Tuesday, August 23, 2011

An Attack on My Freedom of Speech

Today's post is about the pathetic behavior and slimy tactics used by the US Attorney's Office, in general, and particularly AUSA Cristina Posa and AUSA Elizabeth Geddes. Let me explain what action was taken by them to gag me and break a commitment that they had with the court to turn over evidence to the defense that will prove my innocence.

AUSA Posa (I assume with the approval of her superiors) submits a letter to the courts moaning about how my blog is unfair. She states that Thomas Gioeli does not intend to abide by the protective order issued by the court on August 12, 2011. She states correctly that I blogged, "I cannot wait to divulge the uncharged crimes of Dino "Hemorrhoids" Calabro. Maybe I will give them to a reporter a few days in advance. They are certainly headline worthy. Is there anyone home at the Times, Post, Newsday or Village Voice?" Her rendition of that portion of my blog is completely accurate. Then she tries to take back on the government's voluntary promise to give us the evidence by August 15, 2011.

In her final attack aimed at me, AUSA Posa cites Local Criminal Rule 23.1 which bars lawyers (both prosecutors and defense) from working with the media to taint parties or issues where there is a likelihood that will interfere with a fair trial. How ironic on her part. She, her team of of prosecutors, and the FBI have been working with the cabal of media rejects to do nothing but destroy my character and that of my wife, and other loved ones. They twisted my wife's passion of cherishing photographs of our children, family, and friends into an excessive compulsion to hoard. Everything they print about me has a negative spin on it in an attempt to make the public hate me. The media coverage of me is such an obvious attack meant to obliterate any chance that I would get a fair trial. So for AUSA Posa to have a hissy fit over fairness is hilarious.

Now I will give you two reasons of why her accusations are false. First, and most importantly as stated in her own letter, the court order was issued on August 12, 2011 and the blog was posted on August 10, 2011 so how could I intend to violate a court order that did not exist at the time?? Maybe the prosecutors know in advance how the judge is going to rule (hell, the prosecutors probably write the rulings) but I can assure you that the defense is not privy to the judge's future rulings. So one last time, how can I violate a court ruling two days before the judge issues it?

My second point is that I certainly do not need AUSA Posa to tell me the uncharged crimes of Dino "Hemmorrhoids" Calabro so in no way will I violate, skirt, or disobey a court order, or any part of a court order that now exists. AUSA Cristina Posa and AUSA Elizabeth Geddes, please retain the integrity of the law and the dignity of the office that you represent.

Stronger today than yesterday,



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Dave said...

How are you Mr. Gioeli, just wanted to say hi and let you know I have my fingers crossed for you. I can't believe what you're having to go through. It's insane how this country promotes itself on "innocent until proven guilty", yet as you mentioned the media automatically sets out to vilify from the get-go. Anyway, just want to let you know there are people out here who aren't swayed by media bullshit. Ti auguro il meglio per il tuo futuro! -Dave from Chicago.