews her lies and hate with total disregard for the victims of her rants (she already has one suicide to her credit) she must first be ignored and then stopped. When her ratings drop her ranting will stop.

We as a society must learn to ignore the sensationalism and wait for the impartial facts and the findings of the jury who have seen and heard everything regarding the case that they are sitting on. We must curtail and then punish the journalist who knowingly allow and encourage the hate, the lies, and slander to continue for the sole benefit of their ratings. There should never be guilt by headlines in our America. Free speech does not and never will mean that the press can lie and defame with impunity. They should print and repeat only thoroughly verified facts in every story. They should leave their myths and fantasies for the editorial page. Nancy Grace and the like, clean out your mouths.

Stronger Today than Yesterday,


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