Sunday, December 25, 2011

More Liars...

In today's post I will discuss the government's last ditch efforts to frame me for crimes that I did not commit. In this last instance, they join forces with a low level dope-fiend who sacrificed his own son to a life of forced molestation for a shot at his life in the fast lane. So when this self-indulgent loser found himself in jail facing more than one hundred years, is it really a surprise that he helped the government manufacture evidence against me for his instant freedom??? No bail; he was a threat to the safety of the community--he tells lies about Gioeli and he gets immediate freedom.

The government said that Dino "Hemorrhoids" Calabro's testimony would definitely get me the death penalty! I said, "I am innocent and the truth will be revealed." The death penalty committee dismissed the death penalty option; so I guess Hemorrhoid's evidence was bullshit after all. Then they said that my nephew (he's really my cousin) Tommy McLaughlin would be their next star witness and would surely get me a life sentence. I laughed and said, "I am innocent and I will soon be free." They knew that I was right and they needed more "evidence."

So when they rolled out this buffoon with no morals to lead this choir of imbeciles in a sing-a-long of "TOMMY WAS THERE, TOMMY DID IT..." I laughed and said, "Why? With some thirty witnesses and over five major investigations all pointed at me, with over twenty years of investigation, and tens of millions of dollars, they come up with follow the bouncing ball of evidence?"

When the judge asked AUSA Elizabeth (Liz the Liar) Geddes why they produced this "evidence" on the eve of trial, she lied. She said it just popped up in the course of a different investigation; what a lie. In a statement to Jerry Capeci from "Gangland News" she admits that FBI Agent Scott (the Seducer) Curtis served a grand jury subpoena to jump-start this set up.

After almost four years in jail with phony witnesses, fabricated evidence, and slanderous headlines every murderer, drug dealer, terrorist, and rape-o knows that if they need to get out from under some serious jail time all they have to do is say, "Gioeli did this, Gioeli did that, or Gioeli was there." So I laugh, and I cry; I hate, and I pity. I know that Liz (the Liar) and Scott (the Seducer) will stop at nothing in their malicious quest to frame me. I am innocent and will stop at nothing to expose their lies and to reveal the truth.

Why would this devilish duo prefer letting self-admitted cop-killers go free than to let this innocent man rejoin his loved ones? Why can't I get justice in my America? Why can't my government seek truth over victory???

Stronger today than yesterday,


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