Monday, December 26, 2011

Questions...Answers Please???

In today's post, I would just like to share some questions. I am going to try not to comment; I am simply going to ask questions of Justice Department's representatives of my case and any other legal mind in justice that can adequately explain this system of oppression.

1: My first question is: Is it the quest of the Justice Department to find the truth?

2: Why would AUSA Elizabeth (Liz the Liar) Geddes not call her first star witness (Anthony Basile) to testify against me at my trial?
2a: If Liz (the Liar) deems him "not credible" then was he "not credible" when I was arrested and indicted as a result of his testimony to the Grand Jury?
2b: Was he deemed "not credible" when myself and my co-defendants received a death penalty charge because of his testimony? Is the death penalty so trivial that it merely needs the accusation of a non-credible government witness to be enacted? Or was the death penalty used as a tool for the prosecution to terrorize my co-defendants into shifting all of their crimes onto me?
2c: Does the sacred Death Penalty Committee act in collusion with the local US Attorney's office to condone these unethical tactics? Is it a miracle that the second my two ex-co-defendents, Joseph (Joe Caves) Competiello and Dino (Hemorrhoids) Calabro joined team America, the death penalty charge was dropped?

3: Why would Liz (the Liar) Geddes not call her second star witness, Frank (Blue Eyes) Sparaco to testify against me at my trial?
3a: If Liz (the Liar) deems him "not credible," was he "not credible" when Nassau Count District Attorney Kathleen Rice announced at a press conference that, "the entire investigation was launched because of an anonymous letter" (written by Frank Sparaco) that came across her desk? Did she know that the author of said letter was Frank Sparaco? The FBI and the US Attorney's office knew! Was she acting in collusion with her federal counter-parts when she held this press conference?
3b: Why would Liz (the Liar) Geddes not call Frank Sparaco to tell what he knows about the double homicide of John Minerva and Mike Imbergamo when he was allegedly in the car with the shooters?

4: Why would Liz (the Liar) Geddes not call on the following persons who have firsthand knowledge of, or are primary witnesses to the crimes of which I am accused at my trial?
-Anthony Kenny
-Anthony Calandra
-Anthony Calabro
-Gabriel Marquez
-Charles Diaz
...amongst many others?
4a: Why will they not introduce or allow me to introduce any of the statements that these and other individuals have previously made to law enforcement, the US Attorney's office, or the Grand Jury?

These statements coupled with the testimony of all of the witnesses proves my innocence beyond any doubt! So why is my government trying so hard to convict an innocent man?? Why won't they let the truth be told? AUSA Elizabeth Geddes, are you not ashamed that you tried to have me put to death without any evidence??? Your death sentence was brought forth based on my friendships and relations, much in the way ethnic and religious groups were targeted by the Nazis. I know you are, "just doing your job and following orders" but it would be more appropriate for you to give that excuse in German!!!

Stronger today than yesterday,


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Michael Mickman Gourdine said...

In 1891 the new Orleans Police Superintendent David hennessy was shot. His dying words were "The dagos did it". Eleven Italians were rounded up and on march 14th 1891 a Mob clubbed some and hung the rest to death without a trial.....Not much has changed for Us blacks or You Italians. The Government sees you no differently than Trayvon martin. I don't know much about the case, but of one charge I know your innocent. I hope Adam The "pearl" is giving them hell.