Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Dropped "Charges" (FALSE ACCUSATIONS)...

I am satisfied that in a recent correspondence from the government they dropped one of the murder charges against me. While they do not name the alleged homicide that they are dropping, they clearly go from six to five murders. I have come to the conclusion that it must be the Ralph Dol's murder that AUSA Liz Geddes dismissed from my charges. AUSA Geddes, like FBI Agent Scott Curtis, and myself, knows that I am innocent. There is no evidence to support the indictment, let alone convict me at trial. The Ralph Dols charge was inserted into the SIXTH superseding indictment brought against me for the sole purpose of inciting prejudice and hate towards me from law enforcement, the public, and future jurors at my upcoming trial.

The case of the government is flawed at best. If the judges rulings are not sympathetic to the government's position of secrecy and darkness then there will be many more charges dismissed. They might even drop the entire indictment. While Liz Geddes seems to endorse justice in this in instance, she and her counterparts at the government are still up to their dirty tricks on other fronts.

Here is just one of the examples: when Liz Geddes or Scott Curtis find or invent negative and embarrassing information about me, they file it in the open (or pacer) where all members of the press have access to it. The information is usually accompanied by a few lies, slurs, and unsubstantiated facts from FBI Agent Scott Curtis, or one of the many assistant US Attorneys. When a piece of information that is positive towards me turns up, like when their Star Witness said it wasn't me, they file it under seal, in secret; so no one knows of my innocence. Then they charge the truthful witness with perjury, hide him from me, and refuse to let him testify at my trial. If not for a secretive order from the judge, I would be able to provide the names of at least four such witnesses whose testimony exonerates me.

When they tell the truth they are terrorized into silence by the government. This leaves only Dino "Hemorrhoids" Calabro and some members of his crew who got out from under their own death penalty case by heaping their crimes on me. If that's not coercion, then what is???? They say, "Tommy Gioeli did it" and they go home. They say, "Tommy Gioeli is innocent" and the government gives them a hot shot and they die!

Why in OUR America, the symbol of justice for all, are those who are in charge of justice so UNJUST??????




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