Sunday, July 24, 2011

Mafia Takedown Day

Today I would like to address a new catch phrase; catch words that the FBI or Jerry Capeci invented to romanticize, justify, or to plain old hide the fact that they've squandered many millions of taxpayers dollars on a publicity stunt. The new catch phrase to describe the roundup of over a hundred Italian men in January is now called "Mafia Takedown Day." The vision that these four words conjure up comes straight from the Godfather movie: horse's head, dead fish, and dead men... not the bullshit bookmaking, stolen TVs, and old fashion mopery of this real life multi-million dollar bust.

Even the story that Jerry Capeci posted on his website (July 16, 2011) is of a crime of TVs and videogames purchased by the FBI who went undercover and sold it to an predicate felon at a discount price. The felon was led to believe that the merchandise was stolen. Even then it was a still a job for the local precinct to handle... but the FBI, ever resourceful at inventing crimes, had the unlucky felon pick up the TV in Jersey. Presto chango!! Now it's a federal offense. They turn a minor pinch into Mafia Takedown Day. Ha ha ha!!!

Hey Jerry, is the Mafia Takedown Day the equivalent to Iraqi-Freedom Day? So getting back to the story, the FBI and a swat team used bombs to blow this poor bastard out of his house for a stolen TV charge that they made up, when all they had to do was ring the doorbell. This is the behavior of a berserk agency. Every time we squander millions and billions of dollars are we going to have a catch phrase? You know "The war on drugs," "The war on poverty," "No child left behind," "Mission Accomplished" and so forth. Americans are all pretty familiar with the bullshit by now. Every time an Italian American gets a 5 finger discount on merchandise does the FBI have the right to bomb us? Seems a little Nazi-ish to me.

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