Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Government's Star Witness

In today's post I will touch on some of the uncharged crimes of Diego "Dino Hemorrhoids" Calabro. I have learned nothing of these crimes from the (3500) evidence that the government supplied to me. I know of some of these crimes from Dino's confessions to me, some from previous indictments, and some from known sources as well as confidential sources that have been deemed true and accurate by other confidental sources. I know of many of these crimes too late. If I would have been privy to this selfish, psychotic behavior I would have known that this animal was capable of anything, including blaming his crimes on others (me). I would have never let this lunatic around my wife, my kids, or around me. What a fool I have been.

I will start with the lowest of criminal offences (which does not make them any less repugnant in my eyes). Hemorrhoids has killed scores of animals, most for self pleasure. One that I know of had revenge as its motive. I'll start with the fish that his friend Cheesy Pat used to enjoy. Hemorrhoids used to visit Pat at his house where he observed how much pleasure Pat derived in taking care of and watching the fish. So Hemorrhoids put chemicals in the tank to kill the fish. When Cheesey inquired if Hemorrhoids had done anything to kill the fish, Dino got quite angry with Pat for accusing him of killing the fish. Later on, Dino couldn't wait to laugh and joke with his wife about how he killed Pat's fish.

The next lowest crime (on his scale of many) that Dino committed was to put a cat in a concrete basement with a vicious pit bull to chase it. The confidential source says that the poor cat ran sideways along the cement walls trying to avoid the inevitable gruesome death in the jaws of the dog. Dino recounted with a smile how he and the spectators howled with joy at the cat's sad ending.

From there I'll jump to the many deaths of dogs that Hemorrhoids, through starvation, heatstroke, and other forms of abuse, murdered. The saddest of these was his own personal pet, a handsome pit bull named "Junior." Calabro made this family pet extremely vicious by putting a bag over his head so the dog could not see. Then, Calabro would beat the animal with a stick full of nails. This torture would continue for hours, driving the dog into a frenzy. Calabro would then remove the bag like he was the dog's savior and not the tormentor that he indeed was. It worked; the dog became a devil dog hating everyone but Dino. After countless attacks on his family members, and almost killing his brother Pepe, Dino shot the dog to death taking revenge on the monster he created. It has been argued that the first victims of serial killers tend to be animals.

He beats his wife and his children. He assaults his friends and strangers. In his insatiable lust for sex, money, and power, he kills gangsters and civilians, cops and security officers (like it said in the first four indictments, he killed Carlos Pagan an armored car guard... why AUSA Geddes dropped this murder charge against him, I will never understand). He plots to kill Tommy McLaughlin, Steven Schebetta, and anyone else who can implicate him in his crimes. He is poison to those he touches and to those who touch him. This is only the beginning of a long list of atrocities that this disciple of satan has committed against humanity. How much more of this depraved behavior does the jury have to hear before they decide that the lies that Hemorrhoids tells are for his sole benefit? Not many! His lies are already showing and his stories are already splitting at the seams. Dino Calabro is liquidating the assets of his criminal empire. All of his victims are entitled to compensation. The victims should come forward now before he has a chance to hide his wealth with his family members.

I will win my case against Dino Hemorrhoids Calabro and the corrupt Colombo Squad of the FBI. I will overcome the bigotry of the second circuit organized crime section. They have all been practicing prejudice and hatred of Italian Americans for so long that it has become commonplace. I will remind the honorable judges, the US Attorneys, and Congress of the existence of equal justice for ALL. We, the American people, will accept nothing less.

Stronger today than Yesterday,


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Dave said...

Wow, what a scumbag. You can tell a lot about a person by the way they treat animals. I can't believe how our government uses these pieces of garbage as "credible" witnesses. Hang in there Mr. Gioeli, I have my fingers crossed for you! All the best to you and yours.